All Hail Vail!!!

Yes, it’s that time of year again folks: The Big Beers Belgians and Barleywines Festival is kicking off this week in snowy gorgeous Vail, Colorado, USA.

Yours truly will be returning (queue the music please) to give a lively & info chocked beer & cooking session: How To Cook With Beer, Wandering Around The Kitchen with Ginger. It’ll be loads of fun, there will be tastes and tricks, tips & ideas for you to take home with you.

Vail Cascade Resort awaits BBBB....

Vail Cascade Resort awaits BBBB….

Laura & Bill Lodge, Sister & Brother Wonder Team, put together this world class event and I’m thrilled to be heading there again.

In 2014 I was invited to present for the first time – here’s the menu I made & served to the happily SRO room. Wow! Yes, please – sign me up for more. They do such a great job there’s a wait to be asked to return to present if you fit their needs.

I’m also hosting a Marketing Beer To Women Workshop, Pour it on! You can register here.

Laura knows I’m available at a moments notice for this one and anything she’s involved in. Great people usually = great events.

Hats off, pints up and skis on – see you in Vail!

Now, back to my kitchen…I’m fine tuning the goodies to be served with my 3 fan-taste-tical beers: New Holland Dragon’s Milk, Allagash’s Nancy & The Bruery’s Oude Tart with Boysenberries (is your mouth watering yet??)

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When’s the Right Time To Hire WEB for Your Business

This is an excerpt from a recent email conversation. The context is this person wanted to attend our Marketing Beer To Women workshop

“In regards to a one-on-one [marketing consultation], I’ll kindly decline. We haven’t brewed our first beer yet and don’t think its the correct time to hire you.

I was interested on your talk because it is innovative and something to think off further down the road.”
The right time to develop your marketing plan, for all businesses and organizations that want o be successful, is early. To wait is to fail in best bringing your products, goods, services, and ideas to market.
I’d ask: What precisely are you waiting for? It’s never too early, and often it’s too late.
Once the doors open, it’s too late. Did you wait to call the plumber until you actually got the equipment in? Did you wait to contact the press until your doors were/are actually open? Did you wait to hire an architect until you had building materials delivered? Do you wait to order grain until the day you actually want to brew?
Plan ahead. Have success.

Plan ahead. Have success.

No to all of the above. Waiting in business is suicide.

I pity the foolish business person who waits to develop a proper marketing plan. Even more so, I pity the fool who waits to plan to market to women according to what the business is planning to sell.
I don’t pity the fool who’s too myopic or foolish to not consider women as a huge global force to reckon with. I agree with Seth.

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Marketing Beer To Women Workshop Invite

Immediately prior to Craft Brewers Conference in Denver this year, I’m giving a free workshop that specifically addresses marketing beer to the world’s largest and most influential population: Women.

Ready to step up your marketing to successfully address the primary buyers of all goods and services in America? Reserve your seat today. If you’ve been to my presentations before, you’ll know they are lively, full of immediately usable information, well worth your time and will help you increase your business.

Save your seat today by calling WEB

Save your seat today by calling WEB

With the continued growth of the industry and increased choices for the consumer, you need to know how to reach the most valuable buyer around: Women.

Is there a problem selling beer to women? There will be if the continued trajectory of brewery openings maintains. The men that already drink beer will get stretched further and further – it’s time to look at new populations to support this growth. There’s still much to do to totally tap into the female beer buyer and consumer.

The workshop is free and space is very limited. Serious people are invited to contact me directly (not Cheeky Monk) to save your seat. This event is for professionals in the industry: breweries, distributors, vendors, growers, suppliers, retailers….everyone who has a vested interest in marketing to women correctly.

A few seats are being reserved for interested qualified media & press as well.


  • Tuesday April 8th, 2 – 4 pm.
  • The Cheeky Monk, 534 Colfax, Denver CO
  • FREE, buy your own beer & food (to each, your own tab!)
  • RSVP’s required, limited seating
  • Call Ginger to save your seat 515.450.7757 PST, daytime calls only, no emails
  • First reserve, first sat; we’ll create a wait list as necessary – and it’s filling up fast.

The workshop will include information from the newly available report/s based on the 2012 Women + Beer Survey, basic Do’s and Don’ts in marketing to women, and there will be plenty of time to ask questions. Please be prompt.

