ABC’s of Women, Beer and Food: Letter Q

Q is a favorite character in the Bond films for me. So pints up for today’s letter Q – long may it stand for QUALITY.

Quality is one of the most important aspects of beer and food. Quality can be measured. Preference and quality are different things entirely. Never confuse the two.

I’ve covered getting rid of words like “good” and “bad” before since those are arbitrary and subjective. What’s good? What’s Bad? And what of the raft of other why’s that accompany these words – “why is X good/bad?”

When you shift to a quality perspective, beer and food gets reframed for the benefit for all, starting with giving the beer and food a fair shake regardless of your preferences and prejudices.

Quality is Queen

Quality is Queen

Just because you don’t like this beer or that food, does not mean the quality is inferior. It means you may choose not to like it – fine. Do so. Do so with class and tact and remember ALL brands started small.

When I started WEB I used to cringe at people making disparaging comments about certain brands of beer, based on what they liked – or thought they liked sometimes based on murky memories and bad experiences, which were in no way the beers fault to begin with. Now I welcome the comments.

It’s still an ignorant shame that there’s a growing population of reverse beer snobbery as it pertain to the explosion of beers in the country. As humans we have the intelligence capacity to be compassionate, make our own decisions, change our minds and be diplomatic. Please use your humanity to like what you like and accept what others like as well with equality.

WEB encourages a focus on quality. After that it’s all a delicious downhill sleigh ride.

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