Free Marketing Workshops in DC April 10th

Need a boost for your marketing?

Join me for complementary marketing seminars Monday April 10th, immediately prior to the Craft Brewers Conference, Washington DC.


  1. Beer Marketing Seminar – graciously hosted at Gordon Biersch
  2. Two sessions to choose from: noon – 1 pm, 2 – 3 pm
  3. Material will include: 5 top reasons women drink and buy beer & Do’s and Don’ts in successfully marketing beer
  4. All questions answered as time allows
  5. Free to attend, $100 hold-your-seat/s deposit check required to hold your seat/s – you get it back upon arrival. To each their own tab at Gordon Biersch.
  6. Come for an hour packed full of insight into marketing beer, with the emphasis on earning and keeping more of the future market share of beer: women (they make 85% of all purchasing decisions, hold the largest opportunity for growth).
  7. My book will be available as well, to interested parties.
  8. All categories and ages of beer-focused companies welcome.

Do you want and need a beer marketing boost?

These sessions fill up fast (with waiting lists) so call me today to register (only international registrations will be taken via email). 515.450.7757 PST Call me to register and I’ll send along final details. Do not call Gordon Biersch to register.


  1. I’m also co-presenting with Larry Chase at the CBC (Brewpub track, training), so you can come find me there as well.
  2. You can find me at the BA Bookstore doing a Book Signing Wednesday the 12th of April, 12 – 1 pm.

Cheers & thanks –

Ginger Johnson

Founder, Women Enjoying Beer

Marketer, Speaker (TED+), Author, Innovator

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1 2 3 Brewery Marketing Punch

I had the distinct pleasure to be part of a panel at this years Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia this month.

Abby sharing tips on how to get PR for your brewery.

Abby sharing tips on how to get PR for your brewery.

Julia Herz, Brewers Association Craft Beer Program Director, and Abby Berman Cohen, The Rosen Group PR Firm, were my colleagues to inform, educate, and provide answers and ideas to a room full of beer folk.

As testament that marketing is a forever-desired topic and necessary part of business, the room was indeed pretty full (I’m guessing 200 – 300 people). When Julia asked for a show of hands for new, start up, and in-planning breweries to raise hands, a LOT of the room participated. Whoa.

With over 2 breweries opening every day in America, there’s a huge need for people going into any kind of beer business to get smart with their marketing plans. Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. With well over 4300 breweries in America already, the field becomes more populated every day. This  makes the clarity of your marketing message and brand all the more crucial to survival.
  2. All breweries must have a plan. Because opening a brewery is a business like any other entity, you must plan to succeed. Marketing is part of the foundational planning.
  3. Marketing = communication, education. Knowing your market and desired target market needs to be done before any tanks are bought, leases signed, or beers brewed. You must know who you will sell to before you begin.

One statement I made in my remarks was that the days of ‘if I brew it, they will come’ are long lover. The public – all of us – are more and more savvy to beer now than we were even a few years ago, never mind 5, 10 or 15+ years ago. It’s a whole new landscape and people wishing to open breweries need to prepare their marketing plans in order to succeed long term.

Philadelphia Convention Center

Philadelphia Convention Center

Being a flash in the pan works for gold mining. All other endeavors need to understand the full and total value of developing a marketing plan to make a living.

If you want to make beer in your garage and give it to your friends, fine – go for it. That’s what home brewing is about.

If you want to go up about 5 levels to pro level brewing and open a brewery, then do everyone the best service – you especially – and become business savvy. Study up, find a partner who likes and is knowledgeable in business to help, or work for someone else for a while to learn and figure out a lot of the actual day to day operations in running a business.

The first year I presented at the CBC was Boston 2009, effectively launching Women Enjoying Beer. So it was enjoyable to be on the East coast again for the event.

Cheers to Julia & Abby for what they shared. When you want a marketing expert, advisor and coach for your beer business, call on me.

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Benefits Of Having Your Beer In Communities

Fresh from the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference and soon headed for the Craft Beverage Expo, here are 5 reasons why beer – and perhaps your brand of beer – is good for communities.

1. A beer production facility is good for local economics. The equipment, infrastructure, and relationships a brewery creates is real money for towns and cities. Find ways to support your local breweries like contacting your mayor and council to tell them as much.

