No Such Thing As A Beer Belly

I’m tired of people blaming beer for their own lack of self-restraint. It’s time to cry foul!

Here’s the deal: How many times have you heard someone remark that the state of their belly is a beery one? How many times do we hear someone comment it was their own self-indulgence, lack of self-control, and simply putting down the fork and glass together?


I’m appalled that people will both blame the beer yet never themselves and will never include that its them, not the beer. It’s not funny – its pathetic and insulting to the beer. People are good at playing the blame game and it needs to come to a screeching halt. I’ll go first.

Here's what my beer belly looks like.

Here’s what my beer belly looks like.

As a guest at a business focused meeting last week, one of the attendees giving their pitch indicated 2 times that “if you have a beer belly, then we can help…” some such nonsense, per a health practitioners services. WHAT!? It was all I could do to not call bullshit on the spot. I simply was not going to let that bad and incorrect idea fester longer than humanly possible.

What did I do then? When it was my turn, I refuted the myth point-blank. At these types of meeting, no one would dare to call someone who needed mental health therapy “crazy” or someone grossly overweight “fat” or an ineffectual consultant “a quack”. Heavens no – let’s all emulate some sort of decorum, to the perpetuation of not being able to be direct and create change.

YET we unabashedly blame beer for a belly of a person that is clearly not taking care of themselves.

Here’s the gist: Everything we put in our mouths matters. Quantity, quality, frequency and both nutritional and caloric value matter. Equally so, exercise, moving our bodies, improving our habits and taking full responsibility are keys.

Numerous health focused studies have proven that alcoholic drinks in moderate amounts in harmony with an active lifestyle and thoughtful total diet (of which these drinks are a part) add up to a component of good health. Take control, take responsibility, and don’t let others get away with beer murder.

Ever heard someone say they have a “wine belly” or “cocktail pouch”?

Never blame the beer. Look in the mirror first. And when someone blames their belly on beer, call them on it. I’m totally with you.



ABC’s of Women, Beer and Food: Letter M

Moderation is the featured word in our series today for the Letter M.

It could easily be Mmmmmmmmm or Malt or Mash.

We choose moderation as it’s part of the essence of enjoying beer: doing so in moderation.

Beer + Food in Moderation = Success!

Beer + Food in Moderation = Success!

What exactly is moderate beer enjoyment? Well, if you choose not to drink it then it’s time spent with others. If you do imbibe beer, then it’s all about savoring and regulating consumption. Regulation of consumption is what every brewer I’ve ever met would want for her beer. To be enjoyed in moderation, in moderate quantities, preferably with people and food. Moderation is about slowing down, not slamming. Moderation is being responsible about the quantity of beer you consume and making sure your actions are in keeping with class, tact, and civility.

Food enjoyment echos this idea. Both beer and food have nutrition and energy. And anything in excess is, we well, excessive and therefore denigrates the subject at hand as well as the partaker. Therefore food consumption needs to be moderate as well. Savored. Slowed down and truly enjoyed. Again, with other people and with respect and temperance.

Moderation can be a perfect vehicle for sharing beer, sharing food, and enjoying more out of life. Cheers to moderation.

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Why "Enjoying" and Not "Drinking" Beer?

Because it’s not about drinking – it’s about enjoying. Let me clarify and shed some light.

Women Enjoying Beer means that anyone around a woman who is responsibly enjoying beer can enjoy it too. Think of this: you’re someone who can’t drink beer or is drinking something else. Your friend is enjoying a beer. So – you’re still enjoying them enjoying their beer.

Drinking can be moderate or irresponsible. WEB stands for responsibility, for savoring, enjoying, and getting the full experience of what it is to enjoy beer.

Here’s a short video (with bonus footage) on why we are Women Enjoying Beer.

Thanks for enjoying your beer. Belle and Hops also thank you (yellow and black dogs in the video, respectively).

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Keg, Bottles (and not vs.) Cans

p1040169This is a good article on outlining why cans can be a good option. Thinking about it is the first step.

Indeed, whatever receptacle we choose to get our beer in, be conscientious of its impact, how, why, when, again and so forth.

Taste profiles of beers right out of a can and right out of a bottle and right out of a keg and right out of a serving vessel….

Keep in mind beer is always best fresh, best served how it should be served regardless of how it comes.  There are resources aplenty of the sensory science behind glassware. Rebecca would know for sure.

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Solar System

SNBC solar system

SNBC solar system

“We have our own solar system.”

Ha!! True enough – and said quite innocently and proudly (not arrogantly) by Terence from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.

On the tour that Steve helped line up and Terence so generously gave us, we were highly impressed by the fact that the ‘solar system’ they have installed at their brewery provides the huge lions share of their energy needs.

How many other businesses can say the same?

They do it because it’s the right thing to do too. Not to get attention, not to show off. Quite the contrary.

It’s their culture that fits this kind of action and this action that fits their culture.

Beers up to you all SNBC!

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odell-brewing-company-2Beers up to Corkie, Doug, Wynne & the entire crew – they continue to set a solid example of best practices.

Focus group input repeatedly tells me that women like businesses who display authentic responsibility – social, environmental, ethical. This fits.

I only wish I could get their beers when I live. SIGH. Guess I’ll have to chalk that up as a reason to travel to them…even if I have to wait for the Great American Beer Festival this September (I’ll be in Denver again for it this year.)

The great thing about that is Colorado is jam packed with great beers.

Photo courtesy of Flickr by HeroJH

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Did you get to enjoy Savor this past weekend? Unfortunately I was not there (this beer-foodyear) – hoping to go next year.

Beer awareness and de-demonizing beer is a good battle I plan to continue to help fight.

Beer – just like one bad snowmobiler, one bad teacher or one bad apple – is not the devil. It’s the one ‘baddie’, not the whole group. Over the years people have come to blame beer as a scape goat. Untrue. (Look instead to the corrupt sheepherder.)

Indeed, we all need to take FULL responsibility for our own actions, and the consequences of those actions.

Savor, I believe, is all about raising awareness that beer is a premium, affordable luxury. That, incidentally and happily, helped America grow and thrive.

Hats off, I say! Savor your beer (don’t guzzle or slam it) and you’ll be making progress. Beer is tasty, luscious, refreshing, satiating beverage. Enjoy it as such.

Savor it.

Photo coutesy of Flickr by lendandec14

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A big part of why I’m here is the Education component that is sorely lacking in the USA for beer.

Let me expound.

Since when did beer become ‘bad’? In the pre prohibition days, beer was part of everyday, acceptable, respectable life. Seriously.

In Maureen Ogle’s article in the latest issue of The New Brewer magazine, she hits it straight on – and accurately so.

…elsewhere programs designed to teach children to demonize, rather than respect, alcohol.”

Alcohol – and beer – is not the devil nor the culprit. Parents need to step up, adults need to step up – teaching is key (not in th schools – they have enough to tackle). Therein lies part of the educational component that is sorely lacking.

When we teach responsibility and respect in our homes and other civic platforms, we all benefit and I daresay, negative effects would drop dramatically from ALL alcohol.

I can tell you that my sister and I were taught to drink at home. We were given the opportunity to try, if we wanted, to know what it was – that it wasn’t taboo. That went for all-illegal-under-18/21-substances. Since it was demystified at home, well, the desire to use in excess was virtually non existent for us. I say it paid off well. Thanks Mom & Dad.

So…education is a big part of what will be covered here. Ideas on how to, when to, where to, and why.

Knowledge is power – and responsibility comes from knowledge impartially and factually proffered.

Would society feel comfortable letting new drivers, regardless of age, drive a car without having first taken the drivers training course??

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