Oregon Chocolate Festival 2014 Ticket Giveaway

If you’d like two complementary tickets to the uber luscious and fun 10th Annual Oregon Chocolate Festival happening March 8 & 9, Ashland OR, then speak up!!

Here’s the mash:

  1. Get to our Contact page, scroll down to General Inquiries (past the Media Inquiries)
  2. Fill it out specifying you “YES! I want to Win 2 Tickets to the OCF” in the How Can We Help You space.
  3. Include full first and last name, email address and one good fun reason we should give them to you.
  4. Entries taken until Sunday March 2nd.

We’ll draw a winner randomly from all entries – women & men are encouraged to enter. The only thing that would trump the random selection process is if someone gets super creative with an entry. Extra weight to creativity!

Festival Link here.

p.s. We’ll be offering our usual tasty Beer & Chocolate classes Saturday & Sunday too – register here.

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Beer And Chocolate Tasting Menu

happy crowd with beer and chocolate

Women at our monthly meet up fully enjoyed the offerings and more importantly learning about how beer and chocolate can go together last week.

Our fine host, Enchanted Florist, a floral boutique and chocolate cafe, is extremely knowledgeable about chocolate so it was a great learning opportunity all around. We choose beers to go with the flavors of the real cocoa and organic chocolates.

Beers and any complementary foods you suggest and share grow increasingly attractive and flavorful when you provide the story that accompanies those respective products. Knowing more about what you’re putting in your mouth is a big deal. Make that information part of the program.

Try offering beer with chocolates to women and see what can happen. (hint: successful enlightenment!) We’ll be sure to do again based on the tremendously positive feedback we got that night.

Here was the menu we featured:

  1. Widmer Barrel Aged Brrrbon ’11 paired with Michel Cluizel, Organic Dark Chocolate. Paris France, Los Ancones, 67%
  2. Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat with Valrhona, Manjari Orange, France. 64%, with the citrus sweetness of orange.
  3. Rodenbach with Café TasseDark Chocolate with cranberries and soft chili. Brussels, Chocolat Bio, organic chocolate, 58%
  4.  MateVeza with Dolfin, Dark Chocolate With Earl Grey tea. Belgium. 52% A black tea with a dash of bergamot.

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Beer, Chocolate and Gelato

Today’s post is inspired by Fred Bueltmann, whom I had the pleasure of meeting and drinking and eating with last week at SAVOR. We were on deck for a Friday Salon, the last one of the evening.

National Building Museum, site of 2011 SAVOR

Fred is a terrific person with a gracious crowd manner. Given that the evening had progressed well for all in the salon room (read: some had a small glow on so they were chatty), he was also excellent at moving straight ahead regardless of the banter in the room. For the most part, the guests were very tuned in.

Fred chose to feature and talk about Beer & Chocolate. While it may be old news to some in the beer community, it’s important to remember that there are still millions of people, and millions of those people are women, who don’t think to pair these two goodies together.

The chocolates were from Gail Ambrosius, Chocolatier Extraordinaire, and the beers were of course from Fred’s brewery, New Holland.

I’ll be so bold as to say the entire room enjoyed the pairings, the information and the great delivery of Fred with his flight of 5. They were:

  • Golden Cap Saison Ale with Cointreau Truffle
  • Dragon’s Milk Ale aged in oak barrels with Shitake Truffle
  • Black Tulip Trippel Ale with Lemongrass and Ginger Truffle
  • Pilgrim’s Dole Wheatwine with Sea Salt Caramel Truffle
  • Night Tripper Imperial Stout with Cinnamon & Cayenne Truffle

Wow. Wow.

Tonight then WEB is offering Beer and Gelato for our women’s event. We offered it in answer to a huge positive response based on an Imperial Stout malted milk shake at an event last summer. It should prove to be enlightening since most consumers don’t think to pair beer and gelato (or chocolate), much less with dessert in general.

Cheers and chocolate to Fred. Looking forward to keeping the education machine rolling forward.

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