Beer & Chocolate Tasting at the 2015 Oregon Chocolate Festival

Mmmmmm…Chocolate and Beer – what a lovely coupling!

Enthusiastic OR Chocolate Fest Beer + Chocolate class attendees

Enthusiastic OR Chocolate Fest Beer + Chocolate class attendees

So went two successful highly tasty and entertaining classes to that end last weekend at the 11th Annual Oregon Chocolate Festival. Karolina Lavagnino, Sales & Marketing Director of the Neuman Hotel Group, started the fest 11 years ago to create excitement and business in the shoulder season between winter and spring.

I started giving the tasting classes 4 years ago with immediate success. The rooms fill quickly with enthusiastic people, open to trying new combinations and thinking in new ways about what we eat and drink.

This year we were moved into an outdoor tent to seat up to 65+, up from the 40 seats in previous years. And WOW!! The rush to get in felt like a concert was going down. Both days our fantastic security pro Stephanie helped us with the flow, and Ben, Dana and Christa (crew from the Springs) were spot on with their assistance.

Here’s the menu we enjoyed:

Ginger & Stephanie ready for the crowds!

Ginger & Stephanie ready for the crowds!

Saturday: Oakshire Brewing Beers with Dagoba Chocolates

  • Amber + Milk
  • Watershed IPA + Lavender Blueberry
  • Espresso Stout + Dark

Sunday: Standing Stone Brewing Beers with Dagoba Chocolates

Pairing beer and chocolate is so easy, fun, and simple that it’s amazing more people are new to it. Experiment at home: get chocolates and beer – a variety of both – and invite some friends over to sip, nibble, and explore.

The best palate starts with an open mind.

See you at the fest next year!!

  • Thanks to all the energetic and very fun guests. Come see us next year – and know we’re available to hire for your private and business events as well.
  • Thanks to the Hotel Crew. Everyone from security and service, organizers to staff is super helpful, upbeat, and competent.
  • Thanks to Sean Marc Nipper, Reel House Films Filmmaker, and Erika Bishop, Producer, for their efforts Sunday in capturing the fun on film.
  • Thanks to My Fine Husband for his assistance and unflagging support.


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If You Love Beer…

Ginger and Alison Love Beer

…come join us in Portland Oregon today for the world premier of Alison Grayson’s film, The Love Of Beer.

Alison was gracious enough to be our guest on BeerRadio as well – she’s sharp, fun, and plugged in. And darn talented. We’re reallllly curious to see the whole thing and will be in the crowd tonight.  In the interest of full disclosure also, I am apparently in the film too.

If you don’t catch it on 8/20/11, then look for it showing elsewhere and ask for it to be shown at your regional independent film festival.

Cheers to Alison, the love of beer and film ~

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Women Enjoying Beer is partnering on some events with the local public television station to promote a few things.

  1. Ken Burns’ newest film set for release 10/2 – 4, Prohibition.
  2. Education of the prohibition era and causes, effects, and so on about the personality that was the pre/during/post prohibition age of America. WEB will speak at each event on different aspects that the film will be talking about.
  3. Promoting community involvement and support of public broadcasting.

We’re very selective about who we get involved with per fundraising and events such as this. It happens to be a great fit this time.

partnering on Prohibition

Kari at SOPTV is on top of the details, public broadcasting is something WEB supports, and it’s a terrific opportunity to partner with a very visible community member on a topic near and dear to our WEB heart.

Message today: There are many ways to get involved with causes you support and benefit as well. All profits will go to the station, we cross market for each other thereby meeting more potential customers, and we have a great time with engaged and generous hosts.

I’d encourage you to look at perhaps also partnering with a local group – be it a public television station brewery or other likely host – for the film. Mr. Burns’ makes extremely high quality films in which we all have something to learn.

p.s. keep in mind the top 3 things women want via beer that these events will accomplish: education, social setting and value.

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