Looking for the Obvious


Females and males populate the earth, of all species.

Homo sapiens are one of the (over) populated species walking about.

Look for the obvious: the female beer buyer

Look for the obvious: the female beer buyer.

If you look at sheer numbers, you’ve got half the population that’s female and half that’s male.

The primary influencer of dollar spending in the US is that female population. When you search, you find that between 75 – 85% of all purchases are made by women (across categories).

If we then go to the level of beer, a relatively small portion of the whole pie we’re examining, we can then see the obvious: Current marketing to women by the beer companies is lacking. If women make the majority of purchases of beer, then they need to market to her.

The dynamic of the sexes would joke about this yet the fact remains that women are the primary buyers, of beer as well as cotton swabs, cars, and widgets.

Look for the obvious. Obviously women are the primary buyers. Why wouldn’t all beer companies see and act on this?

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How to Capture What You Can't See

Is it there?

Can you see the mountain in this picture?

Assuming you don’t have SuperHero powers to see through clouds, does it mean that the mountain is not there? Of course not – it’s still there, whether you recognize it or not.

You have to look through what may be unclear or unsure to see the future. If you have been involved in any way in bringing your beer to market, then you do know how to envision the future. Take it further be developing and serving women. Let me clarify.

Like this picture, there is most certainly something ‘there’ even though you may not be able to see it right now. Chances are good there is already a portion of your sales that are from female consumers. Women as market share to significantly grow your craft beer brands is like the cloudiness here: You must have a belief in that fact that women already do and will continue to help your brand either grow or wither.

The vision (and potential) will become clearer with action

Women influence 80% of purchases across all categories. To ignore them simply because you don’t see them as 80% influencers in your brands’ success would be shortsighted and foolish.

Seeing the forest and the trees is how you must approach the female beer consumer. They are there. They are waiting. Some are engaged. Some want to be more engaged. Some don’t even know they want to engage until you do help them (I’m a former poster child of the last variety).

All brands start small and all market share is small until you actively pursue and attract the target. Make sure you not only see the potential. Make sure you proactively do something about it.

Would you leave 80% of a batch of your beer just sitting there? Then why would you not see women as worthy market share?

Can you afford to not recognize this opportunity?

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