Holiday Gift Ideas

Good Grief, Charlie Brown!! It’s the giving season again….

And where ever and however quickly it came from (seriously, only 300+ days ago??), tis the season. While I give the gift of books in particular year round, I want to share a few favorites with you today for beer & flavor lovers everywhere.


yum yum yum...Beer Pairing, by Julia & Gwen

yum yum yum…Beer Pairing, by Julia & Gwen

Beer Pairing, The Essential Guide From The Pairing Pros, Julia Herz & Gwen Conley *just* released  (2015 Voyageur Press). I’ll have Julia sign my book when next I see this dynamo of the beer gospel. Both she and Gwen have cut a smart swath to helping people enjoy beer. It’s a comprehensive book on what, why, when, how and why not of beer and food pairing. A great read and flavorfully inspiring, once you buy one for yourself get a few for others.

Cheese & Beer, Janet Fletcher (2013 Andrews McMeel Publishing). Janet’s written a few dozen books on food – cheese being her forte and oh-so-deliciously so! Others include Cheese & Wine, The Cheese Course, Yogurt (a personal fav go-to), and Four Seasons Pasta. All dandy and mouthwateringly fun and functional. Her writing style and the information she gives us is timeless and well rounded by smarts and broad world view.

Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer, Maureen Ogle. Maureen is an historian and was inspired to write about beer upon wondering what her next book was – and at that moment having a Budweiser truck cross her path while driving. Inspiration struck and she’s tells the story starting in the 1880’s to modern times. Great read like many with herstorian context: you learn way more about way more than you think.

The American Craft Beer Cookbook, John Holl (Storey Publishing 2013). John’s an accomplished journalist and definite flavor lover. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing many beers with him as well as having hosted a book signing party when the book came out. He’s collected recipes with beer in them and paired with beers from brewpubs across this fine country. With sidebar stories and additional beer suggestions included, this book is a winner winner beer for dinner.

Beyond books, I’d invite you to find a few Women Enjoying Beer & Men Enjoying Women Enjoying Beer goods on our shopping page. Since we’ve exited a very successful festival circuit run, we’ve got a few goodies remaining looking for great homes. Be ahead of the curve as they may be collectors items soon!

Your Local Brewery

SSBC Gift Six pack

SSBC Gift Six pack

Our local breweries need our business. They pump ridiculous amounts of effort & money into our local economies, all the way up to the federal level (ask them about excise taxes, for example). Visit them all, as you can and see fit. Ask them questions, listen, share, buy and support. One of my locals, Standing Stone Brewing Company, sells Brewer For The Day packages as well as the holiday Gift Six Pack. Order a keg in advance to help celebrate in tasty fashion, give the gift of lovely glassware.


Home brewing abounds in America! It’s a fabulous opportunity to learn to cook a whole new recipe: Beer. Locate your local shops and go to a demo, hang out with the local clubs, and start making your own. Like food cooks, many professional “beer cooks” start by homebrewing. The American Homebrewers Association is a super place to start.

Whatever you do, give the gift of flavor this season – and year round. Start with flavor first, experiment, try, share and repeat. Beer changes as does everything else in life so pour it on.

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WEB & 2013 Festival Of Trees

2013 WEB Tree

Look at the gorgeous glowing glass ornaments by Gathering Glass

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest commemorative stein & tickets for 2014

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest commemorative Stein & tickets for 2014

Another successful year of being a tree designer at the Medford, OR Festival Of Trees, put on by Providence Hospital is complete.

It’s a very well attended and fruitful event that brings in money to serve the community through the hospitals’ services. We’re very glad to have been a contributor to this fun event for 3 years in a row now.

I want to make sure we thank a number of folks and companies who helped make this possible, from the WEB tree angle.

3 year Donors:

Recology: 2013 FOT Tree Sponsor

Recology: 2013 FOT Tree Sponsor

Tasty beer & food cookbook under the FOT

Tasty beer & food cookbook under the FOT

2013 Tree Sponsor:

2013 Donors:

Great gifts, like these from Ninkasi Brewing, graced the project this year

Great gifts, like these from Ninkasi Brewing, graced the project this year

Lovely Dogfish Head brewing glasses + coasters

Lovely Dogfish Head brewing glasses + coasters

Thank you to the Cutler Investment Counsel for the Large Tree Sponsorship, American West Bank for the Large Tree Design sponsorship, and for whomever purchased the tree at the live auction event. We hope you find a great place to plant it and it grows strong and healthy for years.

