Portland Book Event 10.26.16, Belmont Station

Ginger Johnson Releases Trailblazing New Book on Marketing Beer to Women

Women Enjoying Beer founder to host book-release event at Portland’s famed

Belmont Station

 Ginger Johnson, founder of Women Enjoying Beer, is releasing a comprehensive new book that instructs beer-industry companies on how to properly market beer to female consumers.

The book — How To Market Beer To Women: Don’t Sell Me A Pink Hammer — is a first-of-its-kind and valuable how-to book for the modern beer industry.

The book’s insights are based on surveys Johnson conducted with female beer drinkers and Johnson’s eight years running Women Enjoying Beer, the nation’s only female-focused beer marketing company.

Johnson wrote the book to fix a shortcoming in the beer industry.

“I wrote this book,” Johnson says, “because beer companies don’t completely and respectfully market beer to women. They are incredibly overdue in realizing they must reach out to women with a dedicated effort. It’s not about pinkifying – that’s pandering. It’s about acknowledging with full respect that you want female beer drinkers to be your customers.”

“Women in America make 75-85% of all purchasing decisions,” Johnson notes, “and they can make or break beer companies. So it’s time for beer makers to retire the old sexist and juvenile jokes and get serious about beer and women. If they don’t, they’re missing a huge opportunity.”


On Wednesday, October 26 from 5-7 PM, Johnson will host a book release event at Portland, Oregon’s Belmont Station (4500 SE Stark St.). Johnson will read excerpts from her book and discuss its findings, and answers questions on how brewers and beer-focused businesses can boost their efforts in marketing to female beer consumers.

Admission to the event is free, seating is limited and books will be available for singing and purchase ($49) at the event. Reservations are required and can be secured by sending an email to ginger@womenenjoyingbeer.com or calling 515.450.7757.

“In 2008,” Johnson recalls, “I looked around and wondered why more women weren’t enjoying beer like I was. That moment was the catalyst for my company and it has driven me ever since. The enjoyment of beer has been foundational to the development to the United States, and it’s a damn shame the beer industry has yet to fully recognize and address women as beer enthusiasts.”

Numerous beer-industry companies have benefited from Johnson’s expertise.

“I see women filling our stores every day, buying all kinds of beer,” says Rob Hill, New Business Development Director for Total Wine & More. “This is a reality to be understood and not ignored. Ginger’s passion and expertise for this historically misjudged consumer segment pour out of the pages of her new book.”

“Let’s face it,” says Hugh Sisson, founder of Baltimore’s Clipper City Brewing, “the craft beer industry – and the beer industry in general – has tended to overlook the female side of the market. Ginger Johnson is not only adept at educating brewers to open their eyes to this under-served market segment – she also gives brewers practical ways to reach this enormous audience.”

How To Market Beer To Women: Don’t Sell Me A Pink Hammer can also be purchased here.

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Ashley Salvitti on BeerRadio

These are the people of BeerRadio – each one great!

Here’s today’s guest, Ashley Salvitti of Brewvana – friend, colleague, and beer enthusiast. Enjoy the program, aired live each Wednesday 5 – 6 pm Pacific Standard Time, archived for your listening leisure within days of original airing.

Ashley Rose loves beer.  She blames her father for spoiling her taste buds at an early age, which has led to her current SNOB status. Papa Sal let her sip off of the finest brews that upstate New York had to offer as a toddler in the early 80s. Years later he always had the fridge stocked with his newest favorite dogfish head, or a growler of the local IPA. While most high school students pounded Bud Lights and 40s, Ashley Rose was enjoying handcrafted ales that she snagged from the assortment in the garage. As a proud mug club member, Papa Sal urged his daughter to get a job at the brewery in the neighboring town when she was 17. And so she did. She has been serving delicious beer ever since. Although he was sad when Ashley decided to move across the country, he was comforted knowing that she was in the beer capitol of the world: Portland, Oregon. Ashley Rose loves beer and is passionate about the history and culture of the craft brewing industry in Portland, and she wants to share it with you!

Thanks to Ninkasi Brewing for their support of BeerRadio, one component of Women Enjoying Beer Bringing Beer To Life!


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Writing Workshops in Portland

You may wonder why Women Enjoying Beer is offering Writing Workshops.

Old Market Pub & Brewery, PDX OREducation is the conqueror of ignorance and helps the world turn around smoother. Education is at the core of what WEB is about (developing and serving the female beer consumer, working with the beer community to properly market beer to women). So it’s a natural for us to tap into some colleagues in the writing world to offer 2 terrific workshops.

  1. Born to Write! A Writers Workshop, August 18th, 1 -3 pm, Portland OR
  2. Becoming A Better Beer Writer, August 18th, 330 – 530 pm, Portland OR

The first one is all about writing skills and would be appropriate for the person who likes to write, has to write, wants to write, does write. We’re thrilled that the very accomplished and successful writer Claire Sykes will be our instructor. I’ve taken a workshop from Claire and walked away with a bunch of new skills that I applied right away.

The second workshop is all about building on those basics skills to be a better beer writer, with an emphasis on blog writing in particular. John Holl, another very adept and able writer, is the instructor for this workshop. John is a beer enthusiast as well as seasoned writer so he is the perfect teacher for this session.

All registrations can be made online here. Please note – earlier registration is better than later. We have Early Bird rates available and due dates for registration we’re working within.

Contact us directly with any questions or requests.

We’re offering this immediately prior to the Beer Bloggers Conference on purpose. If you’re already in town or coming to town for the event, this makes a perfect lead in to the event. If you aren’t into beer or blogging, you can still benefit from attending the sessions. Plus you’ll have fun and meet more cool people.

Register today for these high value workshops. Space is limited (yes, really – it’s not just a saying).

The great folks at host location, Old Market Pub & Brewery, are going to take good care of us. You can order/pay for the beverages and foods you choose to enjoy during the workshops (full service event!).

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Out And About In Portland

If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area this Saturday night and looking for some lively company, come join us here. It’s an open invite, and am looking forward to exploring this place – it was recommended by another beery friend.

Fingers crossed, taste buds ready. Enjoy a very good weekend wherever you may be.

Cheers –

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Bridgeport sampler

Bridgeport sampler

We’re at the Bridgeport Brewpub as I type in Portland, Oregon. My Fine Husband is familiar Karl Ockert the brewmaster – who’s been here for some some (if not the original brewer). After we enjoy a tasty lunch (hopefully) we’ll be getting a tour of the brewery by Chris, one of Bridgeport’s brewery staff.

We’ve ordered the sampler of beers, which includes a plethora of tastes and styles. Can’t wait.

As I look around I see Crystal, the baker for the Bakery part of the company (which smells friggin’ amazing as we parked the car). I just went up and introduced myself – she was just featured in the Beer Northwest magazine for their goods (more like goodies). Very friendly, great smile. I told her the recipe they included in the article for Beerimisu was making me salivate! Can’t wait to try it.

Crystal, Baker at Bridgeport

Crystal, Baker at Bridgeport

Anyway, the sampler is here so off I must be! I LOVE their mission – “Every Beer. Every Time.”

Hope you have a really good lunch too.

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