Thank you. See you soon –

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Why Gender In Marketing Beer Matters

There’s ongoing conversation about whether or not women should in fact be recognized and actively marketed to for beer. While it may seem like a silly question to some, frustrating for others and “huh?” for yet others, I think it’s important. Here’s why.

At the center of the issue is that any population that has not actively been invited to converse and be involved in a conversation needs to be invited. Women here are the said population, beer is the said conversation.

IMG_1112Recently I was contacted by a respected and sharp colleague about writing a column for Valentine’s Day about women and beer, specifically which beers to suggest for women who currently don’t consume. In the stream were 6 other people I know in the professional beer arena and so ensued a query: Should this instigator write about this topic? Is the writer, who in this case is male, qualified to write such a piece? And if so, then what are our thoughts?

Responses were varied, with common themes, which is common in doing this sort of ad hoc research. I commented right away. He’s precisely the right person to do this. Thoughtful, exercising quality journalistic professionalism….and incidentally a man.

Feminism isn’t about gender. It’s about equality and respect and having everyone participate in progress.

One of the goals here is to make the connection of women and beer so obvious that it’s no longer an eyebrow raising, patronizing facet of our society. At this time it’s still firmly entrenched so change we must actively pursue.

Think it’s already there? Think again. When you’ve got people in breweries marketing Double D Blonde, Tramp Stamp and dozens of others with highly sexualized images to go with them, then yes, Virginia – there’s a massive problem.

  1. Is this beer quality to begin with? If so, then why pander to a hormone raging teenage boy level name and graphic. Totally ridiculous, tired (as another write stated), and completely eliminates not just women. It’s insulting to women (reduced to bodily parts) and men (you’re too sex driven to think of anything else) alike.
  2. Why are the women and men in the companies not completely squashing these ideas? Products that have these labels should not be allowed to do business until they partake of meaningful and lasting gender respect education.
  3. “Small” brewers in America are the worst. So no – small isn’t best. Small is small. And in this case small also means small-minded thinking.
  4. I’d hedge a bet that everyone involved in all these brands has a female in their life they care about. Why are they totally dissing her and not seeing the obvious connection here completely baffles me.

One of the colleagues in the stream pointed out that she’d rather have people say holy shit you know a lot about beer,” instead of gee, you sure know a lot about beer for a girl.” I agree. I find it curious that someone who is tired of hearing about gender in beer calls herself a girl. This is precisely why we need to keep talking it out. It perpetuates permission to call a woman a girl instead, thereby indicating she’s under 18 and infantilizing her person.

Out as in, all women and men need to demand full respect in titles and names – yes they matter. Huge. Girls, chick, broad, bitch, and babe are all damning words and do not connote full respect, are not clever in the world theatre and only help stagnate progress. Correct someone when they use girl instead of woman.

There’s a relatively enthusiastic group in the community that uses Girl in the first of three words in a title. While they may preach that they are about education, the very fact that the first word in the title of the name is denigrating is seriously regressive. I expect to hear from one of them, following the post, as I have little time for someone who tells me “F*** you, we can call ourselves what we want,” “get off your feministic high horse” and so forth (they do that). Undiplomatic, unclassy and most importantly closed and narrow-minded. If you’re going to be belligerent an unseeing of the damage you’re doing, I’ll have no part of it.

It’s both amusing and tragic at the same time that there are those who think disrespectful labels and titles are acceptable and keep using them. No you can’t call yourself what YOU want and not push your own myopic and selfish feelings on the rest of the female population. It’s not about you, it’s about all of us.

Left Hand does it right: Ales 4 FemAles

Left Hand does it right: Ales 4 FemAles

We have to be fully aware that if we all want full dignity and respect, then the titles and labels we use in any public arena must reflect that. You can still exercise cleverness as it fits, like Left Hand Brewing’s Ales 4 FemAles – as long as respect is intact. A4F hits the target, retains integrity and respect, and communicates what the group is about.

It’s a well documented fact that in societies where women are fully respected the culture is healthier, happier, and more successful in many ways than those who do not fully respect women and females. Rather ironic that America, one of the greatest countries in the world and clearly a World Leader, is *still* so far behind on gender equality.

You can respect women, men and beer simultaneously. We all should.

I hope we go somewhere with this idea, collectively as a group, since there will be strength and great varied opinions in this rank. In the meantime the writer has my full support, which he had before.

Stay posted…watch to see what happens.

