Dinner With Rhonda

What a delightful way to share a warm summer evening.

Rhonda, Matt, Larry, Ginger

My Fine Husband and I had the pleasure of dining with friend and colleague Rhonda Kallman, co-founder of Sam Adams (retired) and founder of New Century Brewing Company, and her husband Matt recently. Since we were in Massachusetts a few weeks ago, it worked out to connect.

I admire Rhonda for her persistence, unflagging belief, and direct style (with a smile). So glad we could get together in her home turf.

Sitting outside, enjoying her beer Edison with fresh seafood, laughing and talking with a very good server taking care of us made for a great night.

Get together with friends often. Savor these experiences.

It’s a big part of what makes the world go round.

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A Brief Hello

mmmmmmm...yes, this is beer

mmmmmmm...yes, this is beer

Thank you for your patience…after the Home Free Tour wrapped up the 27th of December, we’ve been in a whirlwind of moving cross country (again) to Ashland Oregon.

For the moment – I’d beg your patience a tiny bit longer as I find the groove again.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture – and go get your own – of Sam Adams‘ Utopias. A gracious and very fun host in California gave it to us. We decided to open it and begin to savor the flavor when we ‘landed’.

And so we  have – landed and sipped.


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