Energy Source = Women + Beer

What’s your energy source? Where do you get the gumption to get up and move, shake and otherwise make the world a better place?

My money’s on women and beer. Two universal aspects of Life On Earth, these two everyday and everywhere ‘things’ are what drives me forward.

OBF: Women + Beer = success

OBF: Women + Beer = success

Women and beer were more than prevalent in some recent travels too. First at the 2014 Oregon Brewers Festival, Portland OR. This festival is a massive one, with tens of thousands of guests roaming the breezy Tom McCall Waterfront Park in the heart of The City Of Roses.  Not only do masses of guests descend, the workaday folks in downtown as well as locals show up to support, sip and enjoy.

Women make a healthy amount of the guests attending. And why wouldn’t they: Flavor is for everyone. Beer is not a gender drink, it’s global and meant to be enjoyed by all.

Next, Toronto’s Festival of Beers, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. What a joy to get to be at this festival, work it and work with the organizers and guests. The TFOB is a gathering place, for again, tens of thousands of revelers in a comfortable setting at the Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place in

Fun & Flavor Lovers at TFOB, Snowman Brewing booth

Fun & Flavor Lovers at TFOB, Snowman Brewing booth


Last year we lead a Cooking with Beer session in the Grillin‘ Tent; this year I was invited to lead 9 various tasting tours, Trails, we called them, for guests – walking tasting tours covering unique flavors, ciders, and gluten-free choices. Education makes the work go round and it was certainly moving at TFOB!

Finally (at the moment!) onward to Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, in sparkling Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s obvious females make between 75 – 85% of all purchases, as there are always lots of women in Las Vegas taking advantage of all the opportunities to be had there. Sarah Johnson, an incredible quiet and constantly moving forward force at Mandalay Bay, gets it. Check this out.

Women and beer. You can bet your top, middle and bottom dollar it matters to include women in the conversations. She’s a flavor lover, an adventurer, and ready to jump in.

Cheers to women & beer, OBF, TFOB & Mandalay Bay –

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Oregon Brewers Festival: What’s In A Name

The Oregon Brewers Festival, also known as OBF, is quite a celebration of beer. We recently partook of the 2012 fest in Portland OR for the first time. What a testimony to the popularity of beer.

I’ve been to dozens of fests throughout the years and each one, of course, has its own personality and style; attendees, vendors, and support; crew, volunteers and venue. We’ll be back as it was very productive to get to meet so many ‘new’ folks and talk about WEB and beer with them.

An OBF enthusiast, 2012

Since we’re researchers of the qualitative type (gathering the ‘why’ instead of the ‘what’) here are a few stats (quantitative, the ‘what’) to share with you if you’ve not been yet.

From the media packet, here are a few nuggets based on a study of the fest:

  • A recently completed study estimates the economic impact of the 2011 Oregon Brewers Festival (OBF) on the local economy at $23.2 million.
  • The OBF generated $16.24 million in direct and $6.97 million in indirect…expenditures.
  • 53% of respondents were attending the OBF for the first time.

I find it curious that the study notes included in this press release from Professor Dense indicates: “64% of OBF attendees were male” – with no correlating female percentage. Are males the only ones they tallied? And don’t assume that it means that 36% were females (have to factor in transgender and the like). American women make between 75 – 85% of all purchases; that should be acknowledged.

Any way you slice it, the OBF offers a venue to try beers, even with long waits in line. The fest offers smart tips on how to enjoy the fest and about the fest, which you can apply to many beer fests for enhanced enjoyment.

Cheers to the whole crew who makes the OBF possible, participating breweries, vendors, press and most especially the guests. After all, the guests make the party.

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Beer and Neighborhoods Go Together

Beer and neighborhoods go well together. This Saturday’s Fremont Fest is testimony to that. Let me expound.

Portland Oregon is a very neighborhood oriented city. Old established neighborhoods, ‘new’ neighborhoods, re-invigorated neighborhoods, and everything in between. It’s one thing I find endearing and very friendly about it. And there’s a lot of ownership to it when you talk to people and find out where they live.

Sure there’s some good-natured smack talk, yet overall it’s all a pride of where they all come from.

Emily (l) & Ginger(r) at the gracious and gorgeous Goschie Farm last summer

So it’s with pleasure that we return to Fremont Fest this weekend, one of the rare non beer focused fests we attend. We do this because Emily, our fine WEB Events Developer, who happens to live in Portland, suggested it last year, when we didn’t know each other very well.

She was right, as she usually is, and it was a happy success. Being able to be right in the middle of someone’s neighborhood, being part of an event people are taking pride in and participating actively within was and is very rewarding. The people we talked with and questions we answered were engaging and fun all around.

Beer is family and neighborhood oriented. Always has been. Read your herstory of how this remarkable country developed and you’ll clearly see how multi generational events are of value to our society.

