GABF 2014

Wow – it’s already around the corner: Great American Beer Festival 2014.

Welcome to GABF 2014!

Welcome to GABF 2014!

If you’ve never been and are headed there for the first time, welcome to the crazy, tasty fray! Bring a water bottle to refill and hydrate between delicious beer, eat a solid meal shortly BEFORE you arrive, and practice moderation. It’s for everyone’s enjoyment and drunkenness isn’t appropriate nor the gist of the fest. The fest is for everyone – not renegade’s overdrinking & ripping around and ruining it for others.

We invite you to come visit our Women Enjoying Beer booth – space P7 this year. It’s a bright orange, lit up booth where we’ll be glad to help you find high quality goods to wear and share. Women’s & men’s goods, caps & hats, signs and goodies.

With so many choices for your wallet, GABF proves to be a zinger. It’s a at-least-once-in-a-lifetime event to take advantage of. Friends familiar and to meet, colleagues, pros, homebrewers, vendors, and volunteers. World class events take a mammoth effort and it’s one we look forward to annually.

WEB will also be hosting our weekly BeerRadio program from Black Shirt Brewing Wednesday 10/1 6 – 7 MST. The taproom opens at 5 so feel free to come by for a fresh beer and watch the show in progress.

See you in Denver ~

Visit the GABF site here

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Audacity of Hops Author on BeerRadio 8/21/13



If you enjoy reading and if you enjoy listening to engaging radio programs, then tune in today to BeerRadio. The show airs live on (streamable) at 5 pm PST/8 EST.

Our guest today is Tom Acitelli, author of The Audacity Of Hops, a recent well written book on the modern craft beer movement.

Whether you’ve read the book or not, we appreciate your listening. The shows are all recorded and archived for later listening pleasure as well. All shows from the inception to today (2.5+ years) are archived here – take a peek.

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Ashley Salvitti on BeerRadio

These are the people of BeerRadio – each one great!

Here’s today’s guest, Ashley Salvitti of Brewvana – friend, colleague, and beer enthusiast. Enjoy the program, aired live each Wednesday 5 – 6 pm Pacific Standard Time, archived for your listening leisure within days of original airing.

Ashley Rose loves beer.  She blames her father for spoiling her taste buds at an early age, which has led to her current SNOB status. Papa Sal let her sip off of the finest brews that upstate New York had to offer as a toddler in the early 80s. Years later he always had the fridge stocked with his newest favorite dogfish head, or a growler of the local IPA. While most high school students pounded Bud Lights and 40s, Ashley Rose was enjoying handcrafted ales that she snagged from the assortment in the garage. As a proud mug club member, Papa Sal urged his daughter to get a job at the brewery in the neighboring town when she was 17. And so she did. She has been serving delicious beer ever since. Although he was sad when Ashley decided to move across the country, he was comforted knowing that she was in the beer capitol of the world: Portland, Oregon. Ashley Rose loves beer and is passionate about the history and culture of the craft brewing industry in Portland, and she wants to share it with you!

Thanks to Ninkasi Brewing for their support of BeerRadio, one component of Women Enjoying Beer Bringing Beer To Life!


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BeerRadio Archives and Downloads

BeerRadio: Weekly program by WEB, on KSKQ

In case you’re new to BeerRadio, it’s our weekly live recorded radio show with fun and interesting beer community folks. These are people who freely give an hour of their time in the name of good clean educational beer fun! Encore shows (previous episodes) are plugged in once in a while as well.

It’s a treat to get the call in the KSKQ Studio each week, ready to engage and talk with passionate and enlightening people all over the country. I’m thankful for all the fine folks who have given so generously of their time and insight, shared their thoughts, and helped us continue to offer more beer education.

Here’s a link to the Archive page – and WEB has a Radio & Video page here as well. Thank you to my producer Larry as well.

Below are the top downloads to this point. Who would you like to hear on the show? Send requests directly to

With a year and a half + on the records, it keeps getting better and more enjoyable! Cheers to great listening education.