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Looking for the Obvious


Females and males populate the earth, of all species.

Homo sapiens are one of the (over) populated species walking about.

Look for the obvious: the female beer buyer

Look for the obvious: the female beer buyer.

If you look at sheer numbers, you’ve got half the population that’s female and half that’s male.

The primary influencer of dollar spending in the US is that female population. When you search, you find that between 75 – 85% of all purchases are made by women (across categories).

If we then go to the level of beer, a relatively small portion of the whole pie we’re examining, we can then see the obvious: Current marketing to women by the beer companies is lacking. If women make the majority of purchases of beer, then they need to market to her.

The dynamic of the sexes would joke about this yet the fact remains that women are the primary buyers, of beer as well as cotton swabs, cars, and widgets.

Look for the obvious. Obviously women are the primary buyers. Why wouldn’t all beer companies see and act on this?

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Diagnostic & Statistical Manuals (DSM)

In listening to an interview on my favorite station (whatever public radio it may be), I heard the term DSM, or Diagnostic Statistical Manual, last week.

What do you see in the diagnosis?

It got me thinking…what would a DSM for Women Enjoying Beer contain and look like? Here’s some ruminations.

1. First off it wouldn’t contain statistics. We focus on the qualitative factors: the Why behind decision-making as well as it specializing on women. So I’d rename is DQW for Diagnostic Qualitative Womanual.

2. What are we diagnosing – what corrections are needed in the beer industry to properly address females are powerful market share? What can be done, how to do it, why to do it, when, with whom and timelines?

3. We like to keep things positive, so there’d be no ‘calling anyone out’ per bad practices. Rather, we’d highlight the well done aspects of different entities to show them and the ideas as examples.

4. It’d have loads of “how to” market beer to women based on the research we conduct and gather. The great thing about qualitative information is that you can use it to best fit a wide variety of women. Collecting it may seem ameobic to some – it’s simply loaded with all the thoughts and thinkings behind why we do what we do. Think of it as infinitely mineable.

5. The sharpies in the audience will also see that this information, while specializing on women + beer, can be applied in an infinite array of fields and for a huge variety of purposes.

What would you want in the womanual?

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CBC 2012 Testimonial

Hi Ginger –

I had the pleasure of attending your seminar at the CBC last week.  I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed that seminar more than any other I attended!  You are truly a dynamic speaker who is passionate about beer and getting women to be passionate about it too.

Thanks again for sharing your joy and enthusiasm.”

Laina McFerren

Founder, Co-Owner

Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Co.

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With A Nod To Marty Jones & Helen Reddy

Okay – my apologies. I’d posted this – I thought – and yet the ghost in the machine somehow got a hold of it…

Marty letting 'er rip!

SO – with no further adieu, here’s the ‘Nod’, as it were. Many thanks to the talented, fun and sharp Marty Jones for the intro song per a workshop at Wynkoop Brewing Company on marketing beer to women.

I am woman hear me road in numbers too big to ignore / When I’m shopping for fine beer in your store / But your marketing and ads are aimed at dudes and dads / Ignoring customers without gonads

Oh yes I’m a wife and I’ve drank beer all my life / Yes I’ll pay the price if you offer beer that’s nice  / If I want to, I can buy anything / I’m employed, I have a Mastercard / I am woman!

I am woman see me drink In numbers larger than you think / And I know too much to go back an’ pretend / Please don’t suggest Cabernet when the one drink I crave / Is a Rail Yard Ale and glass of B3K

Oh yes, I have breasts but I don’t want the wine list / Two X chromosomes and I buy the beer for home / So please tell me about your beer stash / I want hops I want some flavor / I have taste and an MBA / I have expendable income I am WOOOOOOOO MAN!!!!

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Marketing Beer to Women, Part 9: Events Guidance (2 of 2)

Yesterday started the Events Guidance in MB2W. Here’s the second part of that pschyographic research based list.

Events – combines social, education, & entertainment ( = success!)

