A Few Constants

p1030363This trip has been thoroughly thought provoking on so many levels and in so many ways. We still have a few weeks to go and surely more enlightenment is just ahead.

To those of you in the community in any way, you may nod your head. For those of you newer to it, here are a few thoughts to consider as you continue your journey with beer.

  1. Beer people are passionate about beer. Period.
  2. Beer folks have favorites whether it’s the one in  front of them or a particular beer they worship and crave.
  3. Beer people are engaged in their communities. The economic support to communities breweries and beer oriented vendors and supplies provide is a solid family friendly investment in our society.p1030782
  4. They’ll do what they can to help another beer person out. Testimony to that are all the places we’ve stayed along the way with beer people opening their homes to others they have not even met yet (us).
  5. They speak up when a voice needs to be heard. The courage and fortitude displayed by beer people, quiet or obvious, is admirable.
  6. They’re fun to drink beer with.
  7. They’re eager to share and educate others about beer. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy that’s delicious.

p1020781The list goes on and on so for today, this’ll be the short version.

When you engage in the beer community, you discover a whole world of terrific people, opportunity, and great tasting liquid – they are all life enhancing and I fully intend to charge on.

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How many of the people you work with  are fully engaged in your business?

Perhaps we should back up – are you fully engaged? Most – being the vast majority – of the beer people I have met who work in the industry in some manner, are truly plugged into what they do and why they do it.

apple_harvestSo back to present day, who is not engaged? If they are not, why not?

Unengaged employees do not engage customers.

If they are salvageable, then get to it. If they are not, cut them free. A bad fit is a bad for everyone. (this person should clearly NOT be in a customer contact position – yikes!!!)

If one bad apple spoils the bushel, then make sure they’re all prize fruit. Customers can tell when something’s rotten.

Photo courtesy of Flickr by mcmrbt

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