Success Formulas

Challenge. Solution. Invitation.

Lisa conducting a useful marketing workshop at SBDC, Medford OR.

Lisa conducting a useful marketing workshop at SBDC, Medford OR.

This is the success formula for nationally recognized Lisa Manyon, “The Business Marketing Architect.”

Lisa got tired of the negative model of problem, agitate, and solve. I agree. We spend way too much time being negative instead of channeling that energy into what we CAN do.

Ditch the can’t – go with the can.

Read more about Lisa, her message and brilliant services here.

Marketing is communication. Knowing this and how to do it effectively as it suits your goals is key to success.

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More Ground to Break: Inaugural Women + Beer Advance

Women Enjoying Beer, an independent, consumer based research and education company based in Ashland, Oregon will host an inaugural Women + Beer Advance this August 2 – 4 at 4 Daughters Irish Pub in Medford, Oregon.

This event offers an educational opportunity for women to advance their enthusiasm for beer, build connections with other women who enjoy beer, and to have fun while learning more about beer.

Tapping into their love of beer, Ginger Johnson and guest speakers will create a collaborative conference celebrating beer in all forms. Guests include Lisa Morrison (The Beer Goddess), an appearance by Julia Herz (Brewers Association), and a screening of The Love of Beer with documentary filmmaker Alison Grayson.

The Women + Beer Advance kicks off on Thursday evening, August 2, with a Beer:30 social (location pending).  On Friday, August 3 and Saturday, August 4, attendees will experience a wide range of social activities and educational seminars including Beer & Food Pairings, Recipes for Cooking with Beer, the Economics of Beer, Beer Tasting Exploration, a discourse on ingredients and how they are used to create beer, and a pub walk.

Premium and Regular pricing information is available here.

Join Ginger Johnson and the crew of Women Enjoying Beer at 4 Daughters Irish Pub in Medford for these enlightening sessions.

Early registration is available through June 15 and regular registration up to the opening of the event at

For further information please contact Ginger Johnson in Ashland, Oregon at [email protected]  or 515-450-7757 or Emily Engdahl in Portland, Oregon at [email protected]  or 503-502-1689. To place it on a local calendar contact Kat Blaisdell at [email protected]

This press release and other media information can be found at

Women Enjoying Beer (WEB) is in the business of developing and serving the female beer consumer.  WEB partners with the beer industry to help it grow by authentically and accurately marketing to the female beer enthusiast.  WEB also works with women directly to encourage their beer enthusiasm.  WEB does this work through marketing, focus groups, workshops, and events.  For more information about Women Enjoying Beer and its focus on prime opportunities, please visit or

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Swig & Stitch Menu

Thanks to the engaged guests, hospitable host (38 Central) and terrific collaborators for another successful Swig & Stitch last night.

I’m honored to be part of this successful and enlightening regular event with Fabric of Vision. WEB is involved to bring more beer to life.

As I promised to the guests, here’s the menu we enjoyed.

All these beers were enjoyed with a plateful of yummy goodies:

  • Aged cheddar, hard Italian salami, head cheese, sopressatta, sesame cracker, grilled roulade (eggplant & roasted red pepper), Italian olive, candied walnuts, almonds

Cheers & see you all next month!

See – beer goes with everything.


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Deconstruction and Reconstruction Of Beer At Dinner

It was with great relish that I enjoyed a beer dinner at 38 Central in Southern Oregon this past week. One of the fine proprietors, David, graciously invited me to be their guest. How could I refuse? Why would I refuse!?

Immediately the name of the evening caught my attention: Deconstructing Beer and Reconstructing Dinner. Interesting. Let me tell you what that means to David and the crew.

1. The dinner was come as you wish, order off the special beer dinner menu or the regular menu. I like the idea of making the meal available all evening to all patrons when they can get there.  What a great idea and spin on the “dinner starts at X” – very consumer friendly.

2. They served the beer in various glasses. This is absolutely the right thing to do for a few reasons. One, it gets people to rethink the drink simply by offering it up in a non traditional vessel. Secondly, it’s the right thing to do for the beer. The shaker pint is the worst possible commonly used beer glass. Breweries and bars/restaurants need to ‘shake’ this habit. I’m still miffed at why breweries allow these glasses (economic driven) when they KNOW the beer is not nearly at its best in them…they buy quality ingredients for the beer….hmmmm…

3. The main entree part (it was multi course) offered 2 choices. Nice! I let the server and chef select for me as I am completely happy with surprises, an omnivore and also am curious about what others pick for me and why.

4. The head brewer of the featured brewery, Mad River, was there as was the area rep – nice touch! People are intrigued with meeting people who make beer or an involved in the company in any way. It’s like babies staring at each other. Fascination. It’s feet on the beer street that help sell the story and build following and market share. Dylan and Will were super cordial, beer passionate, fun and took time to talk with me during the evening. Heck – if I wasn’t so tired from previous events during the week already, I would have totally taken them up on sitting at their table and shooting the beer breeze. Raincheck, guys?

5. The chef, Joy, is really into food and really likes beer too AND she’s very approachable. Some chefs are really stuck in themselves and the food. Having all the staff excited and eager to share with guests is key to the customer experience, especially with women.

As far as the actual setting went, here are couple other to-dos that 38 Central got right:

  • Music – it was the proper able to hold a normal conversation level volume with no words.
  • Lighting – just right to see fully and dimmed enough to lend a lovely cozy ambiance.
  • Staff – ALL were genuinely friendly and accommodating. They clearly wanted to be there and were happy to serve.

Of course the tendency to over drink and over eat at a dinner such as this is huge. That said, the portions were close to just right for me (little less maybe since it was 4 courses). The beer servings could have been halved – and at the same time I appreciated the generosity of the pours.

The John Barleycorn Barleywine was the stand out beer to me maybe because there are still relatively few available and this one was really luscious and layered and presented very well.

The dessert was especially remarkable – a chocolate bread pudding made with brioche and Mad River Extra Stout ice cream. O. M. G. It was all uber delicious and fun. I ask you, why would you pair chocolate with anything but beer?!

Thanks for a great night! I will for sure be back, spread the good word and applaud them for a dinner well reconstructed.

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HUBba hubba

Hello All You Female Beer Enthusiasts!!

Coming right up – this Thursday’s Women Enjoying Beer event will feature HUB beers – Hopworks Urban Brewery, based out of Portland, OR. Perfectly appropriate especially since it’s Oregon Craft Beer Month!!

Hop to it and join us!

If you’ve saved your seat – you’re set. If you haven’t yet or know another woman to forward this to if they’d enjoy it, you can RSVP directly to me until end of day tomorrow (Tuesday the 13th) via this email or by calling 515.450.7757.

We’ll be at 4 Daughters Irish Pub in , OR. Plan on starting at 7 pm and going until 830. You’re very welcome to come early – enjoy dinner and drinks – and stay late (they are open until 11 pm). We’ll be up the stairs, to the back of the building.

Come ready to savor the flavors of these Organic Beers paired with fine 4 Daughters Irish Pub food. Matt, the very accommodating and beer happy chef, will again be taking good care of us.

It’s only $15 per woman – heck of a hot weather value!

Come quench your thirst for tasty quality beer and yummy foods. See you soon –



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