Labor Day Thanks 2012

My sincere thanks today those who labor for Women Enjoying Beer….

1. My Fine Husband – while he isn’t an ’employee’, there’s no denying his unflagging support, listening, input, and pride. Our girls (canine supervisors & comic relief) are also a big part of keeping it all real.

2. Mike Sansone, long time friend, coach and all things online advisor and consultant. Mike’s unflagging support, both professional and personal, are ultra appreciated and humbling.

3. Emily Engdahl, WEB Events Development and friend. Emily’s talents and intelligence has been a huge addition to our progress and my enjoyment this year. She’s Emcredible.

4. Kat Blaisdell, WEB Local Events Calendar Coordinator and friend. Kat’s the meow and I’m thankful to have her self motivation, smarts and passion on board.

5. Meghan, Shauna, Sarah, Diane, Caitlin, Jenica, John, Carson, Lisa, Rob, James, Marti, Chris, Charlie and so many others who have and continue to support and contribute: Heartfelt thanks! Every effort adds, adds up and moves us forward in our mission: To shift culture through research and education.

Thank you!

To all our Facebook followers, Twitter followers, website commentors & readers, festival and events supporters, professional friends, media and press support, and family: THANK YOU.

Finally today, with great heaps of gratitude, thank you to the female and male consumers who talk with us, participate in research development unselfishly, tell us “Right On!” over and over again, and let us represent what you want and think about beer. It’s always a day maker to meet you – keep the love coming.

Cheers & a very happy holiday to all ~

Ginger, Founder, Women Enjoying Beer

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Home Hop Harvest

Hop Halo, by Emily Engdahl

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

Some know this quote as it applies to the dual function of items in our houses. Not only to avoid unnecessary clutter, but also to surround ourselves with a serenely maintained home, full of form and function.

I’ve been thinking about this as of late, as it pertains to my garden, specifically to my hops, which are almost ready now for harvest.

The hop harvest is one of my favorite times of year here in Oregon, when opportunities to gather spring up and strangers become friends as hop picking parties go on into the evening.

Aside from being notoriously necessary in the creation, history, and flavor of beer, the hop bine exudes a simple strength, a tenacious beauty, and a delightful bonus for those who choose to grow it up the sides of their houses or along fence lines.

As a home brewer, I’m always most eager to watch my hop bines climb towards the sky on their unyielding development each year.

What other plants do you have in your garden that you know to be useful and beautiful? Do you garden primarily for food, or for beauty? Or do you enjoy the simultaneous benefits of plants, like the magnificent hop, which we know to be useful, and beautiful? Cheers to brew-friendly gardens!

Guest post by Emily Engdahl

Events Development Women Enjoying Beer and many other worthwhile pursuits

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Beer and Neighborhoods Go Together

Beer and neighborhoods go well together. This Saturday’s Fremont Fest is testimony to that. Let me expound.

Portland Oregon is a very neighborhood oriented city. Old established neighborhoods, ‘new’ neighborhoods, re-invigorated neighborhoods, and everything in between. It’s one thing I find endearing and very friendly about it. And there’s a lot of ownership to it when you talk to people and find out where they live.

Sure there’s some good-natured smack talk, yet overall it’s all a pride of where they all come from.

Emily (l) & Ginger(r) at the gracious and gorgeous Goschie Farm last summer

So it’s with pleasure that we return to Fremont Fest this weekend, one of the rare non beer focused fests we attend. We do this because Emily, our fine WEB Events Developer, who happens to live in Portland, suggested it last year, when we didn’t know each other very well.

She was right, as she usually is, and it was a happy success. Being able to be right in the middle of someone’s neighborhood, being part of an event people are taking pride in and participating actively within was and is very rewarding. The people we talked with and questions we answered were engaging and fun all around.

Beer is family and neighborhood oriented. Always has been. Read your herstory of how this remarkable country developed and you’ll clearly see how multi generational events are of value to our society.

If you’re in Portland this weekend, come find out bright orange WEB tent and say hello (we’ll have special entry coupons to pass out for next weekends’ Bite of Oregon too!)

Like Emily states, welcome – we’re glad you’re here!

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Welcome to Emily Engdahl

We’re thrilled and ecstatic (yes, really!!!) to have Emily Engdahl onboard with Women Enjoying Beer. Suffice it to say Emily’s fire, diplomacy and great enthusiasm for beer and education are a beerfect fit all around.

She’s dug into the landscape of WEB Events Development StormTrooper with great energy and zest. We’re extremely grateful and happy. Thanks for joining the business of changing culture, research, and education for WEB, Emily.

photo by Sara Szatmary

Here’s a bit more about her:

    Emily Engdahl joins WEB with 13 years of experience managing a small business dedicated to the elderly and mentally ill.
    In addition to her wide range of event coordination, conflict resolution, mediation, organizational and financial management skills, Emily’s communication and marketing experience couple with her love of beer and community for a dynamic and enthusiastic addition to our team.
    Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Emily is an avid artist, writer, and voracious reader who enjoys homebrewing, plotting her mini-farm, freelance graphic design, and making people laugh.

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