Maybe you already know of Darcy Quinn and Rubicon (and friends). Teri was good enough to connect us – thanks (she’s good at that).

Here’s an excerpt from an email I just got from Darcy (she signed off on being blogged).

I am the Director of Sales and Marketing at the Rubicon Brewing Company, a co-worker (great friend) and I started the Women in Brewing simply because we love beer.

We just celebrated or 3rd Annual WOMEN IN BREWING event back in late April.

The Women in Brewing is an event to bring recognition to Women in the Brewing industry while raising $ and awareness for Sacramento’s local Women and Family abuse charity, WEAVE (

We invite (female) brewers to our event – held at the Rubicon- to showcase some of their special recipe(s) and hard to find brews.

Some of the (women) make the journey to the Rubicon to hang out and chat with event goers and enjoy a day in the sun with their fellow Brewsters.

This event is not a competition nor is it a “brewfest”, it is a regular day at the Rubicon Brewing Company pub, we just have some fabulous “brewed by women” beer on tap to taste in sample – goblet – pint.

We are not able to serve Homebrew beer due to ABC and State laws, but the RUBICON does hold an annual brewer for a day competition where homebrewers are able to submit their beer for tasting by our brewers, owner and beer lovers… the winner then gets to brew her(/his) recipe on our system…lotttts of fun.

Cheers to Women in the Brewing Industry,


Authenticity rings true here.

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