Denver Hotel Bar

Today’s post goes out to Joel and Wes of Knoxville Tennessee. I had the pleasure of coincidentally sitting at the same bar in the hotel last night for a beer and dinner.

gorgeous snowy Denver Colorado

gorgeous snowy Denver Colorado

They’re in Denver to ski – excellent plan – and I’m here on (pleasurable) business. One great thing about Women Enjoying Beer is that it’s a real conversation starter.

“Really?” is the comment from a lot of people when I introduce myself and pass them a business card. Beer holds a lot of allure and fascination regardless of if people drink much beer or not.

(I know…tough job. I do take it seriously while having fun at it though.)

So Joel asked me last night – what did I think were the two top reasons women didn’t drink much beer.

I turned the question and asked him what he thought the reasons were. His answer: calories and carbs.

Bingo – one exact reason WEB is around is to bust those kinds of myths.

Not so – and this is according to the hundreds of women I have talked to about beer, whether formally in focus groups or casually at, say, hotel bars. The calorie and carbs issue is a perfect example of advertisers marketing to what they think women want – without necessarily asking them directly. It’s someone else’s lens placed on the view.

And while health is  part of the conversation for women and beer, as it is for men as well, it’s not the very top of mind issue.

The top two would easily be:

Number 1 they haven’t been marketed to accurately and authentically hence little engagement.

And number 2 that they haven’t been actively and consistently pursued educationally. i.e. breweries specifically reaching out to women about beer – not pandering or patronizing. Reaching out – recognizing the potential, realizing that beer should be genderless in it’s audience yet  you have to first capture that market share to address it (like any market share).

And it’s not what I think. Those answers come from a large number of women from all kinds of backgrounds and in many different demographics.

Thanks Joel for the lively conversation and asking questions. The conversation has to include all genders. I hope you two had a fun night in Denver. How was Wynkoop?

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Thanks Ronnie!

Me before an educational event at Snake River Brewing - thanks Chris!

Me before an educational event at Snake River Brewing - thanks Chris!

A big shout out of thanks to Ronnie for generating some great conversation ala his blog. Read it here.

Clearly, some of the readers who commented get it. Clearly others do not. I’ll chime in in a few days…after more conversation has been had.

For the moment:

  • 1. What I’m accomplishing is authentically and accurately helping develop a market share for an intelligent market who is receptive and listening.
  • 2. If you read my blog at all, you know WEB is not about gender when it all boils down. If you’re getting that out of it, you should reread posts and pages. Do you criticize out Rick Lyke for marketing beer to men for his purpose??
  • 3. Conversation is the key to progress. I for one love the conversation that has been generated so far. Keep it coming!

Thanks Ronnie – see you Houston soon for a beer to two.

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Regular Jill's

dalla-fort-worth-airports-askylinkTalking to people comes naturally to me. And for the most part I’m glad to strike up a conversation with another person when opportunity seems ripe.

Take Tara and Aud for example.

I met Tara when I sat down at the Chili’s bar in the Dallas Fort Worth airport a few months back. She was friendly (should be as a tender) and seemed relaxed and glad to be there (she told me she was). She answered my questions (hadn’t had Shiner, why wasn’t the local beer on tap, did she like her work) and made my experience pleasant. Late plane – not a big deal when I can have a beer while waiting.

Aud – met her at the same place. She’s from California – where I was headed – and was relaxed and seemed fine with our informal conversation. Smart, engaged, loves her work, beer enthusiast (likes the Pales).

Information – like great people – is everywhere. You gather it formally or informally. It’s all relevant, all telling, all interesting.

Message today = Good real women exist everywhere and they want good beer.

Who have you talked to lately?

Photo courtesy of Flickr by Jimmy – Lin

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Day 4

p10202561Thanks to Erik for posting on the days events April 24th – appreciate it.

Check out our comment banter on his blog for a little more…I always appreciate those who engage in dialogue vs. monologue.

I’d agree with you again Erik in that I wish there had been WAY more time to go in depth. This is the proverbial and literal tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Let me know when we can connect, Erik – the beers will be on me.


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