Why A Marketing Pro Should Never Cut Their Own Hair

So…who else out there has ever cut their own hair?

If you use a razor daily, like my friend Charlie, that may be the exception. If you’re like me, with hair of any length (though mine is short), it’s best to use a pro.

Why a marketer should not cut their own hair

Why a marketer should not cut their own hair

Drew’s been my stylist for going on 5 years now and I know that he’s the best fit for me: He’s a trained pro who continues his education, is very good at listening and asking the right questions, and he deserves the fees he charges for his services.

Me: I’m a marketing pro. More succinct: I’m a marketing pro, not a stylist. I should leave the haircuts to him. Here’s why.

I’m impatient when it comes to my hair. To me, it’s just hair. And I keep it short for low maintenance. Quick, simple, professional – that’s what I’m after here. I want to get up, get to it, and get on to other things. I’ve never been a take-a-long-time-getting-ready person. No thanks. My college roommates, whom I adore, did plenty of that for me.

So why compare haircuts to marketing? Because I know better than to take the scissors into my own hand. Because I want people to hire me for my professional skills and that means I hire the right pros when I need them. Here are some helpful tips for hiring a marketing pro.

Drew helps me stay professional in my appearance. As much as you want to deny looks and say “it’s what inside that matters”, how we look still does in fact matter.

So I’ll let it grow, as it always does, and then call him when it’s long enough to trim again for a proper, professional styling. I’ll be at the ready for him and others when they want to work on their marketing strategy and tactics.

Go for the pro.

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WEB Upcoming Events & Happenings

Here we are into November already – and we’re hoping the fall has been very good to you. Be sure to enjoy some fall beers including Pumpkin beers. They can vary all over the flavor map so get a few friends together to each buy a different kind, then do a tasting comparison some cool evening. A savory root vegetable and/or meat soup with fresh crusty bread can pair nicely with the sweet maltiness a lot of fall beers offer.

Fall into fall beers

We’ve got a great looking line up of Upcoming Eventswow!! Take a look and be sure to sign up sooner than later for the ones you’re interested in. Registrations will be up shortly on the Events Page.

December: Happy Hoppy Holidays!

We’ll meet at the lovely Lithia Springs Resort in Ashland to celebrate the end of the year together Thursday December 2nd, 7 – 830.

Locally based Summit Distributing is graciously partnering with WEB to provide 4 oh-ho-so-tasty beers that we’ll pair with scrumptious holiday eats. Only 20$ per person, $18 each if you register 4 or more people at the same time.
There will be a bonus pre-event shopping time from 4 – 7, and of course afterward as well. See what women who enjoy beer are on your list and come ready to take in some *special event only* prices on Beer Gear. (cash and check accepted)
p.s. Lithia Springs Resort has generously offered you a goodie too – if you want to stay at the Inn the night of this event, you can have half off any room! Call Robin directly at 541.690.6946 to book it.

Plan ahead for these beery events

January collaboration: “This is the One!!”
Come join us for an inaugural women & beer event at Kaleidoscope Pizza. Women Enjoying Beer & Kaleidoscope are partnering to launch their fabulousness to women at this tasty event.
Sign up today for a full 5 course dinner  where select terrific beers will be paired with delicious foods specifically made by the talented Kaleidoscope kitchen for the evening.
Plan to meet at Kaleidoscope Pizza on January 11th from 7 to 9 pm.
WEB followers have first dibs on tickets until 11/15. As of November 16th Kaleidoscope will be letting all their fine patrons know and it’s sure to fill up very fast.
We’ve only have 50 seats (really). All reservations can be made here (they won’t be taking them at the restaurant).
At only $35 per woman for a 5 course, full service evening – it’s a spectacular value.
What a grand way to get into the new year! Hope to see you there 11 January 2011.
p.s. this would make a really cool holiday gift!

January: New Year Budget-Watcher Special

WEB will have the first ‘regular’ meet up in the New Year Thursday the 20th, 7 – 830 pm (location pending). We’ll feature beers from the fantastic locally based Summit Distributing and have a nice tasting and pairing of 4 delicious winter beers with 4 matching foods.

Regular/single tickets are $20 each. If you bring a beer compatriot and you register at the same time it’s only $15/each. Relax post holiday with Women Enjoying Beer!

February: “What’s The Deal With It?!”

Be with us at Salon Isabella to learn all about what Drew’s fabulous crew can do for you. That’s the deal. The Salon Isabella crew will be offering different stations of information to highlight their services and talents.

It’ll be a free ranging fun evening with beer and accompanying nibbles set up throughout this beautiful salon. Thursday February 10th, 7 – 830, $20/each; 4 or more registering at the same time are only $15/each.

As usual, you’ll be savoring some delicious beers paired with some equally yummy roving munchies. Salon Isabella is located at 108 East Hersey Street – Suite 1, Ashland. Come ‘deal with it’ with Women Enjoying Beer and Salon Isabella!
And lastly today – we’re still on track to launch a Women Enjoying Beer Monthly Bringing Beer To Life enewsletter subscription. It’ll offer beer info, brewery info, travel tips , event info, recipes, tasting & pairing suggestions, fun pieces about women & beer and lots more. Watch for it to launch December 1st. It’d make a terrific holiday gift for the female beer enthusiast in your life (you included!).

WEB will also be launching a Beer Business Enewsletter subscription come January 2011. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement.

Thanks as always, for your time, attention, and support. We’re continually on the look out for more women who enjoy beer – wherever they may be. Feel very free to forward this along as you wish. We appreciate the spread very much! And – always – let us know how we can be at your service.

Cheers & take good care –


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