Marketing Takes Action

“I took it to heart what you said today. ‘What is the one thing I am going to do today?’  I came home and organized a group, came up with dates and contacted members of an [philanthropic] group I had been put in charge of.  (without being asked if i would be in charge of it ) I had been putting that on ‘the back burner,’ so now I am relieved. Everyday I would mark off all these things on my to do list and move that one  eventually to the next days list. Thank you for your wisdom.”

Take action. Make things move.

Take action. Make things move.

The above is an example of someone acting on professional advice from us. I presented an idea at a business event, all of 30 seconds in front of 50+ people. This person took and ran with it.

Progress favors the active. Call us for plenty of helpful, useful, and proactive ideas.

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7 Ways to (Soft) Market When You Travel By Air

As a Marketing pro who enjoys a regular amount of air travel, I find the opportunities to gently promote my business are plentiful.

How do you do that subtly, softly and appropriately? Take a look at 7 tips to encourage engagement.

1. Wear appropriately branded clothing with an obvious logo. People read whatever is printed and embroidered on other peoples’ clothes. Give them something attractive and thought-provoking to ask about. If you’re riding Business Class or First Class make sure it matches the setting – a tee with a casual screen print may or may not generate a conversation. A pressed button up in an unexpected color, like soft orange or purple, will capture imagination and provoke a comment.

2. Have your business cards handy. I plan my travel clothes with this in mind, whether I’m traveling during deep winter with coats or hot summer with lightweight gear. Your business card is your sales person – never be without them.

3. Smile a lot. Relax your face and let a natural “I’m friendly” look be your uniform. People like other happy people and during travel, which can be stressful, a smile may be a relief from the frowns and angst many experience.

4. If you have some small, clever, and appropriate promotional products, have them handy too. The classic pencil is one of my items of choice. They universally recognized, carry my website and brand name, and are easily transportable. Plus if someone leaves it behind after you give it to them, it quietly continues promoting your brand.

Converse, engage, have fun, build business

Converse, engage, have fun, build business

5. Choose conversation over silence. Business happens when you talk with other people. Have a few fun and safe positive opening questions and comments like, “Great travel bag/sack/backpack/laptop case – tell me where you got it,” or “Where are your travels taking you today?” Try to keep it positive. Misery loves company yet negativity is a real turn off and red flag for potential business relationships.

6. Use Please and Thank You a lot. Good manners are always in style and politeness, especially in the face of stress, goes a reallllly long way for everyone you’re around. Other travel customers as well as the hard-working folks from the airline and ground crews. Give them a reason to smile, not a cause to grouse.

7. Board later in the process. If you’re wearing a nice branded shirt or jacket, and the logo is on the front, walking down the airplane aisle with your brand in full view will garner looks and comments. It works for me regularly, which I plan on, and am quick to hand out a card and pencil to the smiling person making the comment.

Lastly, bring a hard copy book on board that you’d love to talk to someone else about. A classic like Marti Barletta’s Marketing To Women, a current hot topic book, or other reading material will tell people you’re educated. And you can’t read the cover of an e-reader…. Business people like to engage with others who are well read. The adage Readers Are Leaders is still very true.

Enjoy your travel, gear up for planned unexpected connections and have fun.

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Great Leaders: Well Stated by Simon Sinek

As a guest of a business meeting this week, this TED Talk given by Simon Sinek was shared at the beginning of the meeting.

Watch it here.

Brilliant. Straight forward. And exactly what WEB does: We start with the Why first. If you don’t know the why and if you don’t share it, why (truly) should people literally buy into what you’re selling? They’ve no good reason unless they’re sympathetic, supportive friends and family or suckers.

Said another way, when people know the Why, then they buy. They buy into ideas, concepts, products, and services. They want to be part of the vision and lend support. It’s all about them – not the product ultimately, and that’s good.

There has to be “something in it” for everyone – starting with the customer first.

Start with the Why. It’ll drive more progress than you can imagine. Onward.

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Marketing Beer to Women, Part 8: Events Guidance (1 of 2)

Wow! The power and potential of Events to market beer to women (MB2W) is enormous. In fact, we’ve decided to break it into two posts starting today, the rest tomorrow.

Erin of Legends and Ginger at DC event

Events Guidance in MB2W:

Know that events – combines social, education, & entertainment (= success!)

