Perpetuating the Village Brewer

Well dressed Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge (flanking Ginger) at SAVOR 2012

The third of the 3 Salon’s Ginger moderated at SAVOR 2012 last weekend featured the fast growing Ninkasi Brewing beers with tasty cheeses.

Founders Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge shared engaging insight on how Ninkasi came to be, how they two of them connected to found this NW juggernaut and why the Village Brewer idea is so important to our American communities. 

Rest assured, the beers we enjoyed perpetuated a delicious session: Radiant Ale, Helles, and Helles Belles among them.

Be sure to savor your beers, wherever you may be. Pairing them with food is even more rewarding and an ideal scenario to strengthen and create friendships. Cheers!

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Sensory Terms

It's fun and educational to hang with Jamie

Jamie Floyd has good sense. Ninkasi is the Eugene brewery that he co-founded. Jamie invited me to be part of a sensory Game (as he calls it) a few weeks ago. It was great! And I learned a few more things about beer.

Since I love words, here are a few I wanted to encourage everyone to use – Businesses: teach these to consumers, one at a time. Consumers: learn them, seek out brewery folk to help you get to know them well.

  • Retro Nasal
  • Thresholds
  • Shadow Spots
  • Gram-Negative

Vocabulary is a very fun and effective way to get more consumers deeper into beer – all beer. Education truly is the core of progress.

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Ninkasi Sensory Exercise

Jamie FLoyd leading the sensory exercise at Ninkasi

Jamie Floyd, co founder, founding brewer of Ninkasi and beer friend & colleague generously invited WEB guests to their sensory lab Thursday. We gladly took him up on it because we know Jamie to be not only passionate about beer – he’s super smart about it too.

The ten of us who took advantage of the exercise walked out with more beer knowledge than when we started. And with an interesting lesson lodged in our brains, we’re all the smarter and happier for it.

Sensory is a big part of beer and keeping the flavors of brands as we know them using the science of sensory. I think it’s something that many beer enjoyers have no idea happens.

When you come across an opportunity to offer sensory exercises to consumers – do it! When you come across the opportunity to take one as a consumer – take it!

Educating consumers is one of the smartest ways to help your brand survive and thrive. Get them involved and they’ll help the breweries out.


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Beer and the Great Outdoors

Today and tomorrow I’ll be on the gorgeous Rogue river once again this year on the Raft & Craft trip. White Water Warehouse and Women Enjoying Beer launched it last year with great success.

Raft & Craft on the Rogue

In the ensuing year that’s passed between then and now, the White Water Warehouse company is becoming part of the ROW Adventures Family – it’s a great new stage of change and we’re thrilled to be part of this years event. It’s easy to plan a great outing when you’re working with quality people – and they all are outstanding!

The trip actually started yesterday, with my colleague and friend Jamie Floyd of Ninkasi, and I driving the the lodge to take off with a bunch of fun and beer loving guests. We’re featuring Ninkasi beers this year and we’ll share all the details upon return.

Want to go next year? Let ROW know!

We’ll be back soon – Cheers to Rafting and Crafting.

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