If You Didn’t Do What You Do, What Would You Do?

Kind of like the woodchuck…what would you do given no other influencers than desire?

It’s unusual to get a new question at a professional workshop wherein I’m the invited or paid presenter and educator. So last summer when a gentleman in the room asked me “What do you hate about your job?”, I was stumped.

Great people who expand my world = what I love, like Jennie/Dr. Chenergy (GABF 2014)

Great people who expand my world = what I love, like Jennie/Dr. Chenergy (GABF 2014)

His question caught me off guard for a few reasons.

  1. I focus on the positive and look forward, instead of for and at the negative.
  2. I’d honestly never considered that question in my mind, partially because I like what I’m pursuing and making happen.
  3. Hate is a really strong word – one I rarely use.

After stammering for a moment, and pausing for another moment or two, I’m sure I came up with some sort of response (I’d have to ask him to see if he remembers). What I do remember is that it made me reconsider what I DO like about my company and how I spend my days.

Life is either too short or too long, depending on your vantage point. Either way, choosing to invest the limited hours of life we get is a conscious choice and we should use it wisely. An old adage is still timely and true: Life’s short, play hard. I’d adapt it to this; Life’s short. Do what fulfills you and makes you happy.


What I Hate About (Any) Job: Arrogant people, selectively ignorant people, snobbery, and other garbage usually perpetuated by people. So I avoid those people.

What I Love About (Any) Job: Mind expanding positive people, interesting new experiences, flavors, travels, changing culture for the better, improving gender equity, having fun.

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