Consumer Insight On Beer

What if you knew exactly what your customers thought about your beer, really and truly knew?

What could that do for your business?

consumer insight is key to knowing your ideal client

Maybe you think you know now…if so, tell me: where do you garner that specific data (aka insight)? Do you have real conversations in person to ask them questions? Do you buy data that supposedly tells you what they think? How do you come by this information?

What do you then do with the information you have? How do you apply it? What do you use it for? How is it a useful tool for you? And when does it get put on the shelf and ‘away’, for another time?

What if you had regular real-time live in-person conversations with your ideal clients? Not just your average customer – not the one the statistical data tells you they are; the ideal one – the real flesh and blood person who buys and drinks your beer? What would that look like?

This insight comes from market research. Market research is only as intensive and expensive, surficial and inexpensive as you want it to be.

To the raging misnomer of market research being expensive I’d reply: it’s going to be waaaaaaay more expensive to NOT know, than it is to know. And it’s pretty damn economical – big ROI – when you do it right, no matter the dollar price. Simple, straight forward, regular.

We’re talking ling term business success.

When you want to know how to best reach your customers, talk to them. Open ended questions to every day drinkers (aka ideal clients) of your beer will yield rich insight you can’t get anywhere else.

When you want to know more tactics on how to talk with your customers to garner the most useful insight, feel free to be in touch. I help beer focused companies do just that: know their customers.

Consumer insight on beer is necessary to survive and thrive. In a market place continually flooding with more choices, it’s tantamount to staying in business. The great news: it’s not hard nor need it be expensive. Just know you need to do it. 

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How Do You Get Your Information?

Where do you search, who do you ask, and what do you seek out?

If you’re a beer oriented business, we offer a monthly Professional Mem(beer)ship subscription. It’s a paid service designed to provide exclusive research and education based information about women and their relationship with beer. With multiple consistent subject categories like Access to Research Data, Training and Education, and Consumer Profiles. The value of the newsletter is in the acting upon it for increased engagement of the female beer consumer and buyer – and you can do just that with this subscribed information.

If you’re a beer consumer, we offer a monthly Consumer Mem(beer)ship subscription. It’s full of ideas, suggestions and events to enhance your beer education for improved quality of life and enjoyment. We offer Professional Profiles, Recipes, Upcoming Events, and Beer & Food Menus. It’s a treasure trove of singular beer consumer information for you to use and enjoy.

If you’re a member of beer media and press, you can consider the combination of the above. We call is the Pro-Sumer – it’s a paid subscription which gets you both monthly issues to read and learn from. For those who want a look into the consumer and into the professional world, this combination is the answer. Press and media, writers and journalists of all walks (we include bloggers here) can find news and plentiful story topics.

All three of these can be found on our Mem(beer)ships page. Suffice it to say it’s one avenue for WEB to educate those who are actively interested in learning about women and beer, beer and finding news to write about. We thank those current subscription holders and look forward to welcoming more each month.

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