  1. Make sure event ideas are fun to women by running the ideas by women beforehand
  2. Get a photographer to take pictures at events, get them printed in local publications – everyone likes to see smiling faces in the local news (good news at that!)
  3. Brew a special beer for your female patrons and women mug club members – choose a flavorful style (no assuming the falsity of ‘women like fruity or light beers’). They like all kinds of flavors.
  4. If your brand doesn’t have one, bring in a female brewer  to brew it.
  5. Have a launch party around the beer release. Invite only female journalists and writers to cover it. Go even further – have only female staffers run it. It sends a great message: women are fully competent.
  6. Have events with specials – if they want to patronize you already, they’ll consider coming all the more
  7. “All proceeds go to…” events. Most women give in some form to charities, and they may already be a supporter which gives them more reason to support both your business and the cause.
  8. Offer to host their affinity groups, meetings, and functions – women are more philanthropic than men; they’ll give more because of a cause you may be affiliated with IF they believe in the cause.
  9. Consider authentically (of course) catering to GBLT community (also very underserved and financially healthy market segment). There’s a lot of transference here.
  10. photo by Kate Parks

    Host women only enthusiast clubs where the host is a woman

  11. The 20 somethings like networking opportunities; heck, all ages like connecting and the female business crowd is a powerful group. Something as simple as a Beer happy hour related to work is simple and appropriate.
  12. Partner with local female clubs (like Girl Scouts) sports teams to use them as wait staff, maybe even in a fundraising capacity. Help shatter the myth that beer is not family friendly.
  13. Women like events where the glass is the take away gift. Make sure it’s a deserving glass (no tapered pints please)
  14. Do serve flavorful beer at events. Women won’t go to certain events if there isn’t any tasty beer. At a minimum, have a small variety for them to choose from.
  15. If events are too crowded it turns many women off; they can’t talk reasonably or move around easily or safely. Limit bodies and check fire codes; most importantly use good judgement.
  16. Lastly – make sure bathrooms are clean, comfortable temperature wise and always have a hand washing station available, whether it’s inside or out.

Marketing Beer To Women series starts here



Marketing Beer to Women, Part 3: General Knowledge

Little can be generalized in our world. Everyone has different goals, tastes and methods. That said, there are generalities for marketing beer to women that you need to consider.

Generalities based on WEB’s ongoing market research of women and their relationship with beer:

  • “Women want to feel good about their drinking”(actual quote) – make every effort to do just that authentically
  • Be authentic [your brand and the people involved in it]
  • Be transparent [same as above]
  • Be genuine in your enthusiasm to capture them as patrons
  • Relevancy to their lives is very important
  • Pay attention to details (real cream vs. creamer for example)
  • Encourage females to become interested in home brewing

Generalities can serve a purpose when the vast majority of one market segment agrees. In this case, the above fits that bill.

Make sure that if you see the enormous value of authentically and transparently attracting women to your beer brand/s, your generalities are aligned with what they want.

Always remember: it’s about women beer consumers, not you.

Tomorrow – Part 4: No Pink

Part 2: Know our Market

Part 1: Three Universal Truths

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Marketing Beer To Women Series Starts Today

Why is there a gender issue surrounding marketing beer to women? Because if there wasn’t a need to delineate women as a market share for beer promoters and sellers, we wouldn’t be discussing it.

Marketing is at the core here. And at the core it’s marketing beer to a target audience. When you look at how to market beer or any other product or service, you have to know who your market is and who to reach them. Gender in this instance is the market delineation.

  • Yes, at the core marketing beer to women is about beer.
  • No, it shouldn’t be about gender and in this case it’s the very market that’s being discussed so yes it matters.

Anyone who doesn’t understand this needs to sit down and take a lesson. A Marketer markets – they don’t sell, they don’t manage, they don’t make the product. They bring the product to the market – hence the term ‘Marketer.’ Doing it ad hoc by whoever can/is available/has time is a huge mistake for companies and branding.

Marketing is not a bad thing nor a four letter word. It’s a good component that drives your business forward, no matter what the official business structure is either (for profit, non profit and everything in between). It’s an essential part of any businesses wanting to be successful, whether you sell rockets to NASA or hops the local brewery.

Stay tuned for a lengthy series about marketing beer to women. You’ll gain valuable and usable insight, all based in consumer driven research to develop and serve the female consumer. If you’re a business, promoter or maker of beer, then you’ll want to pay attention. If you’re a consumer help the entire beer community out by speaking up about your beer (host a WEB women + beer focus group).

Part 2 tomorrow: # Universal Women + Beer Truths

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Seeing The Light: Why Women Matter

Seeing the light can be blinding obvious or yawningly dim. Maybe even in the norm of average daylight or indoor illumination.

The trick is to see what others don’t. Having vision means you are stretching, looking for those darkened nooks and crannies of business opportunity that exist that very few have even considered.

