ABC’s of Women, Beer and Food: Letter M

Moderation is the featured word in our series today for the Letter M.

It could easily be Mmmmmmmmm or Malt or Mash.

We choose moderation as it’s part of the essence of enjoying beer: doing so in moderation.

Beer + Food in Moderation = Success!

Beer + Food in Moderation = Success!

What exactly is moderate beer enjoyment? Well, if you choose not to drink it then it’s time spent with others. If you do imbibe beer, then it’s all about savoring and regulating consumption. Regulation of consumption is what every brewer I’ve ever met would want for her beer. To be enjoyed in moderation, in moderate quantities, preferably with people and food. Moderation is about slowing down, not slamming. Moderation is being responsible about the quantity of beer you consume and making sure your actions are in keeping with class, tact, and civility.

Food enjoyment echos this idea. Both beer and food have nutrition and energy. And anything in excess is, we well, excessive and therefore denigrates the subject at hand as well as the partaker. Therefore food consumption needs to be moderate as well. Savored. Slowed down and truly enjoyed. Again, with other people and with respect and temperance.

Moderation can be a perfect vehicle for sharing beer, sharing food, and enjoying more out of life. Cheers to moderation.

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Beer and Glassware at the Iowa Expo

Beer and glassware. They’re so important together and so intrinsically entwined.

Which is exactly why I choose the topic at the HyVee sponsored Expo last weekend in Des Moines Iowa. The fine folks at Doll Distributing brought me in to help edutain the crowd – and a great audience it was!

Fun audiences at the HyVee Beer, Wine & Food Expo last week

They were attentive, fun, caught on quick to making ‘crowd sounds’ and even added their own enthusiastic and totally appropriate hand gestures.

I walked them through different kinds and styles of glassware, how they differ in the delivery of aroma and flavors, and why it’s fun to experiment. The volunteers in the audience who helped me by responding to questions went home with a fun WEB logos glass as well. We love giving away goodies!

A special thanks as well to the Tom Korder of Goose Island who was sitting in on the session for his help in demonstrating a hop rub.  Tom and his colleagues were great sports and it’s always fun to employ the talents of other ‘beer people.’

Herein lies the lesson today:

  1. Glassware is important to the sensory experience of your beer.
  2. Experiment often in creative ways – beer styles, glass styles, temperatures, and so on.
  3. Throw a beer & glassware potluck, invite friends to try different beers in different glasses and compare notes.
  4. Be a geek, never a snob.

Beer’s fun and meant to be that way and enjoyed in moderation. Please take these marching orders and go at it.

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31 Facets of Women & Beer: Facet #31

On this New Years Eve, we wrap up this series with a final facet: Women, Beer & Food.

Make it automatic: Beer & Food, Beer & Food, Beer & Food…..repeat it in your head or aloud until it’s automatic.

I’ve had women tell me in no uncertain terms that they want to learn about beer paired with food. They only had to tell us once. And I’ll tell you why it’s important to heed this critical directive:

  1. Beer and food go together. That’s the first most obvious one.
  2. Beer and food should go together. If you’re promoting alcohol – beer – then you should feel a sense of obligation to make food part of that promotion. Moderation goes hand in hand with responsibility.
  3. Beer and food complement each other so well. They bring out flavors in each other that when standing alone may be missed.
  4. Women want to duplicate the pairings they have at events. Be sure to share menus, suggestions and ideas. WEB always posts our menus the day after events for everyone to reference. It’s green, available and they can do with it as they wish.
  5. The beer community and food community have much to share and benefit from mutually when they collaborate.
  6. We like beer and food together. Do you? Then offer it as such.

Women, beer and food. This is yet another universal truth: they go together, and should. Combine them and you’ll see much success.

Happy New Year for Women & Beer!

31 Facets of Women & Beer Series starts here

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Beer & Donuts: Rethink Your Breakfast Drink

Do you like beer and donuts?

I’ve long been a fan of beer and donuts on a weekend day. A brewing friend, one of the first one I met when I discovered beer, turned me on to it. Moderation is always the key, as it is any time and any time of day you choose to exercise the privileges of drinking alcohol (it’s not a right).

This past weekend was my birthday so for one of those days we went out and got some fresh donuts with a beer in the fridge anxiously awaiting our return. That beer was from our friends at Grand Teton Brewing in Victor ID. They generously send me pre-releases. It’s fun to get them – more importantly it’s helpful in learning more about beer.

The beer that joined the donuts: Wake Up Call Imperial Coffee Porter.

Grand Teton Brewing Wake Up Call Imperial Coffee Porter

Take a guess if the Porter paired nicely with fresh chocolate cake donut and a fresh glazed chocolate frosted donut. Chocolate, like alcohol, is best in moderation too.

The beer aced the donuts – unfortunately the donuts we’re slightly less than fresh. Because the beer was delicious, the day was still saved. Full bodied, appealing flavors, deep opaque color with myriad pairing capabilities.

Changing the way people think about beer starts at home. If you’re in the professional beer world ask yourself:

  • What are my beer habits?
  • Where do I create innovation for the brand/s I make/work with?
  • How can I turn another person onto beer?

Set the example and see it take off. Personally, I’m waiting for the invite to help a brewery throw a stellar tasty and different beer brunch. Women love beer and they really like brunch.

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CAMFA & American Craft Beer Week

CAMFA = an educational program developed by web which stands for Color, Aroma, Mouthfeel, Flavor and Alcohol.

American Craft Beer Week = celebration of the contributions of American craft brewers.

Declare your ACBW Beer Independence

Put the two together and VOILA!! It’s a winning combination. In honor of ACBW, as beer enthusiasts may call it, here’s a tongue in cheek new iteration of CAMFA, dedicated to ACBW.

  • C = Craft beer. While to some it may be a state of mind, there’s no doubt that well crafted beer of any sort is worthwhile tasting.
  • A = Assortment. With well over 1700 craft breweries in American and 600+ more on the way, the variety is incredible.
  • M = Moderation. Savoring the Flavor, as the BA promotes – as do we, is the key to truly enjoying your beer and the precious universal beverage breweries put into every batch.
  • F = Females. With under 30% of women currently partaking of beer AND with women making 80% of purchasing decisions across the buying board, now is absolutely the time to get them involved. They are the future of American Craft Beer.
  • A = Accessibility. With the majority of Americans within 10 miles of a brewery, there’s every reason to hop on your bike, scoot the skateboard and otherwise get your self to the local brewery with friends.

Supporting your local brewery goes well beyond you and them. It’s good for our country and the international community.

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Beer and Cycling = Good Combination

Good health has long been a part of the craft beer communities mindset. Knowing that moderation is a key to being able to fully enjoy beer helps us all know when to say when and when to partake.

Larry and Julie enjoying a beer

Julie Wartell, founder of PubQuest and friend, is a good example of beer and cycling. She’s an avid beer fan, curious, engaged and fun. PubQuest helps people in search of pubs in North America find them. Combining cycling, fresh air, and activity with quality beer and the great people surrounding the two makes for a very winning combination.

See a post of her per beer & biking here.

We met on our Home Free Tour where she gracious hosted us and our two dogs for a few nights. During that time we also were able to get in front of beer enthusiasts at Stone and San Diego Brewing to talk about the Geography of Beer.

So – ride on. Ride to, ride fro, just be sure to couple great beer with exercise and keep the cycle going.

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