Driving Beer Marketing Home

The last time you were on a highway, street or other road, what did you notice? Did you see any vehicles with branding on them – signs to indicate a business or entity on the vehicle? What kinds of vehicles do you notice have any sort of branding?

Farmer friend, Jennie, Butcher Creek Farms, and Ginger before the Home Free Tour 2009

Farmer friend, Jennie, Butcher Creek Farms, and Ginger before the Home Free Tour 2009

When I first started Women Enjoying Beer, I immediately got magnetic brand signs – here’s a photo with the first set, shortly before setting out on our Home-Free Tour, 2009.

They traveling 15,000+ miles across the country with success, no loss or theft or magnets blowing off. We got countless thumbs ups, vehicles passing us and the passengers taking pictures of the logo, windows rolled down at stop signs and traffic lights and quick conversations. Suffice it to say: vehicle branding is one of thee most effective tools you can use and add to your brand development.

Here’s an article worth a read on Brand Development Models.

Once we landed, ironically enough, the first magnet went missing – I was torn: “Wow! Someone likes the logo enough to want it.” And “Stealing’s bad, no matter.” (So if you see any of 3 various large WEB logo magnets, grab it and return it – they were stolen and I would like them back).

Ironic because here we traveled allll across the country with no incident – including parking in urban San Diego overnights with no disappearance.

After the 3rd magnetic sticker was stolen I found the solution: Decals. A’shopping I went and with success! Lo and behold the professionally created and applied brand decals have been an excellent choice for WEB brand presence, opening conversations and brand development. There’s no doubt in my mind its been some of the very best dollars I’ve spent anywhere in the company, for any purpose.

Hard working car & logos - always on the job.

Hard working car & logos – always on the job.

Seeing is believing. Seeing is engaging. Seeing your brand image and logo will have a farther reach than you can surmise. While you may not know who exactly is seeing the images, you do know they are being seen. Usually to happily unexpected people who are in fact curious and will engage with you and your brand.

Here are a few tips I want to share to increase the decal impact:

1. When driving on freeways and highways, don’t speed. Drive a reasonable pace and let traffic pass you if it’s multi lane. People will pass, they’ll slow to get a picture and give a smile. You want people reading the images so a slightly slower speed will give them the chance to do so.

2. Drive smart and carefully. You’re a brand rep now, not some anonymous driver. If you use courtesy in a branded vehicle, it’s noted and an indirect positive impression of the brand. If you cut people off and don’t use your blinkers, your brand suffers blows due to your carelessness.

3. Logos makes vehicles more notable. Said another way, I’m very aware the words “Women Enjoying Beer” are on my vehicles, prominently displayed and that all varieties of police and other paramilitary folk see it and may be curious or suspicious of what’s inside. Giving beer a good name by driving carefully is a subliminal message we can communicate.

4. Be SURE to put a decal on your rear end. When people are stopped in traffic, parking and driving, they generally see the rear of the vehicle first. Prime real estate for a brand message! I quickly lost count of how many people I see in my rear view mirror who point or take a picture of the decal I’ve got on my trunk. Yes, use the sides – and know that static traffic can’t and doesn’t read your signage right then and there.

5. I’ve got brand stickers on my bicycle too – use every mode as opportunity. My bike ONLY has my logo, so there’s not a clutter the looker has to wade through to see what I want them to see.

Have fun developing your brand. When you’re ready to hire a marketing specialist for ideas like these to increase your sales and develop creative ways to communicate your brand and message, call us.

A little strategy coupled with fun equals success. Drive on.

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