Women and beer fit here.

  • Females make up more than 50% of the global population
  • Women influence fully 80% of all purchases (across category lines)

The planet is in a decline and now is the time to develop brand loyalty – even simply basic beverage loyalty. Check out the latest Gallup poll (last year’s too).

See the light: Women + Beer = brand growth

You think it’s just us preaching this message? If you have any interest or gain in promoting or selling beer, then you better pay attention: Woman are a huge part of the answer.

Most brewers in America aren’t looking that far ahead, as a general rule, because they can’t make enough beer to meet the demand that’s now in play. Why should they develop new market share when they can’t even get past today’s brewing schedule?!

Why? Because when it does register, it’s going to hit hard and dramatically. Now is the time to get women engaged in beer, not in a few years even. Remember that planet thing? That’s not going to get significantly better anytime soon. You best get into the research and strategy NOW of getting women into your brand. To expect something means to put a serious and concerted effort forth.

When you’re ready, as a few enlightened souls have been, WEB is here to help. It’s simply a focused knowledgeable effort that’s needed – just like recipe development or equipment planning. WEB is the industry leader in marketing craft beer to women.

What are you waiting for? Someone else to take a share point?

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Market Share: Plan Ahead

If you’re in the beer business, particularly as a brewery, you may wonder why:

1. With the tremendous demand that the smaller brewers of this country have created, why you should be looking at developing new market share in women.

2. Women as market share matter for your future.


1. You need to plan now to develop the female market share. Think of it this way: Yes, you’re up to over your eyeballs busy just trying to keep up with demand you’ve created for yourself. At the same time, do you save for college when the child is a junior or senior in high school? Thinking ahead is the answer.

2. It’s a fact that females make 80% of purchasing decisions, across category lines. Why wouldn’t you be thinking about how women impact your brand and success? They already do so you need to be paying attention to it.

Be the ant, not the grasshopper.

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Staying In Touch

  1. Do you know how your customers want to hear from you?
  2. Do you know how often they want to be contacted?
  3. Do you know what will affect their wanting to be contacted by you?
  4. Do you collect consumer information to help stay in touch and simultaneously build your business?
  5. Do you know all the above as it is specifically related to women consumers?

If you know even one of these, great. 2 or more – super. 3+ – well, you are truly paying attention and on the right track in serving the customer. Can you do better? Of course – we all can improve. It’s a moving target after all and it’s a target we definitely need to chase even though we know it’s dynamic and not static.

Part of WEB’s research in our focus groups is to talk about communication. Communication from them to you, you to them and all the facets therein. Frequency, method, topics, and so on. This is important stuff to know because it directly affects what investments you should be making and making accurately in your marketing efforts.

Know this: Marketing your products are not an extraneous or secondary budget item. Marketing is critical to your success. Marketing to women should be at the top of that list since they make 80% of all purchases.

It’s important because:

  • You want to make sure you’re heard amongst all the noise, competition for our attention and clutter that clogs our ears and eyes each day.
  • Consumers want to know about you AND they want to find out how they want to find out, when then want, and not be over inundated or spammed in any way.

We have answers that can help you. Get in touch to find out the how/when/why of women + communication with your brand.

p.s. Resource du jour

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How to Capture What You Can't See

Is it there?

Can you see the mountain in this picture?

Assuming you don’t have SuperHero powers to see through clouds, does it mean that the mountain is not there? Of course not – it’s still there, whether you recognize it or not.

You have to look through what may be unclear or unsure to see the future. If you have been involved in any way in bringing your beer to market, then you do know how to envision the future. Take it further be developing and serving women. Let me clarify.

Like this picture, there is most certainly something ‘there’ even though you may not be able to see it right now. Chances are good there is already a portion of your sales that are from female consumers. Women as market share to significantly grow your craft beer brands is like the cloudiness here: You must have a belief in that fact that women already do and will continue to help your brand either grow or wither.

The vision (and potential) will become clearer with action

Women influence 80% of purchases across all categories. To ignore them simply because you don’t see them as 80% influencers in your brands’ success would be shortsighted and foolish.

Seeing the forest and the trees is how you must approach the female beer consumer. They are there. They are waiting. Some are engaged. Some want to be more engaged. Some don’t even know they want to engage until you do help them (I’m a former poster child of the last variety).

