SOU Leadership Series Talk

It’s an honor to be invited to speak at the SOU Leadership Series, on campus in Ashland, OR.

For all interested parties, here’s the scoop:

Tuesday 22 April, Ginger will be speaking at Southern Oregon University as part of their ongoing Leadership Series. Potential guests are vetted by the various department staff and then invited to present on campus.

From 1230 to 120 pm, at the Hannon Library, Meese Room, I’ll be talking and answering questions. The gist is to bring in community business people who are unique and have a singular angle to how they got into doing what they do.

If you are interested in attending, simple show up and tell them I invited you (I’m allowed!). I welcome all guests, friends, colleagues and curious folks. After all, Women Enjoying Beer is a pioneering business and I’m very glad to chat and answer questions as it’s helpful to guests.

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Grizzly Peak Winery & Beer

Sunday inaugurated a brand new idea to a local winery: Beer & Wine tasting, together. The open-minded and community oriented owners, Virginia and Al of Grizzly Peak Winery, were gracious hosts of this first time effort. They’re taking their time to build the winery slowly and

delicious Grizzly Peak Wines waiting to be tasted...

delicious Grizzly Peak Wines waiting to be tasted…

steadily with great results.

It’s a lovely location that exhibits a lot of love, hard work and investment. What a perfect place to hold a tasting event. It’s a place many consider for other events, as they’ve hosted plays, weddings and all kinds of other happenings.

With much success, the room filled with over 20 guests, 2 hosts and a few other special people to enjoy a sunshine filled afternoon learning about beer and wine together. The cheese and chocolate that accompanied the tasting was a flavorful and impactful addition as well.

Why beer and wine? Because you don’t have to only like one. You don’t have to choose one over the other. They are both eagerly awaiting the opportunity to give your senses a terrific experience.

The first time I gave a beer and wine event it was also at another winery. It’s yet another reason we need to shatter the idea that one beverage is the elite, the only, the one that strangely earns the self-imposed and very unsavory title of snob. And really it doesn’t surprise me since the wine folk I know embrace beer. After all it takes wonderful beer to make tasty wine!

Ginger & Virginia - happy tasters!

Ginger & Virginia – happy tasters!

Flavor is where you find it. The exploration of various liquids and solids can be enjoyable for all if the mind is open before the lips even part.

Menu: Beer & Wine, Together Forever

Cheeses featured were from Cypress Grove Chevre: Midnight Moon and Bermuda Triangle

Chocolates featured were from Dagoba: Hazelnut, Lemon Ginger, Beaucoup Berries, New Moon

I invite you to taste the two categories side by side – chocolate and cheese in the mix only teaches us more varieties of what’s possible for our palate.

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Beer & Chocolate: Oregon Chocolate Festival 2013

Mmmmmmmmm. Ooooooooooo! Ahhhhhh!

Sounds that emanated from the Ashland Springs Hotel Grand Ballroom, Conservatory, and Crystal room were harmoniously happy with the offerings at the 9th annual Oregon Chocolate Festival this past weekend.

Glasses and plates up to Karolina of the Springs who started this event 9 years ago. Cassie, Danielle, Jacob, and all the rest of the crew put forth a great and effective effort to show guests a lovely time. Several community partners helped enhance the event as well. Here’s the link to the fest.

beer and chocolate

beer and chocolate

We had the pleasure of providing edutainment both Saturday and Sunday: Beer & Chocolate tastings and pairings. We traveled through the tastings enhanced with great questions asked by the guests. Thanks to everyone who joined us! T’was fun to see some familiar faces return as well. Hope to see you all again next year at the fest.

As promised and is our habit to share, here are the two workshop menus. All beers generously provided by Standing Stone Brewing Company, Ashland OR.

Saturday 3.3.13

  • SSBC I Love Oregon Ale with Dagoba Lemon Ginger Chocolate
  • 2013 Chocolate Festival SSBC Chocolate Ale with Dagoba Xocolatl
  • SSBC Oatmeal Stout with Dagoba Chai Chocolate
  • SSBC Barleywine with Dagoba Roseberry Chocolate

Sunday 3.4.13

  • 2013 Chocolate Festival SSBC Chocolate Ale with Lillie Belle Perfect Illusion Chocolate
  • SSBC Oatmeal Stout with Lillie Belle Stella Blue Chocolate
  • SSBC Barleywine with Lillie Belle Purple Haze Chocolate

Thanks much to Dagoba Chocolates and Lillie Belle Handmade Chocolates for letting us feature their yummy wares.

We also mentioned a few references for learning more about beer:

In the meantime, until next year, call on Women Enjoying Beer for your own events. We’re available to hire to edutain and enjoy “beer and…” whatever you may have in mind.

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We Men Enjoying Beer

Wednesday last found me with about 16 men – enjoying beer and food. It was a special night in the form of a educational and social event for the male staff at Standing Stone Brewing Company.

table set...ready to go

table set...ready to go

Why men? Why not. WEB is about education and opportunity.

It takes all parties to progress the conversation. Plus on the Home Free Tour last fall, we had held a women’s only tasting and pairing. So it was time.

We had the good fortune to have a few other guests join us – people who are related to SSBC in some way. Coffee supplier, bar manager at another local restaurant, and 3 regular patrons. Good mix.

The first two courses were as follows.

Course 1

Nitro Stout with Stir Crazy Chocolate Cake. We started off with a full flavorful match. The deep roasted malt in the stout is a most excellent pairing with Chocolate. The cake is made from scratch, like their whole menu always is as well as their beers, and it was a really nice consistency. Not too thick or light. Goldilocks would have approved. Juuuust right.

Starting with an unexpected pairing set a great tone.

Course 2

Lager with Fish Tacos. The light crispness of the lager went well with the lighter flavor of the fish, lightly sauteed with other simple fresh ingredients to complement it.

I picked the contrast of the stout to the tacos on purpose. To highlight the differences of the two styles of beer.

Course 3

India Pale Ale with the special Pork Chops. The forward hoppiness of the IPA was a good partner to the pork chops, local and organic. Nice bitterness – or bite as some servers like to describe it – and a medium flavor personality to pair with the chops.

Tomorrow – the other 3 courses….