Women + Beer Advance: Agenda

Here’s the tentative agenda(updated 6.21.12)* for the inaugural Women + Beer Advance, dedicated to providing fun, engaging and stimulating education for all female beer enthusiasts. (Yes, it’s subject to minor changes, alterations and enhancements, as life can change; *as of 6.21.12)

All agenda items listed are included in the registration fees. Registrations can be made here. Sooner is better than later please.

Women + Beer Advance, 2 – 4 August 2012, Southern Oregon, USA

Thursday August 2nd:

Welcome reception & Beer30– social mixer for attendees, available presenters, and hosts to sip, nibble and meet.

5 – 9 pm, location pending, Medford

Friday August 3rd: Onsite at Host 4 Daughters Irish Pub

9 – 1030 am Opening & Welcome address by Ginger and the WEB crew

1045 – 1215 – In the Beginning: Beer Ingredients – supported by Roy Farms and Briess Malting

1230 – 2 pm Learning Lunch*, select Advance menu available for attendees at host 4 Daughters Irish Pub

1 pm* Dynamo Julia Herz, Brewers Association (via remote broadcast): “Taste Trip” interactive beer and food session as part of lunch

215 – 330 Good Sense! The Sensory Side Of Beer, Rebecca Newman, Dogfish Head Brewing

345 – 515 Alchemy of Beer & Glass, Glassware session lead by the Beer Goddess herself, Lisa Morrison featuring Offero Glassware. Lisa will have her books available to sign and purchase.

(Break for Dinner on your own)

7 – 9 pm W+B Beerwalk, Special PubQuest Maps provided guiding you to 4 Downtown Medford beer friendly places serving fresh, well cared for beer.

Saturday August 4th: Onsite at Host 4 Daughters Irish Pub

9 – 1030 am Classic Combinations: Beer & Cheese, Shawn Fels, Award winning Rogue Creamery

1045 – 1215 Economics of Beer, Larry Chase, professional brewer, Standing Stone Brewing. We’ll learn about the economics of beer – from buying ingredients to making the beer to getting it in your glass.

1230 – 2 pm Inspirations & Aspirations: special Advance select menu luncheon. Open floor question & answer time, at 4 Daughters Irish Pub

215 – 330 pm Sustainability of Beer, Katie Wallace, New Belgium Brewing (via remote broadcast)

330 – 400 Beer Resources – Discussion of more resources on beer, online and offline

400 – 430 Wrap up and Thank you, awards & goodies

5 – 6 pm Live Nationwide virtual tasting Guests queued to talk

745 pm Screening of The Love Of Beer, with Filmmaker Alison Grayson; brewer Tonya Cornett, 10 Barrel Brewing – long distance appearance


All travel investments are on your own. This high value advance includes a lunch both Friday & Saturday, otherwise there are plenty of choices close by to enjoy.

The area Chambers of Commerce can help direct you to places of accommodation and transportation. Medford, OR Chamber & Ashland, OR Chamber

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Beer and Cycling = Good Combination

Good health has long been a part of the craft beer communities mindset. Knowing that moderation is a key to being able to fully enjoy beer helps us all know when to say when and when to partake.

Larry and Julie enjoying a beer

Julie Wartell, founder of PubQuest and friend, is a good example of beer and cycling. She’s an avid beer fan, curious, engaged and fun. PubQuest helps people in search of pubs in North America find them. Combining cycling, fresh air, and activity with quality beer and the great people surrounding the two makes for a very winning combination.

See a post of her per beer & biking here.

We met on our Home Free Tour where she gracious hosted us and our two dogs for a few nights. During that time we also were able to get in front of beer enthusiasts at Stone and San Diego Brewing to talk about the Geography of Beer.

So – ride on. Ride to, ride fro, just be sure to couple great beer with exercise and keep the cycle going.

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Mixed Company

Ginger and Julie last fall at Stone Brewing

This Saturday will mark the first mixed company WEB event – a Geography of Beer collaboration with Julie Wartell of PubQuest. Here are the details.

Julie and I collaborated last October on our Home Free Tour with two Southern California breweries with much success.


Yes, we had a nice crowds at each place, Stone and San Diego Brewing, who had come to find out about the geography of 5 different beers from 5 different United States. Julie maps out beer on the site – in fact, you can get a custom map made for your travels. Check out the site here.

Looking forward to talking about the geography of our beer again this weekend.

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Sunday Funday at Stone

Sunday brought us to Stone Brewing in Escondido California. Once again Julie, PubQuest, and I conducted a Geography of Beer event. Here’s the announcement.

Geography of Beer event at Stone

Geography of Beer event at Stone

Thanks to those who attended  – Fiona, Mike, Phyllis, Marty, Karen, Sandy, Bob, Howard, Barbara, Allan, and the lot. Thanks to Greg, Stephanie, Kathryn, Cale, Paddy, and the crew who helped us make it a great event at Stone.

Once again, an event like this clearly shows that education, interested people and good beer make a great productive combination.

How’d it work?

  • We highlighted 5 beers, from 5 states – starting with Stone’s own Oaked Arrogant Bastard
  • We talked about the beers themselves
  • We discussed the state of the beer and the beer of the state
  • Along with engaging audience questions and the tasting – well, an hour flew by pretty quickly

Call upon either of us – Julie or myself – to line up your own Geography of Beer. Whether you’re a brewery, brewpub, brewhouse or private party.

It’s all for the love of beer.

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SDBC (In This Case It Stands For…)

Tyson at SDBC

Tyson at SDBC

San Diego Brewing Company.

A big fat pint of thanks to Tyson and all the fine folks at San Diego Brewing Company for their hospitality this past Saturday. Julie, my fabulous new PubQuest comrade, and I had an event at SDBC to talk about The Geography Of Beer. Here’s the announcement.

We did some brainstorming (she in San Diego, me on the road) to develop a fun and educational format for the attendees, Julie did a terrific job at working with SDBC to set up the event, and voila!

5 Beers, 5 states, education, fun people = Winning Combination. Hope to get back to San Diego soon.

When you educate, you bust myths, you open minds and taste buds, and therefore can realize more people enjoying your beers.

Let us know when you’d like to host your own Geography Of Beer – it’s one service we do to help serve the beer community.

Oh – and if you live anywhere close to San Diego, be sure to take in San Diego Beer Week.

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