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“I’m glad that you are still promoting Women Enjoying Beer. Women are clearly underrepresented in beer marketing. I think that a beer maker who recognizes the purchasing power of women beer drinkers will be hugely successful, even if the men won’t buy it…. That said, if a beer maker could gain a 5 percent market share among women only – that would be a hell of a lotta beer! I think you are on to something HUGE! I am confident that a few beer makers are listening to you and your wisdom and insights.”

This is from an outside the industry supporter. A consumer.

Thanks, you know who.

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Why, You Ask?


I’ve been blogging for upwards of two years, thanks to my amazingly talented, insightful and fun blogging coach/friend, Mike Sansone (I speak Typepad – bear with me while I learn WordPress).

There’s a HUGE gap in craft beer being marketing to women.

Because the Women who like beer have been painfully, if not unintentionally neglected in being the focus of a market  ala craft beer.

Because there are a lot of women ‘out there’ who like beer, want to know more, want to know more around socializing with other women.

Because it’s a niche that has yet to be answered.

So here I am. Answering the call.


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