Date Guest Company/Beer Connection Downloads
20120404 Rebecca Newman Dogfish Head 167
20120718 Win Bassett NC Brewers Guild 48
20120411 Julie Levy Grand Teton Brewing 43
20120815 Meg Gill Golden Road Brewing 40
20110713 Steven Pauwels Boulevard Brewing 34
20110810 Audra Marotta Mother Earth Brewing 29
20120829 Gina Schauland Deschutes Brewing 29
20120711 Chris Shepard Craft Brew News 28
20120822 Evan Benn St. Louis Post Dispatch 25
20111102 Veronica Vega Deschutes 25
20111019 Oliva Cerio Empire Brewing 24
20111214 Emily Engdahl PDX Beer Geeks 24
20110907 Shauna Carter PDX Brewery in Planning 22
20120104 Nancy Frketich Oregon Hops Commission 19
20121003 Jennifer O’Connell Georgia Ale & Lager Sirens 17
20110629 Josh Brewer Mother Earth Brewing 17
20110720 Ginger Johnson Beer Book episode 17
20110525 Julie Wartell 16
20110921 Matt Van Wyk Oakshire Brewing 16
20110302 Ginger Johnson Beer and Food 16
20111012 Steve Parkes American Brewers Guild 15
20120418 Fred Bueltmann New Holland Brewing 15
20110330 Ginger Johnson CBC Follow-Up 14
20111228 David Kapral AB Retired Brewmaster 14
20120111 Chris Erickson Snake River Brewing 14
20111207 Lauren Salazar New Belgium Brewing 14
20120208 Mike Kallenberger Tropos Brand Consulting 14
20110914 Stevie Caldarola Ladies of Craft Beer 13
20110504 Sarah Huska Cicerone Certification Program 13
20110406 John Holl & Journalist 13
20110413 Deverie Hart HurraBier 13
20120606 Brandon Turman 13
20110427 Renee Deluca Brewer’s Daughter 12
20120215 Hugh Sisson Heavy Seas Beer 12
20120523 David Walker Firestone Walker Brewing 12
20120425 Burc McFarlen Seattle Beer Authority 12
20120919 Dan Vandervort Hikes and Pints 12
20111221 Theresa Carpine Ladies of Craft Beer 11
20110817 Alison Grayson The Love of Beer–movie 11
20111005 Lisa Morrison The Beer Goddess 11
20121024 Gail Oberst Oregon Beer Growler 11
20110316 Ginger Johnson CAMFA–WEB signature training 10
20110824 Julia Herz Brewers Association 10

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Listen Up! BeerRadio Every Week

You may know we have a weekly radio show: BeerRadio. It’s been cranking along for almost a year and a half now and we’re having a great time with it!

The whole premise is to offer fun education format to learn more about beer the beer community with a live guest each week from the beer community. These willing, smart and good humored folks are all over the country and from all areas of beer enthusiasm and knowledge.

logo designer = Curtis Taylor

The shows are aired live for the first time every Wednesday from 5 – 6 pm Pacific Standard Time; they are streamable live as well – click on “Listen Now!”, upper left side of the top.

We invite you to listen in via our *new* Radio & Video Page, as well as scroll through the Archives on to download any episodes for your pleasure. Please feel very free to share them forward to others who want to enjoy learning more about beer and beer folks.

Thanks for the support. If you really like one program, if you really like the idea of a beer radio program, and if you feel compelled to act on that, it is community supported radio – donations are welcome always. If you’d like to be an underwriter of the show via Women Enjoying Beer, we’re ready to talk to you as well.

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Women + Beer Advance: Agenda

Here’s the tentative agenda(updated 6.21.12)* for the inaugural Women + Beer Advance, dedicated to providing fun, engaging and stimulating education for all female beer enthusiasts. (Yes, it’s subject to minor changes, alterations and enhancements, as life can change; *as of 6.21.12)

All agenda items listed are included in the registration fees. Registrations can be made here. Sooner is better than later please.

Women + Beer Advance, 2 – 4 August 2012, Southern Oregon, USA

Thursday August 2nd:

Welcome reception & Beer30– social mixer for attendees, available presenters, and hosts to sip, nibble and meet.

