10 Things Women Want Series: Part 1 – Address the Consumer as the Consumer

When’s the last time you intentionally educated yourselves on marketing beer to women? If you’re a business – what’s your answer? If you’re a consumer, when’s the last time you spoke up directly to a brewery or beer business about what you want?

Today we launch a 10 part series of What Women Want – 10 things women all over the USA have told Women Enjoying Beer specifically about per their relationship with beer. Let’s get to it.

Ask Women What They Want

Part 1: Address the consumer side from just that – the consumer angle.

WEB is the only group anywhere on the planet doing specific work anchored in the relationship female consumers have with beer – or why they don’t have one at all. There are other industry and recreation groups. WEB info is singular in that it comes right from the woman’s lens – not the agency or marketers lens, not from the men’s lens, not from the existing female enthusiasts lens.

In order to really understand marketing beer to women, you have to throw out any expert lens, any snob or geek glasses, any preconceived notions and thinking and see it from the fresh perspective of a consumer.

Females want to be asked then listened too per their relationships. They don’t want to have false assumptions and philosophies based on incorrect data, inaccurate stereotypes or otherwise incorrect information shoved down societies collective throat. That’s not only dangerous, it’s intentionally ignorant and lazy.

If you did that you’d be dead wrong and your business would suffer accordingly. Pay attention to what women have to say – not what you think they think or base it on a narrow slice of the female pie.

In order for your accuracy to be just that, you also need to talk to women 21 years of age to over, well, as aged as the female beer enthusiast gets. And here’s a nugget – the female baby boomers are a huge opportunity within the female market share. Numbers’ wise, it’s an incredibly large portion of all women everywhere. Bigger than a few other ‘desirable’ marketing categories – combined. Read Marti’s book for more information.

So when you are looking at addressing the 50.9% of the population who happen to be female in relation to your beer, go to them first. Make sure it is from the consumer side.

Nothing else will do. And the potential gain is huge.

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