10 Things Women Want Series: Part 2 – Value as Part of the Purchase

In part 2 of the 10 Things Women Want Series we’ll cover this topic:

Value has to be a part of the purchase.

Value to women involves way more than the wallet and pocketbook.

1. Time value – Was it worth my time? Am I glad I did this or not? Did it enhance or waste my time in retrospect? And will I repeat the endeavor because it was worth my time?

Women, especially as the (still) primary caregivers, want their time to be respected and treated with care. Make the purchase valuable time wise and you’re a lot farther along than most.

2. Experience value – Was that how I wanted to spend my time and energy and did I enjoy it? Was the experience one I really enjoyed and one I want to repeat? (See a theme?) Was the experience one I looked forward to or one I dreaded and how did it come out?

V for Value

Tune in to the experiential value of your beer and the surrounding factors.

2. Money value – Did I spend those dollars how I wanted to or wisely? Do I really feel like my dollars mattered and were truly valued by the brewery, taproom, brewpub, retailer or bar? If so, why – if no, why not? And where will I return and where won’t I recommend due to the dollar value?

Money value is important, sure. It’s simply not the highest on most women’s scale of what they want and what makes ‘it worth it.’ A beer can be $3 a serving or $22. As long as it’s the value she’s looking for, it’s worth it.

Does your beer provide a good time value investment, was the experience worth it to them, and is the money parted with what they felt good about paying?

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