Customer Service, Customer Experience

I’m constantly reminded that Customer Service and the Customer Experience are entirely different things, misunderstood, and one seems to be the ‘pour over everything’ sauce for most businesses.

  • Customer Service: What someone gives you, the service delivered by one person to another
  • Customer Experience: What the customer gets, the service experience delivered to the customer by another person

Make every assumption that they are different and of equal import.

  • Customer Service = greeting every customer every time, with a genuine smile and verbal greet. Taking care of the needs of the customer. Serving.
  • Customer Experience = the take away feeling and value of the experience and encounter. Takes into account value of the time invested, educational component, and social interaction.
Cheers to solid and focused service

Cheers to solid and focused service

If you get greeted and walked to the item you’ve stated you’re looking for by a sincere and helpful person, the service was top of mind and part of the culture, the experience was one of time well spent (value) finding what you need or want, and positive impression which amps up the likelihood of a repeat purchase.

If your head wasn’t up to greet every person who walked by you, if you think the task is more important than the person, the service was devoid and not top of mind. If you decided that it was more important to finish the conversation with your colleague than it was to greet and assist a customer, then the experience is negative. The person is always more important than the task.

Know the difference. Know they must work in harmony.

You can have the most beautiful store or pub in the world. And unless the service is indelibly and obviously part of the culture of the people who make the business run, then it’s a fool’s errand.

Conversely an ill-kept ‘hole in the wall’ place can have raving fans because they get treated well and the attention to them is top shelf.

Service can save a less than desirable atmosphere, crappy service can never be saved by excellent atmosphere. You must have both to be successful for the business and the customers. And remember: there are always internal and external customers. You should work on securing a business that serves, delivers and has integrity all the way around.

2 Resources:

  1. Waiters World (widely applicable principles)
  2. Sullivision (yes…yes this is a good site – are you nodding too?)

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Brewing in 10 Steps


I recently took advantage of a training session on the brewing process.

In 10 simplified steps – here it is.

  1. Milling – the grain in the mill. Breaking the grain open, not crushing them, to access the endosperm  (starch).
  2. Mashing – adding hot water to the grist (grain). Begins sugar extraction and breaking down of starches.
  3. Lauter – separating the liquids (sugars) from the solids (grain) – and Sparge – hot water sprayed on top of the grain to wash away (into the wort) the last remaining sugars.
  4. a grant

    Boil – sterilizing the liquid (safety) and heating up the wort to access the hops (bitterness and essential oils).

  5. Whirlpool – liquid and solid separation
  6. Knockout – wort out of the (boiling) kettle to the fermenters, heat exchange happens here too.
  7. Fermentation (Fx) – yeast is added and away it goes to feast on the fermentable sugars.
  8. Conditioning (maturation) – chills and lets yeast drop out of solution.
  9. Filtering (or fining) – removes the yeast
  10. Serve and drink!

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