Most Beer Labels Suck

When we go to our fridge to choose a beer for our evening’s enjoyment, there’s always a moment of pause as we read the label.

Almost all beer labels are miserably lacking in flavor descriptive words about that beer.

Why is that?

What could these labels share to entice via flavor words (caveat: color isn’t flavor)?

There’s no good reason. It needs to change.

Beer needs to be described by its flavors; not by the strain of hops or the how it was made or how much the brand loves their own beer. Good grief.

Beer companies need to describe the beer by its flavors and in plain language. Esoteric words are usually unhelpful, since what you should try to do with the precious label space is to entice and invite the customer based on the attractive flavor words printed.

Beer labels can do way better.

Simple easy tweaks of including flavor words, getting rid of the unhelpful other words that can be on your website instead, will in fact get more people trying and returning to beer brands.

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