Saturday Support

It’s Saturday. What are you planning to do?

One great thing to do for yourself and the greater community at large is to get some friends together and get to a local brew fest.

Get your beer fest on!

We’ll be at the 3rd annual Umpqua Brew Fest today doing our part.

Here are a few sites to help you find one in your area.

Remember!!! Homebrewers love to throw a party too – be sure to check the American Homebrewers Association calendar here too.

There are myriad resources – so search the net, the newspaper, your beer magazines, the app of choice and get your beer on ~

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Listen Up! BeerRadio Every Week

You may know we have a weekly radio show: BeerRadio. It’s been cranking along for almost a year and a half now and we’re having a great time with it!

The whole premise is to offer fun education format to learn more about beer the beer community with a live guest each week from the beer community. These willing, smart and good humored folks are all over the country and from all areas of beer enthusiasm and knowledge.

logo designer = Curtis Taylor

The shows are aired live for the first time every Wednesday from 5 – 6 pm Pacific Standard Time; they are streamable live as well – click on “Listen Now!”, upper left side of the top.

We invite you to listen in via our *new* Radio & Video Page, as well as scroll through the Archives on to download any episodes for your pleasure. Please feel very free to share them forward to others who want to enjoy learning more about beer and beer folks.

Thanks for the support. If you really like one program, if you really like the idea of a beer radio program, and if you feel compelled to act on that, it is community supported radio – donations are welcome always. If you’d like to be an underwriter of the show via Women Enjoying Beer, we’re ready to talk to you as well.

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What’s In A (World Beer) Cup?

World Beer Cup 2012

The 2012 World Beer Cup winners are announced here. They are recently complete following the annual Craft Brewers Conference, this year held in San Diego, California. Yours truly was there with the usual anticipation and enthusiasm.

The World Beer Cup, aka WBC, happens every two years in conjunction with the CBC. It’s a reflection of the global beer community and is truly a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and try their beers. After judging is complete, remaining beers in unopened bottles are then opened and available before and available during the WBC Gala dinner. A BIG Pints up to Chris Swersey, judges and everyone involved in pulling off this incredible happening and making it look smooth and seamless.

Cheers to Global Beer Colleagues!

The Cup is biennially and I’m guessing one reason is that it’s an enormous undertaking. Very worthwhile and an orchestration the rest of us can only guess the enormity of effort involved.

At the dinner, Emily and I sat with some colleagues from Canada, a lively group of Australians were at the next table, and everywhere you looked, there were people from across the globe.

I love that beer is sincerely global. Just ask the Icelanders who won a medal if the trip was worth it.

Cheers to community, camaraderie and quality the world round.

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Finding Your Fit In The Beer Community

How do you find your fit?

Do you answer an ad for an opening? Do you inquire with friends and colleagues? Do you surf the net? Do you do methodical or haphazard exploration on the things you are keen on? Do you work yourself into the place you want to be? Do you make things happen or do you sit back and expect something to happen?

Most beer interested people I know work on making it happen. Industry isn’t built on apathy and the beer community in these United States is abuzz and full of intelligent, driven, passionate folks who have found their fit or are making their own mold.

Ginger & Burc of The Beer Authority in Seattle. He's found a good fit (and is very happy!).

I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and befriend or at least becolleague hundreds of people in the beer community. From the most novice consumer enthusiast to the can’t-tell-you-enough home brewer, from the beginning professional brewer to the thoughtful supplier, from the hometown distributor to the always smiling retailer, from the down to earth grower to the rubber boot wearing cellar person.

Finding the fit in your community, your vocation, your service and yourself is something that should make us happy and satisfied. Starting with happy makes a lot of other things happen and possible. And people like to be around happy people.

If you haven’t quite found your fit, keep working at it. Ask for help, pull up your bootstraps, don’t wait from someone else to make it happen. And take full responsibility; our country also wasn’t built on the poor-me philosophy and it’s appalling and inappropriate when other people play the blame game. Know when to jump at change, when to fold your cards and move on, and how to recognize opportunity. Learn also to realize when you are happy and that it can sometimes be enough for the time being.

Cheers today to people that inspire, help you find your fit, and make you and the people around you happy.

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Who's In Your Beer Community

Enthusiastic and curious female consumers are a big part of our beer universe

When you think about the people in the beer community, who springs to mind? More specifically, who do you find in your very own beer universe? Who is it that you like, do business with, must and want to associate with in relation to beer?

  • Is it the brewer in your town? Is it the bartender at your favorite taphouse/brewpub/bar/restaurant?
  • Is it the distributor who takes good care of your beer?
  • Is it the customer who sends you cool links and notices your progress?
  • Is it you partner/parent/spouse/sibling who supports you and listens to you?
  • Is it the fan who simply likes to stay in touch?

Our beer community in this country is very broad and far reaching. It’s deep and thoughtful, unseasoned and young, mature and knowledgeable.

We have so many remarkable people in some many areas of the beer community that I’d be hard pressed to exclude anyone who really enjoys engaging in beer, whether they drink it or not – sans snobs and arrogant people.

Our weekly live BeerRadio program is part of my community for example. It’s something I’ve created to get to talk with people all over about their relationship with beer. We get good feedback and can utilize the (archived) shows for years to come. When you converse, you build community. When you converse, you also get to learn, share and help each other out.

If you’re enjoying the beer community around you, be sure to let people know as much. Say thank you, invite them for a beer, and see what you can do for them. Support your local beer community.

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A Few Constants

p1030363This trip has been thoroughly thought provoking on so many levels and in so many ways. We still have a few weeks to go and surely more enlightenment is just ahead.

To those of you in the community in any way, you may nod your head. For those of you newer to it, here are a few thoughts to consider as you continue your journey with beer.

  1. Beer people are passionate about beer. Period.
  2. Beer folks have favorites whether it’s the one in  front of them or a particular beer they worship and crave.
  3. Beer people are engaged in their communities. The economic support to communities breweries and beer oriented vendors and supplies provide is a solid family friendly investment in our society.p1030782
  4. They’ll do what they can to help another beer person out. Testimony to that are all the places we’ve stayed along the way with beer people opening their homes to others they have not even met yet (us).
  5. They speak up when a voice needs to be heard. The courage and fortitude displayed by beer people, quiet or obvious, is admirable.
  6. They’re fun to drink beer with.
  7. They’re eager to share and educate others about beer. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy that’s delicious.

p1020781The list goes on and on so for today, this’ll be the short version.

When you engage in the beer community, you discover a whole world of terrific people, opportunity, and great tasting liquid – they are all life enhancing and I fully intend to charge on.

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