2. Beer has always been a family oriented beverage. If we look to America in the 1800’s, we see a huge immigration of hard-working people who moved to the country to realize their own dreams; many of them were to open and operate responsible breweries. Those bucolic images of families on the lawns? Many came from the biergartens of Europe.

Beer = good for communities

Beer = good for communities

3. Beer makers pay serious taxes. Said another way, those who make beer are willing to pay taxes to do and make what they love. They pay an additional tax – excise tax – that few manufacturers have to.

4. Beer brings people together. As a highly socially oriented beverage, beer is best enjoyed in the company of others. People in groups are pretty good at self moderating, watching out for each other and tempering potential ill effects of alcohol.

5. Beer complements food – and therefore the restaurant business. With 4 primary ingredients to start, beer is a flavor pairing opportunity waiting to happen. It’s fun to mix and pair, match and try.

For those who are scared of alcohol in general or turned off my beer in specific, reconsider why you feel that way. If you’re and adult and can make up your own mind, choose to support beer. You don’t have to drink it to enjoy the positive benefits.

In moderation, with the true goal of enjoyment and not drunkenness, beer brings a great deal to our communities in America and the world over.

Cheers ~

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Why Do You Do What You Do?

If you don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing…

Why are you doing it?

Those words of insight should be blindingly obvious. They were delivered by the venerable Dr. Michael Lewis at the CBC earlier this month in conjunction with proper professional education.

2014 CBC Opening Session

2014 CBC Opening Session

I took his meaning to be: If you don’t know why you’re doing what you do, if you can’t answer that question first, then it’s time to rethink what you’re doing. There are too many brewers in America that are not focused on quality and too many that are putting out poor quality beer. And there are plenty of brewers, like many other kinds of businesses, that are too myopic about the big picture.

Yes, it’s important to be passionate about your ventures. Yes, it’s important that you like it.

AND it’s critical that you focus your energy on proper education and therefore quality of progress as a cornerstone and driver of that business. That’s bad for everyone.

Education provides a singular opportunity and atmosphere for the best results, skills development and therefore an elevated end product, whether it’s beer, information, or any other product or service. Education is not replaceable by experience. They should go hand in hand and work together. Though without one, the equation is lopsided and will inevitably be imbalanced.

Like Mitch Steele, Stone Brewing and the 2014 recipient of the Russell Schehrer award, “If you hire someone, makes sure they know what they’re doing.”

With beer schools and programs popping up all over, it’s best to investigate and vet the choices.

Start with: Which programs am I interested in and why? Then do your diligence to carefully examine those you look into. Doing the research on the front end will more than make up the time you put into it very quickly.

If you know why you do what you do, good. If you don’t, it’s time to stop and answer that question. Education is powerful and always a good idea.

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2014 Craft Brewers Conference Wrap-Up

Wow! What a week. The 2014 Craft Brewers Conference was an event to behold and participate in hosted by the fine City of Denver, Colorado.

Over 8000 people attended the 2014 CBC

Over 8000 people attended the 2014 CBC

It was a record setter…and here’s what the Brewers Association tells us:

“Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) wrapped up Friday, and it will be remembered as the largest gathering to date. How big? 9,000 industry professionals participated in the conference—that’s a 40 percent increase over the 2013 event. About 1,100 American breweries were represented in this pool of attendees.

BrewExpo America also continued its growth and remains the largest trade show of its kind, with 490 exhibitors in 2014.

In addition to the main events, the Craft Beer Wholesalers symposium saw 370 attendees, and the Craft Beer Bar Owners Conference brought together 100 participants.

To wrap up the week, 2,700 brewery representatives and select members of the trade gathered at the Hyatt Regency to celebrate the 10th World Beer Cup®. They enjoyed an array of craft beer and food pairings at the Award Ceremony and Reception, where 281

10th Annual World Beer Cup, Denver CO

10th Annual World Beer Cup, Denver CO

World Beer Cup awards were presented in one of the largest commercial beer competitions on record.

Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America will travel to Portland, Ore. in 2015, April 14-17.”

If you’ve yet to attend one of the CBC’s and are in the industry in some way, I highly recommend you plan on participating. Regardless of where you are in the greater pro beer community, there are connections and friendships to be made, educational seminars to take advantage of, and an overall camaraderie that is like no other on the planet.

See you next year in Portland!

