My good and long standing friend KP and I used to joke about having our own radio show someday. This idea stemmed from our conversations when we were together – they were always lots of fun, funny, and usually got other people laughing too. We have easy banter, can talk about lightweight and substantial stuff equally and above all want to have fun with it.

Join us for BeerRadio

Fast forward to now. KP is still a very good friend and I now have a radio show. She’s already agreed to be a guest one day soon.

BeerRadio is the show WEB launched ala our community radio station,, in February of 2011. At first I was thinking of recording it 2 times a month. Well, I quickly understood what a great fit it is so we’re live every week now. We run from 5 – 6 pm every Wednesday, usually from my World HQ base location in Southern Oregon and sometimes from the field.

So far:

If you like what you hear – no matter the station or topic matter – support it monetarily. Send in a donation, underwrite the program, buy an ad or volunteer to help  the station survive and keep affording the community the resource you value.

All of these shows are archived by one of my fabulous radio station colleagues (thanks Wayno!!) and permanently accessible via the Program Archives. You can stream them live from the station website too.

Like I say when we throw a get together, the guests make the party. Thanks to all the fine guests we’ve had and the ones coming up. We’ll keep knocking on doors of beer community members who want to enjoy an hour’s worth of conversation about them, their relationship with beer and different topics that come up. We try to ask questions that are not necessarily already talked about and it’s relaxed and very informational.

Thanks also to Jason and Carson of KSKQ who took a chance on BeerRadio. Cheers gents ~

p.s. Lisa’s Beer O’Clock is a terrific listen too!

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BeerRadio – What's Your Frequency?

BeerRadio is a relatively new idea WEB added to its efforts to spread the beer word and educate about beer. It’s picking up speed and we’ve had the delightful honor of hosting an already wide variety of people.

Beyond being fun to simply talk about beer with these great people, it’s a terrific medium to reach out. Yes, it’s passive. Yes, you may not know who’s listening or streaming.

Provide compelling listening material

That said, how do you know who’s listening or streaming your info anyway? Some things are trackable, some are not. You do some of both nonetheless. Partially because of opportunity. And also because part of marketing yourself and your beer is one way to reach out. The consumer decides what they want from you, when they want it and then you simply have to take the leap of faith.

Marketing has commonly be partnered with Public Relations, and for a few good reasons.

You can put the marketing materials out there (not to be confused with advertising – that’s different) and then it’s up to you to use a PR thrust to make it connect with consumers. Don’t expect people to simply seek info out just because it’s out there. You have to give them reasons to dig into your brand.

And in the case of BeerRadio, it’s the guests that are the hook. We’ve had people all across the beer community, consumer and professional, that can talk intelligently and in an everyday manner about beer. It’s designed to be educational and so it will continue to be even while it’s changing and we’re improving.

The consumer is a moving target – you’ve got to move with them.

We’ll keep doing it and trust that the build will come. Indeed, it’s like marketing beer to a small segment (get my drift?!). You’ve got to be willing to start small. Be a diamond, not a comet.

Here’s a few of our previous guests:

Next Week: Josh Brewer, Mother Earth Brewing

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Beer and Cycling = Good Combination

Good health has long been a part of the craft beer communities mindset. Knowing that moderation is a key to being able to fully enjoy beer helps us all know when to say when and when to partake.

Larry and Julie enjoying a beer

Julie Wartell, founder of PubQuest and friend, is a good example of beer and cycling. She’s an avid beer fan, curious, engaged and fun. PubQuest helps people in search of pubs in North America find them. Combining cycling, fresh air, and activity with quality beer and the great people surrounding the two makes for a very winning combination.

See a post of her per beer & biking here.

We met on our Home Free Tour where she gracious hosted us and our two dogs for a few nights. During that time we also were able to get in front of beer enthusiasts at Stone and San Diego Brewing to talk about the Geography of Beer.

So – ride on. Ride to, ride fro, just be sure to couple great beer with exercise and keep the cycle going.

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Mixed Company

Ginger and Julie last fall at Stone Brewing

This Saturday will mark the first mixed company WEB event – a Geography of Beer collaboration with Julie Wartell of PubQuest. Here are the details.

Julie and I collaborated last October on our Home Free Tour with two Southern California breweries with much success.


Yes, we had a nice crowds at each place, Stone and San Diego Brewing, who had come to find out about the geography of 5 different beers from 5 different United States. Julie maps out beer on the site – in fact, you can get a custom map made for your travels. Check out the site here.

Looking forward to talking about the geography of our beer again this weekend.

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