Realities of Gender Equity

I’ve realized in putting my TEDxNapaValley talk together (to be delivered 4/12/15) that Gender Equity is a noble goal. And while everyone may say they’re all for equal rights and equal opportunity, they really aren’t.

Self test: When’s the last time you proudly called yourself a feminist?

Feminism = equality for all. If you’re not a feminist you’re a sexist.

Self test: Do you think it’s okay to call women girls?

Calling a woman a girl is denigrating, disrespectful and infantilizing. I’m appalled at how many women do this to themselves, with no thought to it and certainly no consideration of the larger picture for all females.

Feminism starts at home. Say it aloud: “I am a feminist.” Get comfortable with it, get stronger with the delivery and use it often.

You’re not all for equity and equal rights if you don’t.

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Why Beer (And The World) Needs More People to Understand and Practice Feminism

These are two outstanding articles written by a very accomplished journalists. More importantly these are two very thoughtful individuals who realize the full impact of the state of women in the world.

Read them. Ponder them. Change your outlook as needed. Pass them on.

FYI – here’s the definition of Feminism.

Sincere thanks to Tess and Rachel for such important powerful work.

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Why Gender In Marketing Beer Matters

There’s ongoing conversation about whether or not women should in fact be recognized and actively marketed to for beer. While it may seem like a silly question to some, frustrating for others and “huh?” for yet others, I think it’s important. Here’s why.

At the center of the issue is that any population that has not actively been invited to converse and be involved in a conversation needs to be invited. Women here are the said population, beer is the said conversation.

IMG_1112Recently I was contacted by a respected and sharp colleague about writing a column for Valentine’s Day about women and beer, specifically which beers to suggest for women who currently don’t consume. In the stream were 6 other people I know in the professional beer arena and so ensued a query: Should this instigator write about this topic? Is the writer, who in this case is male, qualified to write such a piece? And if so, then what are our thoughts?

Responses were varied, with common themes, which is common in doing this sort of ad hoc research. I commented right away. He’s precisely the right person to do this. Thoughtful, exercising quality journalistic professionalism….and incidentally a man.

Feminism isn’t about gender. It’s about equality and respect and having everyone participate in progress.

One of the goals here is to make the connection of women and beer so obvious that it’s no longer an eyebrow raising, patronizing facet of our society. At this time it’s still firmly entrenched so change we must actively pursue.

Think it’s already there? Think again. When you’ve got people in breweries marketing Double D Blonde, Tramp Stamp and dozens of others with highly sexualized images to go with them, then yes, Virginia – there’s a massive problem.

  1. Is this beer quality to begin with? If so, then why pander to a hormone raging teenage boy level name and graphic. Totally ridiculous, tired (as another write stated), and completely eliminates not just women. It’s insulting to women (reduced to bodily parts) and men (you’re too sex driven to think of anything else) alike.
  2. Why are the women and men in the companies not completely squashing these ideas? Products that have these labels should not be allowed to do business until they partake of meaningful and lasting gender respect education.
  3. “Small” brewers in America are the worst. So no – small isn’t best. Small is small. And in this case small also means small-minded thinking.
  4. I’d hedge a bet that everyone involved in all these brands has a female in their life they care about. Why are they totally dissing her and not seeing the obvious connection here completely baffles me.

One of the colleagues in the stream pointed out that she’d rather have people say holy shit you know a lot about beer,” instead of gee, you sure know a lot about beer for a girl.” I agree. I find it curious that someone who is tired of hearing about gender in beer calls herself a girl. This is precisely why we need to keep talking it out. It perpetuates permission to call a woman a girl instead, thereby indicating she’s under 18 and infantilizing her person.

Out as in, all women and men need to demand full respect in titles and names – yes they matter. Huge. Girls, chick, broad, bitch, and babe are all damning words and do not connote full respect, are not clever in the world theatre and only help stagnate progress. Correct someone when they use girl instead of woman.

