WEB & The Bite Of Oregon

Last weekend found us with a cast of thousands of food & beverage enthusiasts at the Bite Of Oregon. What a treat!

It’s a celebration of the culinary delights in both liquid and solid form that Oregon can call its own. Being the 29th year of the event, and the 40th anniversary of Special Olympics Oregon (SOOR) which the event benefits, I can tell you it was a pleasure to see it all come together.

We partnered with the SOOR to bring more beer to life. Specifically to help them connect with beer people: professionals, media and consumers. It was a super fun way to support and be involved in the effort – the crew we worked with was beerific too! Laura, Patty, Bjorn, Katie and the whole crew. Not to mention the other myriad workers, volunteers, vendors, and guests. We even had the pleasure of meeting one athlete who visited our booth. I loved finding out that roller skating is an Olympic event!

To recap, we were on the Chef’s Stage to edutain 3 times:

Saturday brought about ‘Got Beer?’ and ‘Good for what Ales you’ sessions. We helped the gathered audience get to know their beer, learning how to smell and taste it, talked about a variety of facets with terrific guest enthusiasts and professionals from the area, and extolled the virtues of beer.

Guest Enthusiasts

Emily, taking good care of the visitors to the WEB booth at The Bite Of Oregon 2012

We also had energetic audience members partner with the guests we invited, which added to the beery fun and learning. Thanks to Kris, Michelle, Christina, Shelley, Janey, and Buck for joining us on stage!

Sunday presented the finals of the “Think Outside The Pint” cooking with beer contest. As contestants Keri Bishop and Chelsea Miller took the stage and prepared their beer centric recipes, the audience was edutained by more guest judges.

Guests for this session were Sarah Barba of Fort George Brewery, David Schultz of Sysco, and Sam Reed of The Hop and Vine.

We appreciate everyone’s contributions in making the stage edutainment a success including the dishwasher Mikey, stage sound Jake, and stage area monitors Ruth and MaryAnn.

We’ll post the finalists’ recipes and lots of photos in the days to come.

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Think Outside The Pint

Help Emily & I make the contest a tasty success!

Do you think outside the pint? Do you cook with beer?

If you do, you’re in good and growing company. Having been on live TV recently with a local station on cooking with beer, I can tell you people are interested. We all have to eat, so make it fun and tasty. Adding beer to the ingredient list is a beerific way to utilize beer you may not drink otherwise. Think: end of the growler, flat, remains of a keg. AND it still has loads of flavor to offer.

We’re working with the Bite to help bring more beer community members to the contest table. So here’s your charge: Submit a recipe that uses beer as an ingredient. The link to do so is right here. It’s easy and quick and you get to also submit a picture so have fun with it!

Special Olympics/Bite Of Oregon Crew - great people, changing lives

It’s not a skills or knowledge based competition: it’s designed to be fun and get people involved in cooking with beer, all towards a great cause: Special Olympics Oregon. Being that it’s the 40th year is a big benchmark too. Helps us make the event even greater!

Submit today!!! (the due date was actually over the weekend and we’ll take more submissions this week)

What a tasty and effective way to further integrate beer into our lives, celebrating in moderation and with your community, creating opportunity for more of us all over.

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