Including Women in Your Marketing

How do you get more female market share into your beers? Be sure to include the words “women”, “females”, “woman” in your written words – online, offline, and in person.

Here’s an example that totally excludes women:

What about women skiing? This is a perfect example of a sexist saying and leaves out that 50.9% of the population that helps your business survive, make it or break it.

It’s never been appropriate to use catchy sayings that exclude, however intentional or humor oriented. You’re still being exclusive. And exclusivity will never gather more interest because being exclusive inherently leaves someone out of the conversation. On purpose.

Are you really interested in exclusion to the detriment of you business? Especially when you are hit in the face with the fact that 80% of purchases are made by women.

This company ad is doing a great job at alienating women. Is that what they wanted to do? Is this what you want to do – exclude women beer enthusiasm?

Then don’t use exclusive language. Think. Ask. Act in an educated fashion.

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