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Cheers to Beer & Health!

Cheers to Beer & Health!

As promised yesterday, here are some Beer & Health resources that others have generously shared with me.

A few other folks chimed in and provided personal experience and insight, though no other resources. Thanks to them all. I hope you find this helpful in your pursuit of beer and health connections.

NOTE: I’ve not had time to yet read or look into all of them, so do your own diligence.

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Beer Poetry Winner Announced!

With a nod and a pint to the inspiration of beer, the incredible Julia and this post, WEB decided to also encourage people to wax rhapsodic about beer. Here’s the invite that we posted.

ode to beautiful beer

Today I’m very hoppy to announce that Jeanne Core is our fine winner! In fact she’s a beer poet overachiever – she sent in two great pieces for us to enjoy.


ever tranquil brew / forgotten am i within / thy shimmering drop

another beer haiku…

joyful golden sip / oh beguiling infusion / delight me always

Many thanks to Jeanne for her contributions, as they delight us to be sure! Watch for Jeanne to be making a continued positive impact in our beer community in the years to come.

May all your beers be delicious and inspirational too ~

p.s. a nice compilation by Jay Brooks too – read more beer poetry here

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Saturday Support

It’s Saturday. What are you planning to do?

One great thing to do for yourself and the greater community at large is to get some friends together and get to a local brew fest.

Get your beer fest on!

We’ll be at the 3rd annual Umpqua Brew Fest today doing our part.

Here are a few sites to help you find one in your area.

Remember!!! Homebrewers love to throw a party too – be sure to check the American Homebrewers Association calendar here too.

There are myriad resources – so search the net, the newspaper, your beer magazines, the app of choice and get your beer on ~

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Writing And Reading About Beer

Here are some of our writings, thanks to for publishing them. Feel free to let know which ones you enjoy by liking them via Facebook.

Whether you do or don’t, be our guest and savor the reading – Cheers!





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Is Your Antennae Up?

Do you know what you should be listening to? Are you aware of what people are saying? What they may be thinking yet don’t have an opportunity to remark on are aren’t confident enough to do so?

Can you see the future? Where's your focus?

It’s time to raise the antennae.

When you are paying attention and – better yet – looking forward, you can see the future. Or at least get a glimpse of what just might be around the corner.

Having all eyes and ears and noses open will allow you greater receptivity. For instance, I’m been amazed (happily so) this week of all the responses and ‘likes’ on this article on (thank you by the way if you liked it)

The amazing part is that so many people, both women and men, are commenting YET there’s still so much to be done. And even though people say “yea, yea…we get that”, they really don’t.

If they did, our phone would be ringing non stop.

The old adage still swirls because it’s true: Actions speak louder than words.

Raise the flag, pay attention and see what’s coming.

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What Women Want Series: Part 10 – Great Beer Deserves Great Food

If you have a brewpub offer complementary foods.

If beer is the first focus, don’t bastardize it with greasy “traditional” bar food – why would you do that to your beer? Hook up with a chef to help you if need be, just like you’d consult any other industry specialist.

Great Beer Serves Great Food - and Great People

There are myriad resources for learning to pair your beer with food too:, books like Tasting Beer,, and the BA’s guide to pairing (members get these with membership).

It’s time to rethink what pub fare is and can be.

Several places across the country offer food worthy of their beer. One of the first I think of is Snake River Brewing. When we visited last fall on the Home Free Tour, Chris Erickson, Director of Brewing Op’s, pointed out their enlightened menu. Yum! It’s how it should be: Fresh, wholesome food matching the high quality and investment of craft brewed beer.

If you’re a taproom with no food to speak of or not with any kind of food license, no worries. You can still get creative – SOB has food cart vendors come to them when the taproom is open. Good solution. Just make sure you pick foods that go well with your beers and that the foods are a good value.

People’s expectations for food in a beer establishment are still somewhat low. It’s a great time to blow them out of the mash tun with creative, simple and flavorful foods.

Time to set a new tradition. Great Beer deserves Great Food.

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Fresh Craft Beer Stats

Alright – are you sitting down? Sitting down with a fresh craft brew is even better…

barrels of lovely American Craft Beer

Here are some fresh stats from the 2010 Great American Beer Festival program, courtesy of the Brewers Association.

  • In 2009 9,115,635 barrels of craft beer was produced in the US of A
  • Total of 1552 regional craft brewpubs (68), microbreweries (486) and brewpubs (998)
  • Americans purchased $101 billion worth of beer
  • Total growth of US Craft Beer by volume = 7%, by dollars = 10%
  • US Craft beer is measured by number of barrels produced annually – 1 barrel = 31 gallons, 31 gallons = 2 half barrel kegs (what most people think of as a keg of beer), 3.78 cases (24 – 12ounce bottles or cans) = 1 barrel

Check out their site for accurate and up to date information on the craft beer scene.

As well – the companion site – – is a great resource on all things craft beer. From beer & food to recipes to road trips to news. It’s gorgeous, well done and easily navigable.

Why? Because like Julia says, American craft beer is full of substance and soul.

Amen, sister.

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