We Have Much To Celebrate

Thank you for our Freedom

Thank you for our Freedom

As we celebrate holidays around the world, I am reminded we have much to be thankful for. Freedoms, friends, and education among the many. I hope you sincerely find value in what’s available to you as well and share it with others, with appreciation.

Here’s a fun site that lists many reasons of all sorts to celebrate in July.

To friends and family, supporters and believers, clients and enthusiasts of WEB all over the globe: Thank you & Happy July!

p.s. I’m taking vacation this week – watch for more posts starting 7/8 again.

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International Women’s Day Every Day

It’s officially International Women’s Day!!!!! It comes around every year and is reason to celebrate the women and females in your life and the lives around us. Every where.

We all must work on making gender a moot point by simply making sure we’re looking with an equality lens in each and every transaction, conversation, and action.

Celebrate and elevate the women and females in life.

Celebrate and elevate the women and females in life.

Did you know…

…that Feminism means “the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.”

…that there are still labels that choose to use sexualization to try to sell products, rather than focus on the merits of the products? American brewers of all sizes need to take this day to re-examine their labeling. Support brands that feature the quality and benefits, not boobies and skin.

…that it’s been studied and proven over and over again that when there are relatively equal numbers of women and men participating in society on an equal footing, the society is healthier, more productive, kinder and much more humane, diplomatic and egalitarian.

…quotas of gender aren’t the answer nor the solution. Internalizing until it’s instinct will unconsciously help us in taking action to equalize with positive change.

Write a note or letter to a female you care about today. Someone you admire and who inspires you in any way. It matters not that you know them or not: they’ll be inspired forward to hear from someone who finds them a mentor, an aspirational example and makes them go forward.

Gloria sums it up here: “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights”

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March Is Women’s HerStory Month

Celebrating IWD at Louie's 2011

Find and highlight 31 reasons to celebrate Women’s Herstory Month – it starts today!!

And International Women’s Day is Thursday March 8th. Show women they matter by making a big deal out of it.

  • 31 Women and females you know and care about
  • 31 Influential female figures in your world
  • 31 Attributes women bring to the world
  • 31 Female homebrewers
  • 31 Female professional brewers
  • 31 Female beer professionals
  • 31 Women

You can do it. Women are doing it everyday.

p.s. International Men’s Day = November 19th

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100th Anniversary Celebration of International Women's Day

Tuesday March 8th is the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day.

In honor of all the women who have historically been and presently are engaged in this incredible beer community, here are a few suggestions Women Enjoying Beer would offer to help your supporters and brand enthusiasts celebrate.
Celebrate International Women's Day

1. Where possible, offer women special pricing on their beers. One local establishment here is offering 23% off all menu items all day. 23% is the discrepancy of women vs. men’s wages.
2. Hold drawings for all kinds of small and big goodies throughout the day for women only. Beer, swag, tours, featured blog posts, and the like all send a great message that women matter.
3. Highlight the women in your beer business. Whether you’re the owner and founder or the janitor, they all deserve to be noticed for their contributions. Post simply signage, pictures of them or whatever you may find appropriate.
4. For retailers and distributors, how about featuring the beers brewed by women/involving women (no sexualized labels and so forth though – that’s counter to the whole idea).
5. Impromptu sampling for the day for all legal aged women.
6. Encourage women to rally round your brand by offer two fer’s (obviously, if applicable/legal/appropriate). 2 Pints for the price of one, a featured beer paired with a menu item, and so forth.
7. Tweet/Facebook/blog/social media the heck out of your appreciation for the 50.9% of the population that helps make your brand possible. Women outpace men in being active on social media.

This is about awareness and action, not reverse discrimination. Here’s an opportunity to really show you value the female craft/beer enthusiast.

Whatever you do, do it with respect, fun and appropriateness and you’ll get more women involved in craft/beer.

Cheers –


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Fathers, Fathers Everywhere…

Cheers to all Dads, Fathers, Pops, Pas, Daddies, Daddy-os, and father figures. Uncles, Grandpas, Granddads, Grampys, and so on.

Be sure to tell them, like you tell the Mom’s of the planet, what they mean to you at opportune times.

Happy Father’s Day!

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Coming Right Up!

If ever there was a good idea, this is it. International Brewers Day.

The Oberon Sun is shining on Laura

The Oberon Sun is shining on Laura

See Jay’s blog (he naturally includes women), see the post ala last year’s kickoff, and enjoy a good beer with someone who also enjoys a good beer.

Better yet, include a friend who is hesitant or not as familiar. The best bet is to just try it. A mix and match 6 pack is a terrific way to start (low commitment, good variety you select yourself). A sampler or flight offered at pubs is also a fabulous way to try and learn. (Although this link author totally neglected women.)

Partner good beer with good food and good company and you’ve got a winning combination.

As the old Life Cereal ad extolled, try it – you’ll like it!

p.s. here’s another one coming up…

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