The Victory of Cross Pollinating Education

Fresh from the breathtaking beauty of Whistler British Columbia, I’m reminded of the great importance of cross-pollination.

Cross pollination in nature creates hybrids, cross breeds, and new varieties. We’d be wise in all aspects of our lives to include the idea of cross-pollination, especially in business. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Since the majority of my business world of the last 6+ years has been beer oriented, it’s so incredibly refreshing to be part of a totally different world (Mountain Biking) at a conference (keynote speaking).

2. The ideas that flow and move around the rooms are valid in so many ways and applications; no one industry owns information. It’s better shared and reformulated to suit new situations.

3. A simple change of faces is enough to invigorate and restart the juices. “New” people are waiting to meet other new people – you and I – so it’s a set up waiting to be taken advantage of.

4. The connections of education and people, location and experience gives our brains new ways to deal, think, and move forward.

by the way...I rode downhill for the first time here too!

by the way…I rode downhill for the first time here too!

A year + ago I decided aloud that I wanted to expand way beyond beer. It’s actually a thought I’ve had for some time – and several clients have been not of beer all along. This invite to present and be part of the Whistler Bike inaugural conference was a perfect springboard to return to that pool of thought.

People at the conference found my relationship to beer fun and certainly the good vibe went around, appropriate jokes were made and that made the whole thing all the better.

Find an educationally focused event to attend that has a relationship to what you do in some way. For me here, they want to get more women into the mountain biking world via digital media marketing (hence my topic). It was with eager and open eyes and brain that I embraced the invite and I’m so entirely happy I did.

The outdoor sports of the world say it best: Get Out There.

p.s. Sheng Li means Victory in Chinese

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Mountain Biking & Women

In a few days I’ll be in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Since it’ll be my first trip there I’m excited to see an area of the planet friends and colleagues often rave about as truly gorgeous. An outdoor paradise. Sign me up!

And it’s because of an invite to present a keynote talk at this conference that I’ll be going. The fine folks at Crankworx initiated the conversation – they want to continue to grow their industry and better serve a broader population. Enter: Marketing to women.

Like some of my other clients, the organizers “stumbled upon” the WEB site and wanted to hear more. Finding out if there was a fit for their conference in the message and insight I could deliver happened next. Suffice to say, it’s looking like an excellent fit. Here’s why.

1. From what my hosts tell me, mountain biking is still majority populated with male enthusiasts.

2. They recognize that women are a significant portion of the population and envision getting more women into the sport and support because of this obvious reason.

3. They recognize that you have to Know Thy Market. Knowing how to market to different population segments is key to success; we’re marketing to women experts, hence the invite.

4. They understand that while they found me via Women Enjoying Beer – and there’s a strong connection of beer and biking – there is much to be gained in bringing in and hiring an expert to address a topic that is universally important, across categories.

5. I get to enter the room on a mountain bike. (Good sports to be sure!)

It’s always refreshing to get to work with people like Jennifer, Nicole and Darren at Crankworx since they see the vision. And as Simon Sinek states, and which I agree with, a vision is something that you need to be able to see.

They want to see the success of their beloved industry; they want to see more people in general come into the fray; and they want to learn how to successfully market to women.

Oh – and I think we may do an extra beer tasting event as well…why not. Join us.

Cheers to all of that! Ride on.


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