If You Think You Can

If you think something can be done a certain way, go make it happen. – L. Fogelman

  • What’s holding you back?
  • What will make you dig in?

If you’re waiting for a safety net, you’ll wait til you die. Don’t wait that long.

The key to leaping, is that you have to LEAP. Then the net will appear. The leap is both literal – taking action, and figurative – mentally engaging. Letting go to move forward.

What do you have that has the sizzle to it? – L. Fogelman

Use your sizzle to move you forward. Sizzle only happens when you apply heat. Action. Movement. Fire.

Go make something happen today.

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Smart Partnering

Today’s post is inspired by Loren Fogelman.

I’ve gotten to know Loren over the last 4+ years and am so glad for the relationship. She’s sharp, well spoken and focused. She’s taught me a lot – both incidentally and on purpose – and I was flattered and pleased to be invited by her to collaborate on a professional education series.

Loren sharing her magic at a recent workshop on Vision.

Loren sharing her magic at a recent workshop on Vision.

With 2 down, 1 to go and more in planning, here’s what I can tell you about well matched partnerships.

  1. There’s no ego involved. We both want the others’ success and know ours will come with it.
  2. They are focused on the guests, end goals, and bigger picture and possibilities.
  3. They’re big positive thinkers.
  4. They help you learn, challenge you helpfully, and are complementary to you.
  5. You bring all the same to them.

I’d encourage you to visit her site, read her book (I’ve got my autographed copy, highlighter and pencil handy while reading), and consider her services.

FYI – we’re happy to take the show on the road. Contact me to hire us to give your company and groups the high value education like this Lunch and Learn.

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Travel, Travel Everywhere….Upcoming Happenings Including TEDxNapaValley

Join us for the following upcoming workshops and events.

  1. Oregon Chocolate Festival 3/6 – 8/15

For the fourth year running Ginger has been invited back to conduct beer and chocolate tastings at this flavor filled festival.

Saturday: 1 – 2 pm featuring Oakshire Brewing beer + Dagoba Chocolate Sunday 2 – 3 pm featuring Standing Stone Brewing beer = Dagoba Chocolate

Pouring BeerIt’s a pleasure to fill the rooms, provide lively education about beer and chocolate as edible partners, and be at the lovely historic Ashland Springs Hotel. Fest founder and organizer Karolina and her crew put forth a worthwhile, relaxing and delicious event.

Full details can be found here.

  1. Ashland Chamber of Commerce Business Workshop 3/11/15

Dana and the team at the Ashland Chamber are putting on an afternoon of 3 business-focused sessions – full details can be found by clicking here.

Ginger will present Say What?! 10 Do’s and Don’ts To Amplify Your Marketing. Members and non-members are encouraged to attend.

  1. Business Builders workshop #2: How Goal Setting Is Killing Your Success.

CiderCon Chicago 2015

Fest Ginger at Taste small Gail Oberst Powerhouse Loren Fogelman and Ginger have partnered for this big value series, with Loren leading this session. Words of Wealth started the series and #3 will be Pow!! Right in the Wallet, the Power of the Customer Experience lead by Ginger 4/9/15.

Info and registration information is available here.

  1. WESO Showcase 3/12/15

WESO is all about supporting women business entrepreneurs. For the 13th year in a row, their signature Showcase event is happening in Medford, OR and welcomes women and men who want to keep growing their business endeavors. Set up for successful education, networking, fun and support of a local charity, this free 3-hour event will be chockfull of value.

Agenda and details are here.

  1. TEDxNapaValley 4/12/15

Ginger is thrilled and honored to be among those selected to present at TEDxNapaValley 2015. The theme of the event is Redefining Success and she’s speaking about how Gender Equity supports the theme. Hosted at the Napa Valley Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Center, 14 speakers will be presenting.

Tickets and full details are available here.

  1. Marketing Beer To Women 4/14/15

Delivering signature and singular research data on the female consumer, Ginger is conducting a action packed info filled education session immediately prior to CBC this year in Portland, OR. All people and businesses that realize the enormous impact the female buyer and consumer has on the beer industry should register and attend this event. Limited seating.

Sign up today with this link.

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Your Four Talents

This post goes out today with a nod to powerhouse, Loren Fogelman.

Your Four Talents:

1. Gifts – You possess these naturally, you love them and excel at them.

2. Areas of Excellence – People come to you for these skills, you can do them, yet they may bore you if done for any length of time.

3. Competencies – You’re good at these and you get bored quickly with them.

4. Incompetencies – You have no business doing these things.

Are your talents clear to you and others - or fuzzy?

Are your talents clear to you and others – or fuzzy?

I heard Loren talk about these as her guest at an NAPW meeting a few weeks back. Loren is impressive in her mastery of material, delivery, presence and projecting her energy forward.

So why am I sharing this with you today? I’d suggest you look at your 4 talents and how you exercise them, no matter who you are and what you are currently occupied with. Work, volunteer, retired and between ‘things’. Now’s a good time to either evaluate or re-examine what is it you’re using this one go round for.

I know I sometimes struggle with how to better budget my time. Balance is a myth and no one can have it all since “all” is different for every body. My talents are always up for examination; where and how I apply them equally so. In the process – and it’s perpetual – I learn more, get better at charging after things I want, letting go of things that are unproductive, and learning to be more graceful on the whole.

Sometimes it’s tougher than we’d like to get rid of a task or obligation that weighs us down. Sometimes it’s not in the cards at all. When you can play it out, it can be cathartic, truly empowering and invigorating.

The 4 Talents to me are groups of skills, characteristics, and abilities influenced by my beliefs, opinions, and thinkings.

It’s time to examine your 4 Talents. I’ll be doing my next personal review with fresh beer and nibbles close at hand. Care to join me?

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