A Woman Enjoying Beer In Sweden

What a day maker to get this from our friend Kellee, an American in Sweden!

Hey Ginger!

We had a pizza party at a friends house this weekend in Stockholm. The theme was pizza and beer! We made the pizzas fresh at his house and we all brought different types of beers to drink. In Sweden there are not any public breweries because alcohol is regulated by the government. So the only place you can buy alcohol (other than in restaurants or bars) is through the government store called “System Bolaget.” Most people shorten it and say, “Systemet.” In any case, they actually have a pretty diverse and large selection and if you can’t find something you have a good chance of being able to order it.

Long story short, in honor of the theme I wore my “Women Enjoying Beer” shirt! Pic attached!

Also, one of the girls at the party blogged about the pizza and beer. Though it is in Swedish you can check out the pics!

Wishing you a great day!


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