How To Put Together A Women’s Beer Group

Over the yeas I’ve been asked a number of times: So, how do I put together a women’s beer group?

Today’s the day I want to shed some light on successful components to planning and executing a women’s beer group.

  1. Education has to be the primary purpose. Educating a new segment in a population to an idea must drive the endeavor forward.
  2. Single gender education has some unique benefits so do it right. Full respect, no pandering or pinking and by all means make sure it’s worthy of the time you put into it.
  3. Title: this is the easiest and toughest for some people. What do I name it? Easy: use the words “Women” or “Females” for starters. Simple and descriptive rule the day here. Check to make sure the name you think you want to use isn’t being used by others as well (trust me, says the logo-infringed upon business owner). If it is, think again for another choice.
  4. A well planned women + beer group is a smart investment for businesses who want to properly attract more women to beer.

    Conversely, never use denigrating or less-than-full-respect terms for women & beer: babes, broads, girls, chicks, and all other ilk of slang terminology holds everyone – and beer – back.

  5. A regular schedule is in order to get any sort of momentum. Whether you design a 3 part series or year round program, hold it consistently – day wise, time wise, location wise. Consistency builds brands.
  6. Charge guests for it. Part of the value proposition includes monetizing the education. Create a budget expressly for this effort and follow it. More guests will show up and take it seriously when you have a fee attached. $$ = investment of time and effort for everyone.
  7. Provide goodies. Free doesn’t make the world go round, but goodies can. I often get small glasses in tip-top shape at the thrift stores, put my vinyl stickers on them and give them away at tastings. Meaningful mementos of use are a great incentive and fun for all.
  8. Invite select media and press to attend, one at a time. Make M&P seats as valuable as the others. Budget 1 seat per event for proven press pros to enjoy, record and report. Show them a good time – just as you do all your guests – and do not expect glowing press in return. The job of the press is to report, as they see fit professionally to do so. Give them a good story and news they can use.

This gets us started today.

Want more tactics and strategy on how to put together a women’s or men’s or general beer enthusiasm group? Call me. I can help.

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Great Aspirations Come True

“The Great American Beer Festival has come a long was since its humble beginnings in 1982 as an offshoot of the 4th annual National Homebrew and Microbrewery Conference. Nevertheless, if the name is any indication, its aspirations were great, and over 30 years, the events has grown from 800 attendees to 49,000 and from a 5,000 square foot festival hall to one closer to 300,000 square feet.”

Brewers Association media info, ala GABF

Two GABF goer's that'd agree its a 'great' festival!

Great aspirations can yield poor overblown unplanned failure. Great aspirations need to have some thought behind them. Because great aspirations can also create smashing success.

The GABF is a premium example of thoughtfulness – not that any of the progenitors of the event could have foreseen its success. With sound decision making as part of the process, aspirations can be come realities.

Cheers to the Brewers Association, the brewers, the beer community, sponsors, vendors, workers, volunteer army and attendees – they all make this truly remarkable festival tick tock every year.

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Things to Keep In Mind for Successful Women's Beer Event

Fancy or Casual works (Photo by Kate Parks)

Throwing a successful women’s beer event involves several simple factors. Follow some basic guidelines and you’ll shine.

  1. Plenty of time to plan, plot, schedule, run through, and execute.
  2. Proper marketing
  3. The right kind of space
  4. Women who engage in beer

Let’s go through those in more depth.

Number 1 – Proper planning through to execution. Allow your facility and organization plenty of time from idea inception to completion, 2 months is best, less gets tight, more is even better. Planning and mapping out a successful event dictates that you need to devote some dedicated time to it. Throwing it together will feel thrown together – and women can tell when something has been hastily or shoddily assembled. If you’re going to do it, do it right.

Number 2 – Proper marketing. Never use “Ladies Night” – it makes almost all women think of creepy men trolling for women. Proper marketing also involves knowing how to reach out to women who want to get involved. Blanket media has never been a great answer. Sure, it ‘reaches’ everyone but you’re not after everyone. You’re after the female beer consumer. Market to her how she wants to be marketed too.

Matt, Chef at 4 Daughters, and Ginger plan for a successful event

Number 3 – The right kind of space means you’ve answered these queries: Is the space clean, inviting, can you hear your self talk at a normal inside vice level in conversation, is the temperature comfortable without being too hot or too chilly, are the bathrooms clean. Is the space dedicated to the dedicated effort? The wrong kind of space = unfriendly, dirty, hostile, closed minded, sexist, racist, difficult to find (this is true for anyone by the way).

Number 4 – Women who engage in beer. Women who want to engage in beer are necessary too for the growth of craft beer enthusiasm. How do you already reach out to these women and how can you call on the existing engaged female to garner more female traffic? Ask them – they’ll be glad to help spread the word if you’re running a good operation.

These ideas will help you get started.

Want more specifics? Get in touch. As a business that specializes in developing and serving the female craft beer consumer, all the research and effort that goes into Women Enjoying Beer is available for consultation.

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