If you’re in Portland this weekend, come find out bright orange WEB tent and say hello (we’ll have special entry coupons to pass out for next weekends’ Bite of Oregon too!)

Like Emily states, welcome – we’re glad you’re here!

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Think Outside The Pint

Help Emily & I make the contest a tasty success!

Do you think outside the pint? Do you cook with beer?

If you do, you’re in good and growing company. Having been on live TV recently with a local station on cooking with beer, I can tell you people are interested. We all have to eat, so make it fun and tasty. Adding beer to the ingredient list is a beerific way to utilize beer you may not drink otherwise. Think: end of the growler, flat, remains of a keg. AND it still has loads of flavor to offer.

We’re working with the Bite to help bring more beer community members to the contest table. So here’s your charge: Submit a recipe that uses beer as an ingredient. The link to do so is right here. It’s easy and quick and you get to also submit a picture so have fun with it!

Special Olympics/Bite Of Oregon Crew - great people, changing lives

It’s not a skills or knowledge based competition: it’s designed to be fun and get people involved in cooking with beer, all towards a great cause: Special Olympics Oregon. Being that it’s the 40th year is a big benchmark too. Helps us make the event even greater!

Submit today!!! (the due date was actually over the weekend and we’ll take more submissions this week)

What a tasty and effective way to further integrate beer into our lives, celebrating in moderation and with your community, creating opportunity for more of us all over.

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Spring Beer & Wine Fest 2012 WEB Educational Sessions

Spring Beer & Wine Fest 2012

Friday found us at the annual Spring Beer & Wine Fest in Portland, Oregon.

We gave a tasty Beer & Cheese pairing session on the stage Friday with much success. As promised to fest goers – and is our habit to post menus following events – here’s the line up we featured:

The fun-loving attendees of the session learned to smell their beer and name some of the characteristics, including colors and flavors. It’s important to educate everyone on the value of being able to talk specifics about beer. 

Tomorrow: The Saturday Cooking With Beer ideas imparted at the Spring Beer & Wine Fest.

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If You Love Beer…

Ginger and Alison Love Beer

…come join us in Portland Oregon today for the world premier of Alison Grayson’s film, The Love Of Beer.

Alison was gracious enough to be our guest on BeerRadio as well – she’s sharp, fun, and plugged in. And darn talented. We’re reallllly curious to see the whole thing and will be in the crowd tonight.  In the interest of full disclosure also, I am apparently in the film too.

If you don’t catch it on 8/20/11, then look for it showing elsewhere and ask for it to be shown at your regional independent film festival.

Cheers to Alison, the love of beer and film ~

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Marketing Craft Beer To Women Workshops

Chicago, IL, USA

Women Enjoying Beer has two Marketing Craft Beer To Women (MCB2W) workshops coming up this summer.

  1. Chicago/land, Illinois – Tuesday August 9th, 9 – 11 am. Contact us for full details
  2. Portland, Oregon – Thursday August 18th, 9 – 11 am. Details here

If neither one of those is in the cards, look for more soon. Please call us at 515.450.7757 and request one in your area. Women are global, beer is global, women + beer is, well, you get the idea.

WEB is available worldwide and we’re ready to collaborate with you to make it work.

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Portland Beer Sharing

Sharing beer is a good thing

Cheers to the folks who came to hear Herstory:Women in Brewing in Portland a week ago at The Beer Mongers. Education + Entertainment = Edutainment = more better for everyone, beer included.

Here’s a picture of Ginger and another generous beer enthusiast “to be identified as a Portland area Beer Advocate member, ‘goodbyeohio.’ ” Hello Ohio and good beer!

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Women and Beer: Herstory coming to Portland

Women Enjoying Beer will be in Portland OR for a couple of events at the end of the month. Here’s the scoop.

Come join us in Portland

Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer will be at The Beer Mongers in Portland, OR Sunday January 30th. She’ll give an entertaining talk on Women In Beer: Herstory. As the special guest of Beer Mongers, she’ll talk from 3 to 4 pm. Everyone with a curiosity of the history of how women have been involved in beer and brewing is welcome.
The talk is free and you can sip on a delightful beer from the vast selection at The Beer Mongers.
A reservation is not necessary and it’s open to women and men.

Preceding the Herstory talk, she’ll also conduct a women’s only beer centric focus group from 1 to 2 pm at The Beer Mongers. Opinionated women eager to talk about their relationship with beer (and of course legal age) can contact Ginger here to hold a space (limited to 12 women). There is no cost for this event and you can enjoy a beer of your choosing while we talk.

Input provided by focus group participants is used by Women Enjoying Beer (WEB) to develop and serve the female beer enthusiast. WEB is a business that offers knowledge sharing/consulting, events, training & education, writing and speaking expertise to the brewing community to better engage women in beer.

Hope to see you then!

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