WEB is consistently the only live potted plantable Large Tree designer (there are table top trees as well as wreaths and a few other excellent options).

Thanks as well to the hundreds of folks who came out to view the trees and support the event, the myriad Providence folks and army of volunteers who make it happen each year. A special thanks to my frolleauges with the Jackson County Master Recyclers as well

Delicious Weisinger's Wine

Delicious Weisinger’s Wine

Hop Bines from Alpha Beta Hop farm add grace

Hop Bines from Alpha Beta Hop farm add grace

for streaming and reducing and educating to make a greener holiday season.

This is the biggest single volunteer donation event we do each year – and happily so!

Again, thanks to everyone for their support. Cheers to a safe, happy, tasty and wonder filled holiday season –


A few stats from the Festival:

  •  Over 20K visitors usually tour the event, during invite sessions as well as public viewing
  •  The Festival has raised over 6.7 million dollars over 20 years. These dollars are applied toward a variety of community health services and programs for the Providence Medford Medical Center.
Growling goodies from BricktownE Brewing

Growling goodies from BricktownE Brewing

OMSI donated some fun tickets

OMSI donated some fun tickets

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Beer Writer John Holl To Visit Southern Oregon

I’m thrilled to announce that John Holl, accomplished beer writer, author, colleague and friend is coming to Southern Oregon to do some book events around his latest release – The American Craft Beer Cookbook.

Join us for a Cookbook signing with John Holl

Join us for a Cookbook signing with John Holl

John’s great fun to be with, is an educated professional beer community member and travels about sharing, teaching, judging and overall encouraging the enjoyment of beer, delicious beer.

Here’s the mash for Monday 16 September 2013:

  • 2 Public events in Ashland – one at Standing Stone Brewing Company and one at a local bookstore.
  • Private event: We’re hosting John at our home for a fun, tasty and casual house book party!!! If you are or plan to be in the area and would like to join us, call me directly. It’ll be in the evening and he’ll be available to chat, buy and sign books and have a great time. I’ll make a few of the recipes in the book for guests to nosh on, My Fine Husband will serve fresh beer.

Anytime we can help support colleagues and friends doing things that are good for the entire community, we’re ready to do so.

Cheers to John, cheers to good books, cooking, beer, and a tasty time for all.

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Grateful for *good* Press Coverage

Not all press is created equal. Not by a long shot.

Julie & Ginger

Many thanks to those professionals who really know their craft, keep honing and learning to serve, and are good people to work with.

Specific thanks to these folks:

I know there are others I value as well, like Julie Johnson and Stan Heironymous, for high quality and integrity.

Our thanks for your commitment and standards.

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My good and long standing friend KP and I used to joke about having our own radio show someday. This idea stemmed from our conversations when we were together – they were always lots of fun, funny, and usually got other people laughing too. We have easy banter, can talk about lightweight and substantial stuff equally and above all want to have fun with it.

Join us for BeerRadio

Fast forward to now. KP is still a very good friend and I now have a radio show. She’s already agreed to be a guest one day soon.

BeerRadio is the show WEB launched ala our community radio station,, in February of 2011. At first I was thinking of recording it 2 times a month. Well, I quickly understood what a great fit it is so we’re live every week now. We run from 5 – 6 pm every Wednesday, usually from my World HQ base location in Southern Oregon and sometimes from the field.

So far:

If you like what you hear – no matter the station or topic matter – support it monetarily. Send in a donation, underwrite the program, buy an ad or volunteer to help  the station survive and keep affording the community the resource you value.

All of these shows are archived by one of my fabulous radio station colleagues (thanks Wayno!!) and permanently accessible via the Program Archives. You can stream them live from the station website too.

Like I say when we throw a get together, the guests make the party. Thanks to all the fine guests we’ve had and the ones coming up. We’ll keep knocking on doors of beer community members who want to enjoy an hour’s worth of conversation about them, their relationship with beer and different topics that come up. We try to ask questions that are not necessarily already talked about and it’s relaxed and very informational.

Thanks also to Jason and Carson of KSKQ who took a chance on BeerRadio. Cheers gents ~

p.s. Lisa’s Beer O’Clock is a terrific listen too!

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BeerRadio – What's Your Frequency?