5 – 9 pm, location pending, Medford

Friday August 3rd: Onsite at Host 4 Daughters Irish Pub

9 – 1030 am Opening & Welcome address by Ginger and the WEB crew

1045 – 1215 – In the Beginning: Beer Ingredients – supported by Roy Farms and Briess Malting

1230 – 2 pm Learning Lunch*, select Advance menu available for attendees at host 4 Daughters Irish Pub

1 pm* Dynamo Julia Herz, Brewers Association (via remote broadcast): “Taste Trip” interactive beer and food session as part of lunch

215 – 330 Good Sense! The Sensory Side Of Beer, Rebecca Newman, Dogfish Head Brewing

345 – 515 Alchemy of Beer & Glass, Glassware session lead by the Beer Goddess herself, Lisa Morrison featuring Offero Glassware. Lisa will have her books available to sign and purchase.

(Break for Dinner on your own)

7 – 9 pm W+B Beerwalk, Special PubQuest Maps provided guiding you to 4 Downtown Medford beer friendly places serving fresh, well cared for beer.

Saturday August 4th: Onsite at Host 4 Daughters Irish Pub

9 – 1030 am Classic Combinations: Beer & Cheese, Shawn Fels, Award winning Rogue Creamery

1045 – 1215 Economics of Beer, Larry Chase, professional brewer, Standing Stone Brewing. We’ll learn about the economics of beer – from buying ingredients to making the beer to getting it in your glass.

1230 – 2 pm Inspirations & Aspirations: special Advance select menu luncheon. Open floor question & answer time, at 4 Daughters Irish Pub

215 – 330 pm Sustainability of Beer, Katie Wallace, New Belgium Brewing (via remote broadcast)

330 – 400 Beer Resources – Discussion of more resources on beer, online and offline

400 – 430 Wrap up and Thank you, awards & goodies

5 – 6 pm Live Nationwide virtual tasting Guests queued to talk

745 pm Screening of The Love Of Beer, with Filmmaker Alison Grayson; brewer Tonya Cornett, 10 Barrel Brewing – long distance appearance


All travel investments are on your own. This high value advance includes a lunch both Friday & Saturday, otherwise there are plenty of choices close by to enjoy.

The area Chambers of Commerce can help direct you to places of accommodation and transportation. Medford, OR Chamber & Ashland, OR Chamber

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KSKQ Beer Radio: Ronnie Crocker, Houston Chronicle (5/9/12)

Learn about beer with conversations of people from all over the beer community on KSKQ 89.5 each Wednesday, 5:00-6:00 pm.

BeerRadio for episode 55, 9 April 2012 – Ronnie Crocker, accomplished and interesting Journalist at the Houston Chronicle, Houston Texas is our special guest.

Ronnie shares what the Texas beer scene has come to be, reflects on stories he mined writing his newly released book (Houston Beer) and in general shares an enthusiasm for the greater beer community.

Find out what Ronnie shares about some major historical American Characters in this episode. You can tweet along with him too at @rcrocker

Pour yourself a fresh beer and enjoy ~

Download Here: 40.3 MB

This program originally broadcast on KSKQ 89.5 FM in Ashland, Oregon – streamed at

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KSKQ Beer Radio: Burc McFarlen, Seattle Beer Authority (4/25/12)

Learn about beer with conversations of people from all over the beer community on KSKQ 89.5 each Wednesday, 5:00-6:00 pm.

BeerRadio for 25 April 2012 welcomes guest Burc McFarlen of the Seattle Beer Authority, a beer store and tavern, Seattle, Washington.

Burc talks about how he got into beer, why beer stores are becoming popular and valuable, and why glassware is important.

Enjoy another fun and edutaining episode of our show featuring this engaged and beer savvy beer community member ~

Download Here: 46.0 MB

This program originally broadcast on KSKQ 89.5 FM in Ashland, Oregon – streamed at

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KSKQ Beer Radio: Fred Bueltmann, New Holland Brewing (4/18/12)

Learn about beer with conversations of people from all over the beer community on KSKQ 89.5 each Wednesday, 5:00-6:00 pm.

BeerRadio for 18 April 2012 – Fred Bueltmann, Beervangelist and partner of New Holland Brewing, in Holland MI.

Fred’s been a long time member for the contributing beer community starting with home brewing when you had to know the right person to buy supplies and working for what was still Kalamazoo Brewing.

Find out where beer starts with Fred (hint: it’s not the technical side!), listen to some great stories and learn what else New Holland creates to please the taste buds.