There’s a relatively enthusiastic group in the community that uses Girl in the first of three words in a title. While they may preach that they are about education, the very fact that the first word in the title of the name is denigrating is seriously regressive. I expect to hear from one of them, following the post, as I have little time for someone who tells me “F*** you, we can call ourselves what we want,” “get off your feministic high horse” and so forth (they do that). Undiplomatic, unclassy and most importantly closed and narrow-minded. If you’re going to be belligerent an unseeing of the damage you’re doing, I’ll have no part of it.

It’s both amusing and tragic at the same time that there are those who think disrespectful labels and titles are acceptable and keep using them. No you can’t call yourself what YOU want and not push your own myopic and selfish feelings on the rest of the female population. It’s not about you, it’s about all of us.

Left Hand does it right: Ales 4 FemAles

Left Hand does it right: Ales 4 FemAles

We have to be fully aware that if we all want full dignity and respect, then the titles and labels we use in any public arena must reflect that. You can still exercise cleverness as it fits, like Left Hand Brewing’s Ales 4 FemAles – as long as respect is intact. A4F hits the target, retains integrity and respect, and communicates what the group is about.

It’s a well documented fact that in societies where women are fully respected the culture is healthier, happier, and more successful in many ways than those who do not fully respect women and females. Rather ironic that America, one of the greatest countries in the world and clearly a World Leader, is *still* so far behind on gender equality.

You can respect women, men and beer simultaneously. We all should.

I hope we go somewhere with this idea, collectively as a group, since there will be strength and great varied opinions in this rank. In the meantime the writer has my full support, which he had before.

Stay posted…watch to see what happens.

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New Beers Eve

Welcome to the last day of 2013!

It’s an opportunity to reflect – or not – on what went past our eyes and ears way to fast over the last 364 days. We get 365 more to get into again starting tomorrow.

Be like Pete The Cat - he does what he can, and he can do a lot.

Be like Pete The Cat – he does what he can, and he can do a lot.

Do you create goals for yourself? I do. Business and personal. It helps me quantify what I think I want to “do” in the next 30.4 dozen days ahead. The goals are specific and attainable and dynamic and posted in an obvious place I see everyday.

Here’s what I hope will be a few shared goals for you and I.

1. All around: Be a feminist. Definition = the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

2. Businesses: Properly and fully recognize the half+ of the global population in females, in all industries and pursuits, beer and all others.

3. Personal: Understand and proactively improve the world around you. No griping unless you have a solution you’re willing to talk about and implement.

These may be simple – and I think they are. It’s the fulfillment of the goals, the whats-it-take-to-get-there, the rolled up sleeves part. Simple can be straight forward and easy, it can be complicated and multi layered. Nonetheless, the ideas are simple ones.

Help us all starting with ourselves to make the world a better place as we struggle forward. It’s not called the ‘human race’ for nothing.

Happy New Year ~

Ginger, Founder, Owner, Women Enjoying Beer

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Beer Delcaration

What’s your beer Declaration?

What do you want to preach from the rooftops about how you feel about beer? About the flavors and people? About how those who invest in the beer business by and large are great contributors to our communities the globe over?



Me? I want to – and will continue to – talk about Beer Diplomacy. How important it is to be an open-minded person when it comes to beer, among other things. That being open-minded instead of a self-professed “snob” will make the progress of women, beer and flavor all the smoother and better for all.

I want to remind those who know and teach those who don’t that the work Feminism means equality for all. Beer is not a gender issue. Nor is WEB truly about gender. It’s about opportunity and talking and inviting a population (women) who’ve not been traditionally included in the beer conversation.

I want to share ideas, thoughts, suggestions and recipe notes. I want to pour and sip and nosh and taste with friends I already know and with people I haven’t yet met. I want to give beer to those who will embrace the experience and be another helpful diplomat with more and more people.

Pushing forward diplomacy with beer is as critical to me as is beer education taught by a well-rounded and enthusiastic person who sees beer for what it is. Gorgeous, flavorful, fun, meaningful, and simple beer.

Culture shift for the better, which is a big part of the goal for WEB, will only happen with open-minded people, being diplomats, sharing information in an approachable way for the greater good.

This I do declare.

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