Doing More With What You Already Have

One of the smartest and easiest tactics to improve your market share is to do more with what you already have. The premise here is that you are willing to closely examine what you do have and delineate what should stay and what should go.

Stay or Go? Examine:

  1. What works. Knowing ‘it works’ isn’t enough though; you have to know why. Examine what works and why it works. Be sure to have a hole-shooter to vet all possibilities on why it works, so they are intentional and useful reasonings, never happenstance and by-chance.
  2. What isn’t working. Knowing it ‘isn’t working’, again, isn’t enough. You need to briefly look at what isn’t working to determine why it isn’t. Even more so than to re-endorse what is working, examining what isn’t working is crucial because you may find a simple tweak can go from Not Working to Working status.
  3. Be detached from the outcomes. Detachment isn’t disinterest. Detachment is the ability to objectively find out what does work and why, deciding what doesn’t and why, and moving toward continual improvement of what can work. Detachment makes it easier for you to be tied to the end results, not the specific measures in getting them.
  4. Be motivated for results. While marketing can’t always be measured as we want – clear, concise and specific – it’s nonetheless fundamental to successful operations. Be motivated by the results you want to have and let that motivation guide you forward in your decision-making processes. Interviewing and hiring pros who can help you think through the process is often an excellent investment, since they are very experienced to do so – therefore making you more money and amplifying your efforts (and paying for their services easily along the way).

What else can you do with what you already have?

Doing more with what you already have is attractive for several reasons. One, you can keep using what you do have, reaping better benefits from the investments dedicated in those efforts. Two, you can release what isn’t working. Three, there are always new ways to parse an existing effort to enhance, add, subtract and otherwise modify the core mechanism to new ends.

I once met with a client and we cleaned her advertising slate of $2000 of relatively useless conventional ads with this simple conversation. We immediately saved her $2K (!) with a clear conversation of what was and wasn’t working. This freed up her money and more importantly released her from her ‘you should do this’ thinking that those things worked. If they aren’t working, change it! What could you do with $2K/month?

Doing more with what you already have is also a great team building effort; team building = where your culture comes from. Gather the troops, dedicate a set amount of uninterrupted guided time to examine what you’re doing already, brainstorm on ways to fully maximize these efforts and get every body excited to contribute to the continued and growing success of your endeavors.

Maximize what you have before adding more. Seemingly small changes can generate big positive movement. Hire the right pro to help you do so and you’ll see more happy customers support your business.

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