  1. Offer musical opportunities – live music, name that tune, let them pick the music that plays during certain hours. The banal soft jazz gets highly annoying – do they listen to that themselves??
  2. Offer theatre opportunities. Partner with a local theatre or movie house. Premier or help sponsor or promote a film like The Love Of Beer and serve beer and nibbles.
  3. Invite down to earth (no snobby chefs) female chefs or very accomplished cooking instructors to come do a female only beer & food tasting/pairing event
  4. Invite #3 to come do a beer & food dinner/tasting/event for women only
  5. Hold unusual events – brainstorm with staff for unique ideas; area and herstory specific are great starts.
  6. Hold charitable events. Women give – a lot whether it’s time, money or resources. Be very authentic here too. You can overlap your circles with the charity with great success.
  7. The event cause matters if it’s affiliated with a charity, a social organization, or a friends’ benefit/cause.
  8. Hold female oriented charity events. Require them to cross market to maximize impact for both of you and for the biggest benefit to the women.
  9. Host events where admittance requires or encourages women to bring another woman
  10. Host events where admittance requires or encourages men to bring a woman
  11. Host animal affinity events if it relates to supporting a cause that is involved with a brewery
  12. Host Fancy (not sexist) women’s only annual event
  13. Create an ongoing women’s only series, at whatever interval and budget makes sense. Economy of scale and event can create big success too.

Whatever you do, start knowledgeably hosting events specifically for women. Yes, it matters: single gender groups have been around for a long time to effectively and positively impact the learning curve. Tap into it.

Marketing Beer to Women series starts here

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A woman who enjoys and appreciates beer

I am a woman who enjoys beer.

I am a beer enthusiast, not a snob. I will not judge anyone based on what beer is in their hands or in front of them at the bar or what I think of what they are drinking. Whatever beer people choose to drink is their business and in the end it’s all for the good of the whole.

I will encourage, when appropriate, other women to enjoy beer. To savor beer. To partake of this incredible beverage and encourage others to further the spread.

I believe in the beer community. They are solid members of global society, pay taxes, invest and give back in and to their communities and are genuinely passionate about their chosen path.

I will continue to learn about beer in all its stages, styles, and locales with all kinds of ingredients simple to complex, and encourage others to embrace an open minded philosophy as well.

I will do what I can to help further the brewing profession in my community both where I live and reside and where I travel.

I stand for quality, ethics, honesty, integrity, fun, accuracy, strength, believing unequivocally about what you do, and good humor.

I believe in the goodness of all beers and all people.

As a beer enthusiast, I believe in accurate and truthful education, an open mind and trying new things.

I believe that it takes all genders to further beer and embrace all opportunities to foster collaboration, conversation, and happy hour together.

I believe in responsibility in enjoying beer and consider it a continued very enjoyable quest to find different foods that pair with beers I drink.

And I shall enjoy beer, most likely, all the rest of the days of my life. Hopefully.


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Critical Beautiful Water – Blog Action Day

Bloggers across the globe are pipping up, tuning in, and writing out on this years Blog Action Day. Topic this year: Water.

Let's make sure there is water, water everywhere.

The oft taken for granted life bearing and giving and sustaining liquid we all rely on. And when I say ‘we’, I mean the entire planet (humans can be so myopic and arrogant….). Anyway, let’s look at how the we in the human realm can affect water and its use, decrease its abuse and in general respect it as it relates to beer.

1. Beer requires a very large quantity of water – to make, to clean, to deliver high quality beer. Breweries the world over are fast realizing that this precious natural concoction is limited and we need to use it waaay more sparingly and responsibly. Examine your practices and see what you can do. Everyone can do something – here’s one example.

2. People like Lucy Saunders is proactively raising awareness with efforts like this conference coming right up. When you see the need and opportunity come together, do something about it. Support these efforts by attending, holding your own version, mini or maxi, and get people talking. get them riled up because when people are riled, they move to action. And action, my dear Jackson, is what we need.

3. Small change is better than no change. Capture the water you turn on and don’t ‘use’ to water plants, gardens, put in your dogs water bowl, put in your compost pile.  research a supplier of recycler large food safe drums to build your own rain capturement system (easy and economically – great class project too), simply turn off the water when you’re done using it. Don’t let it run and run and run out.

Like the Rime of the Ancient Mariner reminds us “Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink” – let’s move to action so there is. For everything that needs it, not just humans.

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Beer For Thought

Once is  a while, someone will ask me, “Do you ever run out of ideas for your posts?”.

Me? Never.

Why? Because the beer community and industry is chock full or interesting people who are constantly sharing – whether at conferences, at festivals, in magazines, online, in person or on the phone.

A few ‘good ones’ I’ll share today come from a variety of people in different scenarios.

  • How flexible is your attitude?
  • Change the paradigm without bashing
  • Train the palate, train the thinking
  • Passion with quality
  • Match expectations and realization
  • Change dabblers into drinkers

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