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All Conferences Are Not Created Equal

Today you may see me in a few airports then in the fine City of Denver, Colorado for the week. Tomorrow starts the 31st edition of the Craft Brewers Conference, put on by the Brewers Association hosted this year in the Mile High City.

Sky High view of Denver

Sky High view of Denver

I attend this conference every year, without fail, for business development, camaraderie, and education. It’s one of the biggies and has grown from 2400 attendees at my first one in 2009 to an anticipated crowd of 8900+ this year. Wow!

What does this conference hold for attendees, beyond the three attributes mentioned above?

  • World class people. Speakers, educators, and vendors. Connections are there for the making and it’s up to attendees to navigate and take full advantage of this unique super concentrated event to start and build relationships.
  • World class people and events. Every single moment of the week, no kidding, is overfull of happenings and the chance to connect and reconnect with friends and colleagues.
  • BrewExpo America Trade Show is chock full of literally hundreds of vendors, suppliers, growers, and service companies at the ready to talk, field questions and take orders.
  • Great City. Denver itself is a terrifically fun and engaging city to visit, stay and play. As a mecca for not only beer, the pedestrian friendly 16th Street Mall area with complementary bus, light rail and public bike share, myriad food and drink establishments, and world-class Museum are all attractive reasons.

I’ve spoken at a number of the conferences. In fact WEB launched publicly at the 2009 CBC in Boston, MA, to a standing room only audience. It’s a constant challenge to try to see, take in and talk to everyone you want.

Making time to view and plan the agenda, your plans and the lay of the land in advance is the best way to tackle this event, whether seasoned or as a first time guest.

Challenges notwithstanding, it’s a must attend for me. The coming together to so many incredibly plugged in people, helping each other, sharing information for the good of the whole, having a great time and sipping mighty fine beverages are more than enough reasons to go.

Education is the opportunity to improve your life. The CBC is one of those opportunities.

Hope to see you there with 8000+ of my friends – Cheers!

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CBC DEN 2014

Got it?

Craft Brewers Conference. Denver, Colorado, USA. 2014.

The world abounds with acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms (seriously, check it out). How we speak with each other is often rife with at least some of these on a daily basis.

Some are fun – ASAP. PBR. CBC.

Which brings me back on topic. As soon as possible, April 8 – 11 to be specific, a large portion of the professional beer community will descend on Denver, Colorado for the Craft Brewers Conference, aka CBC. (see, there we go again….).

It’s a humdinger of a conference for many reasons.

  1. Attendees come from all over the globe. This year will be the biennial World Beer Cup awards as well, which definitely skyrockets the global representation.
  2. The many tracks and seminars, workshops and events that happen as part of the conference proper as well as unofficial yet anticipated pack the days full of learning, networking, relationship building, and visiting.
  3. The variety of talent speaking and presenting is impressive – from the seminars to the trade show floor. If you want to get questions answered, here’s a great place to do so.
  4. It can be overwhelming for some, since there’s so much going on. You really have to know how to strategically plan your trip. Get lots of sleep in advance, bring a refillable water bottle, and plot your schedule.
Corkie Odell, Odell Brewing, at a previous CBC

Corkie Odell, Odell Brewing, at a previous CBC

It’s super easy to get distracted and if you want to go that route, go for it. Planning will usually yield better, more productive and meaningful results.

I’ll be there again hosting a meet-up for professionals, holding a Marketing Beer To Women workshop and presenting as part of a panel during the CBC. Go through the site to find out what’s going on.

Education and ongoing professional development are critical to progress and idea sharing. It’s also sometimes the last thing we put on the list to invest in, when it should be a list topper. Support, insight, camaraderie and relaxation make us all better in the short and long run.

See you there and then.

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Marketing Beer To Women Workshop Invite

Immediately prior to Craft Brewers Conference in Denver this year, I’m giving a free workshop that specifically addresses marketing beer to the world’s largest and most influential population: Women.

Ready to step up your marketing to successfully address the primary buyers of all goods and services in America? Reserve your seat today. If you’ve been to my presentations before, you’ll know they are lively, full of immediately usable information, well worth your time and will help you increase your business.

Save your seat today by calling WEB

Save your seat today by calling WEB

With the continued growth of the industry and increased choices for the consumer, you need to know how to reach the most valuable buyer around: Women.