All brands start small and all market share is small until you actively pursue and attract the target. Make sure you not only see the potential. Make sure you proactively do something about it.

Would you leave 80% of a batch of your beer just sitting there? Then why would you not see women as worthy market share?

Can you afford to not recognize this opportunity?

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Still Not "Getting It"

Here’s (yet) another example of the mark missed in marketing craft beer to women.

Here’s what’s good about it:

  • Dedicated effort aimed at women and beer
  • Professionals who happen to be women are involved
  • Apparently wanting to cater to women

Here’s what’s still off about it:

  • Call/label/title them ‘Women’ or ‘Females.‘ Research shows that these two terms are universally acceptable. “Ladies Night” – what does that make you think of? A bunch of intelligent beer savvy women or a dark dingy bar with questionable men lying in wait for the women to show up… Do you host “Gentlemen’s Nights”? Get rid of Ladies Night.
  • Pink is for barbie, Victoria Secret and Breast Cancer.** Female consumers, once again based in research across the country of average women, don’t want their products pinkified. We don’t market men’s products with baby blue. Remove the color from beer. Maybe we should call them ‘boys’ instead to keep up with ‘girls’ groups…..
  • “…two women were brewing a beer that will likely cater to many female customers. The light, lager-style ale is low in alcohol and hops…” Likely?? Really?? Did you ask them first?? I’m almost speechless. Who says that women want this kind of beer? The inference is dangerously off. Seriously, this is what sets us back the most. All people enjoy all kinds of flavor, whatever your gender is. Yes, women and men enjoy a lighter bodied style of beer sometimes (for some it’s never, for some it’s always) but to intentionally perpetuate this bad and incorrect stereotype for all women is wrong and insulting. Lump your own tastes or what you may think your local market share is but don’t put all of any thing in one box. It don’t fit. Do the research to really find out the correct answers. I can tell you first hand that many, many West Coast women want and demand a hoppy, bitter beer…

The majority of the population on the planet are female. Women directly and indirectly affect fully 80% of purchasing decisions. In all categories.

If you want to build market share in any business, good or service, wake up and smell the beer. Ask women what they want before you assume or put your own opinions on them with out asking them first. Seriously, how is this not obvious??

**Hundreds of female consumers all across the country share they do not want products marketed to them in the color pink. They state clearly in research focus groups  that the use of pink is effective and appropriate for those brands that already own it: Barbie, Breast Cancer, and Victoria Secret.



All I Need To Know About Marketing Beer To Women I Learned From My Dogs

Hops, Ginger & Belle (OR Coast)

Belle and Hops and I put our heads together to offer you these suggestions today.

1. Listen. Women want to be not only heard. They want to be listened too. Real engagement of the senses that can help everyone learn and grow.

2. Observe. The smart beer businessperson who wants to market to women will sit back and watch, noticing a plethora of useful information and most likely generate more questions that need to be asked.

3. Wag a lot. Smile and truly welcome women to the beer table. Be genuine in your affinity for encouraging them into your brand with no falseness or insincerity.

Belle at the ready

4. Leave a bit of your brand in your wake, like dog hair. Be sure to ALWAYS carry and pass out your (appropriate) business card. Giving away small useful schwag items like pencils or stickers in exchange for their contact information gives them a goodie in reward for them sharing their (valuable) contact information with you.

5. Safety and Security. Treat them as high value customers. Protect them from stupidity, disrespect and inappropriate beer marketing.

6. Pride. Stand tall and be aware of embracing this huge group of the population that will – make no mistake – help grow and sustain your brand.

7. Acceptance. Happily accept whatever beer they happen to drink and then offer them an additional choice to try. Be a geek, not a snob. Beer in any form is still an entry into more different beers.

8. Acquiesce. Use tact and diplomacy freely.

9. Acceptance. Suspend judgement based on anything – color, gender, choice of beverage, size of glass, and so on. Be happy they are at your establishment and engaging in your brand.

10. Be thankful. Again, wag a lot and often. Be sure to express your thanks, genuinely and often to the female patrons who buy your beer and provide your living as well as support your passion. They’ll return the favor in spades when they know they are wanted and valued.

Know when to lie down

11. Know when to go sit or lie down. Step off and step aside when it’s in good taste and timing. Know when to be enthusiastic and when to graciously go away. You can regroup with new knowledge, learn and go in again.

