Why A Marketing Pro Should Never Cut Their Own Hair

So…who else out there has ever cut their own hair?

If you use a razor daily, like my friend Charlie, that may be the exception. If you’re like me, with hair of any length (though mine is short), it’s best to use a pro.

Why a marketer should not cut their own hair

Why a marketer should not cut their own hair

Drew’s been my stylist for going on 5 years now and I know that he’s the best fit for me: He’s a trained pro who continues his education, is very good at listening and asking the right questions, and he deserves the fees he charges for his services.

Me: I’m a marketing pro. More succinct: I’m a marketing pro, not a stylist. I should leave the haircuts to him. Here’s why.

I’m impatient when it comes to my hair. To me, it’s just hair. And I keep it short for low maintenance. Quick, simple, professional – that’s what I’m after here. I want to get up, get to it, and get on to other things. I’ve never been a take-a-long-time-getting-ready person. No thanks. My college roommates, whom I adore, did plenty of that for me.

So why compare haircuts to marketing? Because I know better than to take the scissors into my own hand. Because I want people to hire me for my professional skills and that means I hire the right pros when I need them. Here are some helpful tips for hiring a marketing pro.

Drew helps me stay professional in my appearance. As much as you want to deny looks and say “it’s what inside that matters”, how we look still does in fact matter.

So I’ll let it grow, as it always does, and then call him when it’s long enough to trim again for a proper, professional styling. I’ll be at the ready for him and others when they want to work on their marketing strategy and tactics.

Go for the pro.

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