Pour yourself a fresh beer and enjoy ~

Download Here: 39.8 MB

This program originally broadcast on KSKQ 89.5 FM in Ashland, Oregon – streamed at

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My good and long standing friend KP and I used to joke about having our own radio show someday. This idea stemmed from our conversations when we were together – they were always lots of fun, funny, and usually got other people laughing too. We have easy banter, can talk about lightweight and substantial stuff equally and above all want to have fun with it.

Join us for BeerRadio

Fast forward to now. KP is still a very good friend and I now have a radio show. She’s already agreed to be a guest one day soon.

BeerRadio is the show WEB launched ala our community radio station,, in February of 2011. At first I was thinking of recording it 2 times a month. Well, I quickly understood what a great fit it is so we’re live every week now. We run from 5 – 6 pm every Wednesday, usually from my World HQ base location in Southern Oregon and sometimes from the field.

So far:

If you like what you hear – no matter the station or topic matter – support it monetarily. Send in a donation, underwrite the program, buy an ad or volunteer to help  the station survive and keep affording the community the resource you value.

All of these shows are archived by one of my fabulous radio station colleagues (thanks Wayno!!) and permanently accessible via the Program Archives. You can stream them live from the station website too.

Like I say when we throw a get together, the guests make the party. Thanks to all the fine guests we’ve had and the ones coming up. We’ll keep knocking on doors of beer community members who want to enjoy an hour’s worth of conversation about them, their relationship with beer and different topics that come up. We try to ask questions that are not necessarily already talked about and it’s relaxed and very informational.

Thanks also to Jason and Carson of KSKQ who took a chance on BeerRadio. Cheers gents ~

p.s. Lisa’s Beer O’Clock is a terrific listen too!

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BeerRadio – What's Your Frequency?

BeerRadio is a relatively new idea WEB added to its efforts to spread the beer word and educate about beer. It’s picking up speed and we’ve had the delightful honor of hosting an already wide variety of people.

Beyond being fun to simply talk about beer with these great people, it’s a terrific medium to reach out. Yes, it’s passive. Yes, you may not know who’s listening or streaming.

Provide compelling listening material

That said, how do you know who’s listening or streaming your info anyway? Some things are trackable, some are not. You do some of both nonetheless. Partially because of opportunity. And also because part of marketing yourself and your beer is one way to reach out. The consumer decides what they want from you, when they want it and then you simply have to take the leap of faith.

Marketing has commonly be partnered with Public Relations, and for a few good reasons.

You can put the marketing materials out there (not to be confused with advertising – that’s different) and then it’s up to you to use a PR thrust to make it connect with consumers. Don’t expect people to simply seek info out just because it’s out there. You have to give them reasons to dig into your brand.

And in the case of BeerRadio, it’s the guests that are the hook. We’ve had people all across the beer community, consumer and professional, that can talk intelligently and in an everyday manner about beer. It’s designed to be educational and so it will continue to be even while it’s changing and we’re improving.

The consumer is a moving target – you’ve got to move with them.

We’ll keep doing it and trust that the build will come. Indeed, it’s like marketing beer to a small segment (get my drift?!). You’ve got to be willing to start small. Be a diamond, not a comet.

Here’s a few of our previous guests:

Next Week: Josh Brewer, Mother Earth Brewing

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BeerRadio Guest Today: John Holl

If you’ve yet to tune into our freshly launched Beer Radio program, today’s a great day to start. (online streaming is best for listening worldwide)

We talk about all kinds of things beer. So far we’ve been sharing about Herstory:Women in Brewing, Craft Brewers Conference info, beer and food pairing…as well as nabbed a few beer colleagues from the street to chat very spontaneously with us. Like most craft beer people, they we’re totally cool with it.

Ginger & John Holl at the CBC, San Fran CA

Today’s special guest will be John Holl, of Beer Briefing and co-author of the new Indiana Breweries. John and his compatriot covered all the breweries in Indiana to write this comprehensive compendium. Here’s a video of them talking it up.

John’s a fun and passionate beer person whom I’ve gotten to know in the last year. Truth be told, he was roped (willingly, might I add) into our media fun last fall during GABF. We co-hosted an informal meet and greet at the recently wrapped up CBC too.

Tune in today from 5 – 6 pm Pacific Time to enjoy the beer banter. The episodes are also archived for your listening pleasure at your own convenience.

Watch and listen in for great guests of all walks as we BeerRadio it forward. Cheers!

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