Is there a problem selling beer to women? There will be if the continued trajectory of brewery openings maintains. The men that already drink beer will get stretched further and further – it’s time to look at new populations to support this growth. There’s still much to do to totally tap into the female beer buyer and consumer.

The workshop is free and space is very limited. Serious people are invited to contact me directly (not Cheeky Monk) to save your seat. This event is for professionals in the industry: breweries, distributors, vendors, growers, suppliers, retailers….everyone who has a vested interest in marketing to women correctly.

A few seats are being reserved for interested qualified media & press as well.


  • Tuesday April 8th, 2 – 4 pm.
  • The Cheeky Monk, 534 Colfax, Denver CO
  • FREE, buy your own beer & food (to each, your own tab!)
  • RSVP’s required, limited seating
  • Call Ginger to save your seat 515.450.7757 PST, daytime calls only, no emails
  • First reserve, first sat; we’ll create a wait list as necessary – and it’s filling up fast.

The workshop will include information from the newly available report/s based on the 2012 Women + Beer Survey, basic Do’s and Don’ts in marketing to women, and there will be plenty of time to ask questions. Please be prompt.

Thank you. See you soon –

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Beer & Health

The Craft Brewers Conference 2009 and 2013 both offered a Beer and Health session. I was at both of them as I find this area of the industry fascinating and well worth my time. They were both informative, myth busting and thought-provoking. The speaker in 2009 was Dr. Arthur Klatsky.  Dr. Mack Mitchell was the 2013 presenter.

Beer & Health Information: critical to all

Beer & Health Information: critical to all

Here are a few of the insights they shared (I hope I got them right):

  • Women and men show a lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes with moderate drinking
  • Hops = phytoestrogens; very different from human estrogen
  • Alcohol does not destroy brain cells
  • Neural stem cells in rodent trials with heavy consumption reduced functioning cells
  • The National Institutes of Health = good resource

The talks were both extremely enlightening and I sincerely hope the BA includes more of this type of information For accurate education based on solid research, for resources, for busting myths and building understanding. These are all reaching and important areas of the beer community.


I’ll share more resources on beer and health that generous and helpful industry colleagues have shared with me, per a request.

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ROA = Return On Attention

Where do you focus your attention? Where does your attention go to, stray to, and otherwise fix on?

I heard about ROA for the first time at the CBC and like it.

Female consumers are focused on a number of aspects. The 3 Universal Truths is one place to start. Another is simply to ask female beer buyers and consumers where their attention goes. Be sure to ask the Why too. Without the why, the where is way less meaningful.

What’s your ROA?

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Beer Vigilance

“You must be absolutely vigilant to what your beer looks, smells, and tastes like to the consumer.” – Kim Jordan, New Belgium Brewing, CBC 2013

Success isn't a long shot if you're vigilant.

Success isn’t a long shot if you’re vigilant.

I’d agree with Kim on a number of levels.

1. WEB studies women and beer. We get direct input from women about wanting to go-to beers they can rely on. Reliance is dependent on consistency and expectation of anticipated experience. We can state factually that this will help your brands be successful with female market share.

2. Consistency indicates constancy to purpose and dedication to making something great (presumably) over and over again. That unto itself requires a commitment to repetition and redundancy, in the name of building a solid brand.

3. If you can’t repeat a feat and it’s one that should be able to be repeated, there’s work to be done before it gets to the consumer.

Beer brands take note: You MUST be able to repeat the beers you make. If you can, you’ll build a brand. If you can, you can build a company. If you can, you can build a culture that women will want to support and enjoy.

Distributors and Retailers take note: You MUST be strong in your knowledge of what quality is and consistency will follow. Customers want both of these things. And reputable brewers do as well so support the ones who are vigilant and you’ll be successful as well.

“See consumers as partners. Consumers are counting on us.” – Kim Jordan

If you can. And we all can. It’s a choice. Be vigilant and be successful.

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How Much Do You Get From Speakers?

“I got so much from your talk yesterday. I was just talking with my brewery partner about why beer is not more popular with women and how we want to do something about that.”

Fun & smart women enjoying beer (Eugene, OR)

This quote was from a supporter who came to see our educational session at the 2012 Craft Brewers Conference. The bonus is this person took the time following the talk to approach me, introduce themselves and chat briefly. This is always appreciated and very much liked by me.

When you get specifics ‘back’ after a presentation – comments, questions, etc. – it should tell you that something has tripped the idea trigger. That’s a good thing and a measurable outcome.