12. Be happy and enthusiastic. Brands that are attractive to women are ones that have a positive message and angle. Brands that are arrogant, pushy, sexist, or otherwise a turn off will loose out quickly.

13. Be inclusive. All dogs want to play. Be sure you are inviting all women into the beer conversation. Throw out any judgments, assumptions and ideas you may have about her; she’s the one – follow her lead, accommodate what she wants to enjoy.


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Why Would You Hire Women Enjoying Beer?

Why would a brewery, brewpub, distributing brewery, distributor or retailer consider hiring WEB, an ‘outside’ source, to help with marketing beer to women when they have staff internally already in place?

Here are a few reasons why you need WEB. Consider:

1. What research does your company do specifically on women and beer? (not causal noticings and observations) Dedicated work towards identifying the reasons why women do engage in beer and why women don’t engage in beer – then all the hundreds of directions that simple query can go.
2. Do the talented people already in your organization actually know what to do in this arena, starting with how to procure this specialized information, and then do they know how to maximize it and really implement it and take effective and efficient action to realize the information to profits?
3. Think of Women Enjoying Beer as you would an equipment installer. Yes, you’ll own the equipment (staff), and yes, you’ll learn what to do with it (operations).
First though: who installs it and trains everyone in exactly how to best run and get maximum return for that investment (WEB)? How to care for it and really understand it to use for best company benefit simultaneously learning how to stay on top of the machinery to ensure long term success?

That is precisely what WEB does for your beer business. We exist to help you learn, see, research, and act on engaging the female craft beer market share from the female consumers perspective; the one you need to start with. We’re here to enlighten, share information, train and educate you so you’re crew can then run with it.

Hiring WEB to do all these things, training staff to carry on and forward is the whole point.

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What Can WEB Do For You

It has recently come to my attention that we need to do way more in helping everyone, specifically the brewing community, understand what Women Enjoying Beer is about. My thanks to those in the beer community who are asking these questions for clarification.

First and foremost: Women Enjoying Beer is a business. We are not a club, a causal enterprise or a hobby. We are professionals specializing in marketing beer to women consumers.

I believe part of the non-understanding is that WEB has no other businesses doing just this – so there’s no comparison out there. Fair enough. We’ll try to provide a lot more education of how we can help grow the craft/beer community. And we always welcome callers and emails with questions.

Helping women enjoy beer

Here’s an excerpt from a conversation with a brewer/owner who is interested in finding out how WEB can help his brand grow. I hope this helps.

If you choose to use my services to help you build a stronger and increased female market share, know you get the singular information that Women Enjoying Beer has been collecting for 2+ years, expressly focused on women and their relationship with beer. It’s market information that no one else anywhere has been pursuing and offers totally unique insight due to the research and information therein. Think of me as a contractor, like you stated – on a project basis. This contractor in WEB needs or desires no WEB billing, it’s under your brand to engage more women in your brand.

The information from research, events and so forth can all be applied to augment your efforts.  Know that developing newer market share is also a long term investment, just as you would need to do if you opened a brand new brewery. It takes time and dedicated effort and it will pay off for those in it for the long range success. Women comprise 50.7 -9% of the human population. In my humble opinion, to neglect to do anything with that potential is enormous opportunity lost and disrespectful to the fact that women still directly and indirectly make 80% of purchasing decisions.

It would be my pleasure to work with you and for your brand to enhance, augment and further develop the ‘good’ things you already have in place; improving them over time. Marketing and PR are sometimes difficult to tangibly measure and it can be frustrating. I simply know through experience that time does tell and market share does develop. When you stick to it, have realistic expectations, patience and diligence, it happens.

Lending the knowledge of WEB to your brand per online content (variety of ways) will couple this singular knowledge you can use and have full access to through me with the tools you already have in place.

I hope this helps with some clarity and only want to go forward with you if this is something that makes dollars and sense to you. I totally believe in the power of engagement women in the beer conversation and have seen it first hand and I am determined to help women be heard, respected and included – they want to. People like yourself can be part of that sea change.

Yes, a closer, more “local” ghost write can do good work. I’d ask you to consider the following: Do they know the specifics of women and beer? With your brand in so many states (or even one), how important is physical locality to the progress of your brand?  Will they be as beer and women passionate as WEB? Obviously it’s your choice.

Thanks for the opportunity to answer your concerns, keep them coming – and share a bit more of my philosophy. I’m in if you are.

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