Beer In Bismarck: McQuade’s & Women Get Together

There are great people everywhere. I truly believe that.

And when I get to work with and around them, it makes it all for motivating.

63 terrific enthusiasts ready to taste beer + food at McQaude's

63 terrific enthusiasts ready to taste beer + food at McQaude’s

Last weekend found me participating in a women + beer event in the lovely state of North Dakota, at the McQuade Distributing Company HQ with 3rd generation company president and very inspiring person, Shannon McQuade-Ely.

Shannon and I have worked together before and it was with particular relish and enthusiasm I was asked to help put together (possibly a first for ND) a women and beer + food fundraiser. What a success it was!!

Picture this:

  • Roomy room, 63 women present to support a cause, try new things, and meet new people.
  • 4 beers, 1 cider, food tastes to match them all.
  • Sunday afternoon, 4 – 6 pm.

Suffice it to say, they were lined up outside well before we started (RSVP’s were required), the seats were full of engaged women of all ages and knowledge levels, and they eagerly embraced the event. Knowing in my gut it was going to be a home run, I was thrilled when it actually happened.

You can tell the success level of an event, to a certain extent, with the noise level – particularly if you have to regularly ask people to quiet down. It’s a good sign because that means everyone’s chatting and have a great time. Great time = success. I had to shush often (and always allow open times for guests to chat unhindered…it’s good to get people talking).

Cheers to Shannon (r) - a smart & savvy leader, beer lover and frolleague

Cheers to Shannon (r) – a smart & savvy leader, beer lover and frolleague

A special thanks to Shannon and the whole McQuade’s team and all the people who bought tickets. We’ll surely do it again with increased success. The fuse has been ignited, there’s no keeping smart and flavor seeking women back!

Here’s the menu we enjoyed:

Anyone hungry??!!

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Coming Right Up!

If ever there was a good idea, this is it. International Brewers Day.

The Oberon Sun is shining on Laura

The Oberon Sun is shining on Laura

See Jay’s blog (he naturally includes women), see the post ala last year’s kickoff, and enjoy a good beer with someone who also enjoys a good beer.

Better yet, include a friend who is hesitant or not as familiar. The best bet is to just try it. A mix and match 6 pack is a terrific way to start (low commitment, good variety you select yourself). A sampler or flight offered at pubs is also a fabulous way to try and learn. (Although this link author totally neglected women.)

Partner good beer with good food and good company and you’ve got a winning combination.

As the old Life Cereal ad extolled, try it – you’ll like it!

p.s. here’s another one coming up…

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