Free Marketing Workshops in DC April 10th

Need a boost for your marketing?

Join me for complementary marketing seminars Monday April 10th, immediately prior to the Craft Brewers Conference, Washington DC.


  1. Beer Marketing Seminar – graciously hosted at Gordon Biersch
  2. Two sessions to choose from: noon – 1 pm, 2 – 3 pm
  3. Material will include: 5 top reasons women drink and buy beer & Do’s and Don’ts in successfully marketing beer
  4. All questions answered as time allows
  5. Free to attend, $100 hold-your-seat/s deposit check required to hold your seat/s – you get it back upon arrival. To each their own tab at Gordon Biersch.
  6. Come for an hour packed full of insight into marketing beer, with the emphasis on earning and keeping more of the future market share of beer: women (they make 85% of all purchasing decisions, hold the largest opportunity for growth).
  7. My book will be available as well, to interested parties.
  8. All categories and ages of beer-focused companies welcome.

Do you want and need a beer marketing boost?

These sessions fill up fast (with waiting lists) so call me today to register (only international registrations will be taken via email). 515.450.7757 PST Call me to register and I’ll send along final details. Do not call Gordon Biersch to register.


  1. I’m also co-presenting with Larry Chase at the CBC (Brewpub track, training), so you can come find me there as well.
  2. You can find me at the BA Bookstore doing a Book Signing Wednesday the 12th of April, 12 – 1 pm.

Cheers & thanks –

Ginger Johnson

Founder, Women Enjoying Beer

Marketer, Speaker (TED+), Author, Innovator

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Focused On Kansas City

Today is the 2nd day of a series of events in Kansas City for WomenEnjoyingBeer. After an announcement posted on the Brewers Association Forum asking for volunteers, willing breweries and other enthusiasts who may be interested in participating, here we are.

WEB will be collaborating with Boulevard Brewing for a focus group, hosting a private event (tasting pairing/recreational – group of  friends), and collaborating again – this time with Gordon Biersch for a focus group.

Looks to be a fabulous line up!

Deidre with a good beer

Deidre with a good beer

A hearty, glass raised thank you to all who indicated interest, offered to collaborate or help, and enthusiastically are wanting to further the idea of real women drinking beer.

The response speaks to the fact that there are lots of engaged people – professionally and personally – who are interested in women & beer.

Let’s recruit more.

KC is a big beer town in many ways and I am very excited to be there. We’ll be back in fact in September again – so if you missed it this time, get in touch, tell me how you want to work together – business wise or personally.

Look for St. Louis or your city soon as well as men’s focus groups. Tell me what you want and we can make it happen.

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Kansas City, Here I Come

Thanks to all who responded to my request via the Brewers Association daily Forum for interest per upcoming WomenEnjoyingBeer Kansas City activities. I posted that I was looking for people in the KC area to participate in events – focus groups (women & beer), perhaps some recreational events – tastings/pairings, and marketing to women workshops.

The response has been great!

Thanks to Gordon Biersch, Boulevard, Tallgrass, KC Hopps, The Worthog, Jennifer Helber and the others – looking very forward to connecting.

p1020060And there’s still room for more.


  • If you’re an enthusiast, contact me to attend an event.
  • If you’re a brewer or brewery and want to either have your beers highlighted to host an event at your establishment, contact me.
  • If you’re a media person or blogger, I’d be very glad to have you join one of the events and take pictures, etc. Beer makes good news.

All events will be posted directly (by end of week hopefully) on the WEB site too – ‘Events’ page.

Hope to see you in KC soon (July 16th – 18th).

Cheers ~

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