Happy Craft Beer Week Chicago!

Chicago Illinois

I happen to be in the Windy City for the NBWA convention and I see there’s a bunch going on to celebrate craft beer. As well there should be.

Here’s one good list to guide you to your beer. Thanks Mark for the inclusion – Limestone and I are looking forward to a tasty and fun event.

So go find some good craft beer wherever you may be.

Me? I’ll go listen to Julia and Paul give The Times They Are A Changin’ then make final touches on my presentation (tomorrow at 730 am), Proactivity – The Way To the Female Beer Buyer.

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Back in Action

Chicago - CBC

Okay – Whew! What a whirlwind last two weeks. My apologies for being so sporadic. Back on track…

The Craft Brewers Conferenceentirely fun, productive, and rewarding. Yes, it’s a beer conference. Yes, it’s still a big investment of time, energy, dollars and mental energy. LOTS to share about the conference – you’ll read about it in the coming months.

Women Enjoying Beer is enjoying a steady increase in attention, patronage and interest. My humble and many thanks to you all – to you all who spread it forward too.

This afternoon Anna and I head out to visit Scott, Southern Oregon Brewing, to case the joint. See the brewery and taproom as we’ll be having the May WEB meet up there. Very interested in getting more people – women specifically – actively engaged in visiting the breweries to really connect way more dots.

So – I jokingly say, when people ask me how I got into doing this – It’s a tough job. Really – it does require diligence, persistence, and a constancy to purpose. Such is Life. Such is business.

And I’m grateful to get to work with so many flat out incredible people in the beer community – brewers, consumers, and everyone in between.

Cheers –




Great Friends

Doug, Steve & Larry

Doug, Steve & Larry

Here we are – about 3400 of us (record year) – at the Craft Brewers Conference. Breathe it in – it feels GREAT!

It’s the annual craft beer industry gathering – full of seminars, conversations, great people, quality beer, opportunity and fun.

Last year I had the pleasure of addressing the group ala What About The Other 50%?! Developing And Serving The Female Beer Enthusiast. It’s fun to hear from people at the conference this year, whom I met last year, commenting on having attended my session.

The BA does a super job at picking presenters and I did not make the pool of speakers this year. Sigh. Nonetheless, I’ll try again next year. And I did get a media pass – which means I have tons to share to help spread the education forward (and for which I am very grateful).

So onto another big day of learning, meeting, reconnecting and building new relationships.

Cheers from Chicago!

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Windy's Good

streets of Chicago

streets of Chicago

Here I am  – in the Windy City – otherwise known as Chicago, Illinois, USA. Why?

The Craft Brewers Conference and Brew Expo happens Wednesday night through Saturday pm with the cherry on top being the World Beer Cup awards announced at the Gala Saturday night.

Already ran across – or rather intersected on the sidewalk – Bob Pease, Chris Pryor, (saw Paul Gatza) as well as the fabulous Simon and Roger, Alex, Stephen….who else? Well, there will be lots of opportunity to see all the fine folk of the brewing community.

There will be some we’ll miss – Jennifer, Rebecca, Rebecca (yes, two different ones), Brian, Rhonda, and others.

So I best get some good sleep tonight as the Briess malt plant tour leaves the city at 630 am, returns around 1030 tomorrow night.

Tough job, I know….

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It’s worth the effort.

Piece Brewery & Pizzeria. This is where the classic combination (stereotypical or not) is right on.

I had the distinct and full palate pleasure to enjoying tasty beer with hot tasty pizza a short bit back. Can’t wait to go for more.

What makes it great:

  • Overall experience
  • Happy, knowledgeable server
  • Fresh made, hot flavorful pizza
  • Fun atmosphere – watched part of the Cup playoffs…haven’t done that in years.
  • Quality beer, good variety
  • Beer, pizza & hockey turned on its ear.
  • Good value, clean place

Maybe Jennifer and I can find a good place in Kansas City…I bet we can.

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