What Did You Do Before

What did you do…

Before you enjoyed beer?

Before you decided to try different flavors?

Before you held yourself back saying “I don’t like X”, based on a really old memory?

Before someone helped you rethink what could be possible?

Before you went off the deep end flavor wise?

Before you consciously determined you like beer?

Where did you find flavor?

Where did you find inspiration?

Who helped you learn and grow and expand?

What will you try next?

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Thinking Is The Key

Justin, Ginger, Rhonda, Mike - last May in L.A.

Justin, Ginger, Rhonda, Mike - last May in L.A.

Jim is right on in his goal as highlighted here. Many of the beer community members are like that. Which is where Jim and Rhonda began when they started Boston Beer.

Encouraging and making people rethink things is often where the challenge lies. Cracking open the thinking to allow for fresh thoughts, new patterns, new ideas and therefore encouraging more blood flow to our craniums is key.

Change. Rethinking.

Like Mike says, Change is coming one way or the other. May as well open up your arms to receive the hug. Here it comes!

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