31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #10

Consideration of beer serving size is Facet #10.

Women who are early in the learning curve may only want sample or smaller sizes in order to try more while not having to order a pint. Any bar anywhere worth their malt needs to be sure to offer and sell a half pint size serving of beer as a regular menu item.

Besides the sheer size, many women tell WEB in research that they want to try a variety of beers and a smaller portion helps them do that responsibly.

It’s pretty basic and smart business idea to offer at least 2 sizes of beer servings: half pint & pint, 10 ounce & 16 ounce, or whatever combination you decide on.

One brewpub I know of offers a ‘taste’ for 75 cents. Brilliant! Little 3 ounce pour, just enough to get a good taste and whet their whistle inexpensively.

It’s a good choice for all patrons too – not just women. Many people still think all beers should be served and consumed cold (another myth to bust) and a large serving gets too warm by the time they are towards the last fourth of the beer. Read: they don’t like drinking warmer beer. Even if you think that beer is fine warmer, it’s not up to you: it’s up to them.

Offer at least two sizes of beer servings, at two different price points, and you’ll please her and keep her coming back.

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