BeerRadio is a relatively new idea WEB added to its efforts to spread the beer word and educate about beer. It’s picking up speed and we’ve had the delightful honor of hosting an already wide variety of people.

Beyond being fun to simply talk about beer with these great people, it’s a terrific medium to reach out. Yes, it’s passive. Yes, you may not know who’s listening or streaming.

Provide compelling listening material

That said, how do you know who’s listening or streaming your info anyway? Some things are trackable, some are not. You do some of both nonetheless. Partially because of opportunity. And also because part of marketing yourself and your beer is one way to reach out. The consumer decides what they want from you, when they want it and then you simply have to take the leap of faith.

Marketing has commonly be partnered with Public Relations, and for a few good reasons.

You can put the marketing materials out there (not to be confused with advertising – that’s different) and then it’s up to you to use a PR thrust to make it connect with consumers. Don’t expect people to simply seek info out just because it’s out there. You have to give them reasons to dig into your brand.

And in the case of BeerRadio, it’s the guests that are the hook. We’ve had people all across the beer community, consumer and professional, that can talk intelligently and in an everyday manner about beer. It’s designed to be educational and so it will continue to be even while it’s changing and we’re improving.

The consumer is a moving target – you’ve got to move with them.

We’ll keep doing it and trust that the build will come. Indeed, it’s like marketing beer to a small segment (get my drift?!). You’ve got to be willing to start small. Be a diamond, not a comet.

Here’s a few of our previous guests:

Next Week: Josh Brewer, Mother Earth Brewing

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Writing Workshops in Portland

You may wonder why Women Enjoying Beer is offering Writing Workshops.

Old Market Pub & Brewery, PDX OREducation is the conqueror of ignorance and helps the world turn around smoother. Education is at the core of what WEB is about (developing and serving the female beer consumer, working with the beer community to properly market beer to women). So it’s a natural for us to tap into some colleagues in the writing world to offer 2 terrific workshops.

  1. Born to Write! A Writers Workshop, August 18th, 1 -3 pm, Portland OR
  2. Becoming A Better Beer Writer, August 18th, 330 – 530 pm, Portland OR

The first one is all about writing skills and would be appropriate for the person who likes to write, has to write, wants to write, does write. We’re thrilled that the very accomplished and successful writer Claire Sykes will be our instructor. I’ve taken a workshop from Claire and walked away with a bunch of new skills that I applied right away.

The second workshop is all about building on those basics skills to be a better beer writer, with an emphasis on blog writing in particular. John Holl, another very adept and able writer, is the instructor for this workshop. John is a beer enthusiast as well as seasoned writer so he is the perfect teacher for this session.

All registrations can be made online here. Please note – earlier registration is better than later. We have Early Bird rates available and due dates for registration we’re working within.

Contact us directly with any questions or requests.

We’re offering this immediately prior to the Beer Bloggers Conference on purpose. If you’re already in town or coming to town for the event, this makes a perfect lead in to the event. If you aren’t into beer or blogging, you can still benefit from attending the sessions. Plus you’ll have fun and meet more cool people.

Register today for these high value workshops. Space is limited (yes, really – it’s not just a saying).

The great folks at host location, Old Market Pub & Brewery, are going to take good care of us. You can order/pay for the beverages and foods you choose to enjoy during the workshops (full service event!).

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BeerRadio Guest Today: John Holl

If you’ve yet to tune into our freshly launched Beer Radio program, today’s a great day to start. (online streaming is best for listening worldwide)

We talk about all kinds of things beer. So far we’ve been sharing about Herstory:Women in Brewing, Craft Brewers Conference info, beer and food pairing…as well as nabbed a few beer colleagues from the street to chat very spontaneously with us. Like most craft beer people, they we’re totally cool with it.

Ginger & John Holl at the CBC, San Fran CA

Today’s special guest will be John Holl, of Beer Briefing and co-author of the new Indiana Breweries. John and his compatriot covered all the breweries in Indiana to write this comprehensive compendium. Here’s a video of them talking it up.

John’s a fun and passionate beer person whom I’ve gotten to know in the last year. Truth be told, he was roped (willingly, might I add) into our media fun last fall during GABF. We co-hosted an informal meet and greet at the recently wrapped up CBC too.

Tune in today from 5 – 6 pm Pacific Time to enjoy the beer banter. The episodes are also archived for your listening pleasure at your own convenience.

Watch and listen in for great guests of all walks as we BeerRadio it forward. Cheers!

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