What Women Want Series: Part 4 – Charity Partnerships

Partner authentically with a consistent charity or cause. It’s a way to capture new market share by overlapping your circles with the charities circles.

Holding events with these kinds of partners benefits you both in several ways. For one, you show

Looking for a charity? Interview a few before deciding.

you’re committed to giving back. Yes, I know breweries run on tight budgets – all businesses do. Make sure a charitable line item is in your budget.

Giving product, in-kind trade outs, and bartering per smart marketing and advertising opportunities are just a few ways to successful partner up. Obviously laws and company guidelines will help you flesh this out.

If you have employees, it’s a perfect way to get them involved in the community too which in turn spreads your message farther. People and women particularly love companies that are enlightened enough to offer paid time to their employees to volunteer in their communities.

Wouldn’t you rather have them use paid days for help and health than ‘sick’ days?

I’d suggest interviewing a few charities of interest, see what their level of returned interest and commitment is, and then making a decision. Keeping your givings focused to a small number of organizations also allows you to really do just that – focus. The charity is most likely focused, so you should be too. And it allows you to go all out with the partners you have chosen, both parties knowing you’re equally engaged.

Pick your charity and find a mutually compatible and helpful partner. It feels good for everyone.

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