The best things in life to me at un-measurable like enthusiasm, sharing, and thinking in support. Positive dialogue, like this, is another.

Be sure to support the speakers you hear and let them know specifically what you found useful and valuable, as well as constructive feedback to help them improve their connection to the audience. Any speaker worth their microphone will appreciate it.

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The Power of Tasting “Off Flavored” Beer

One of the most visceral exercises I did at the recently concluded 2012 Craft Brewers Conference happened for hundreds of others too. Enter: The Siebel Institute’s Calibration Station room.

Wow. I’ve participated in flavor sensory exercises before and they’re always mind and intelligence expanding. This one fit right in and was intense in that there were 11 stations in which to taste and experience off flavors.

The important thing to know, after you learn to determine if the beer is ‘off’ is to isolate the cause. With a cause identification comes a solution to rectify the situation. No brewer I know whats their beer to be off – a heck of a lot of sweat, passion and energy goes into each batch.

When you have opportunity or when you want to make your own opportunity happen, participate in or host an off flavor beer tasting. It’s very eye-opening and deserves to be repeated periodically.

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Almost Time for the 2011 CBC

Tomorrow kicks off the 2011 Craft Brewers Conference, this year held in host city San Francisco, California. It sold out in advance so it’ll surely be a packed-to-the-conference-center-rafters great time of learning, connecting, enjoying beer, and over all a superb (if not exhausting) time.

The BA is the organization that puts it together. They are all focused, fun, intelligent, helpful and beer passionate people who make the conference what it is: a big success for the craft beer community.

If you’ve never been and are in the craft/beer industry in any way, I highly encourage you to consider registering to go next year. You’ll learn more in 3 – 4 days in an extremely wide variety of topics than you could possibly try to combine elsewhere. One reason is that the huge range of people assembled feeds the industry, its continued growth in America, and its influence all over the globe.

One great thing about the whole event is universal respect and regard for each other. We’re all truly in it together. And as Julia says, when the tide rises, all the boasts float. Indeed.

When I decided to launch Women Enjoying Beer part of my thinking was to work directly with an engaged, fun, intelligent, progressive, smart, and enjoyable group of people. I saw that in the craft/beer community and still do. Every day.

You can learn more on by following #CBC2011 on twitter, go to the conference website here, and follow tons of other avenues online – including yours truly.

Get in the boat. We’re ready to go!

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Brew It Up!

Larry, Ginger, Sue & John at Brew It Up!

Last night found me and My Fine Husband at Brew It Up! in Sacramento with our super hosts, John & Sue. We were treated like royalty and had a ball.

Brew It Up is a brewpub that started as a brew-your-own-beer concept. It has developed into a full on brew pub with an expansive beer and food menu.

Cheers to John, Sue, Mike, Thomas, Shelly and Kristi who all took very good care of us. Go visit when you’re in the area. The beers were all clean and nice, food well prepared and service good.

On we go now – over to San Francisco for the Craft Brewers Conference, which starts Wednesday night. Looking very forward to a full week of fantastic people, tasty beers, helpful education, spreading the WEB gospel, and camaraderie. WEB is co-hosting a women’s beer event with Beer Wiki Tuesday night as well (only 4 seats still available). More soon!

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Back in Action

Chicago - CBC

Okay – Whew! What a whirlwind last two weeks. My apologies for being so sporadic. Back on track…

The Craft Brewers Conferenceentirely fun, productive, and rewarding. Yes, it’s a beer conference. Yes, it’s still a big investment of time, energy, dollars and mental energy. LOTS to share about the conference – you’ll read about it in the coming months.

Women Enjoying Beer is enjoying a steady increase in attention, patronage and interest. My humble and many thanks to you all – to you all who spread it forward too.

This afternoon Anna and I head out to visit Scott, Southern Oregon Brewing, to case the joint. See the brewery and taproom as we’ll be having the May WEB meet up there. Very interested in getting more people – women specifically – actively engaged in visiting the breweries to really connect way more dots.

So – I jokingly say, when people ask me how I got into doing this – It’s a tough job. Really – it does require diligence, persistence, and a constancy to purpose. Such is Life. Such is business.

And I’m grateful to get to work with so many flat out incredible people in the beer community – brewers, consumers, and everyone in between.

Cheers –